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How Much Does it Cost to Lay Asphalt on Driveways?

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Asphalt Laying Cost

Asphalt laying in your driveway is important. The driveway is one of the areas people tend to overlook when it comes to improving or constructing their homes. As part of the entranceway to your home, your driveway also deserves to have that TLC to add more appeal and increase the property value of your home.

A well-constructed driveway may last over 20 years as long as it is installed and paved properly. Paving and concrete have aesthetic and durable benefits while asphalt as a material for your driveway provides many benefits.

Asphalt is commonly used for constructing roads, basketball courts, parking lots, and yes, even your driveway. It is durable, low maintenance, and affordable. Asphalt comes in different types of applications and they are categorised by the mixing process. These are warm mixed asphalt, mastic asphalt, and hot mix asphalt and vary in costs.

On average, asphalt laying service may cost around $30 per square me. However, rates vary from project to project and this will affect the final asphalt driveway service cost. Rates generally range from around $25/ sq metre to $45/ sq metre depending on different factors such as asphalt material type, amount of asphalt needed to name a few.

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What is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate(gravel and sand) and bitumen binder. It is one of the most highly products used for pavement constructions such as car parks, roads, and driveways.

Benefits of Asphalt

Asphalt is one of the most cost-efficient solutions for both commercial and residential constructional projects.  Compared to other paving materials such as bricks and slabs, asphalt has a more flexible ability to shape, curves, and corners, allowing for tight seals, kerbing, and reducing the gaps where water and other debris can penetrate. 

Cost of Asphalting per Square Metre

Here you will find the average asphalt driveways cost per square metre. Some states or cities may cost less while others may cost more for the asphalt services depending on where you are located.

Territory/State Average Asphalt Costs
New South Wales $45 per square metre
Northern Territory $30 to $40 per square metre
Queensland $40 per square metre
Western Australia $25 per square metre
South Australia $30 per square metre
Sydney $45 per square metre

Please note that these are just estimated costs and may vary once an actual quotation is given. The prices shown here are useful as your guide for any asphalt laying project that you may have in mind.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Asphalt Laying

Of course, you aim to have a high-quality driveway once the project is done. However, it is best to prepare beforehand and find out what are the different factors may affect your asphalt laying project.

1. Location

One of the main factors that will affect the cost of your asphalt laying project is the location. Asphalt contractors may visit and look at your location to provide you the cost of the asphalt per square metre.

Different methods cover asphalt laying. Asphalting a basketball court is not the same for a driveway hence it is more expensive because it is hard and complicated to work on.

2. Area or Measurement

When giving a quotation, most asphalt contractors provide quotes based on the cost of asphalt per square metre. This means that the bigger your area, the higher cost. But larger areas may be discounted as the contractors are already mobilised to site.

3. The complexity of the job

If this is the first time you will undertake asphalt laying on your driveway, then additional costs may be incurred. For example, the shape of the asphalt surface can make the job more complex.

Most driveways have a rectangular shape or a straight form which is easier to work on. However, if you want something unique or modern, this will increase the asphalt driveway cost.

Also, for new asphalt laying projects, site preparation or excavation may be required increasing costs.

But if you already have an existing driveway, then asphalt resurfacing may be all you need. This is not complicated and significantly cheaper than having a new asphalt laying project.

4. Other things that you need to consider:

Asphalt material type: the type of asphalt you will use will surely impact the cost of your project. It is best to gather more cost estimates on the type of asphalt that is best suited for the location of your driveway.

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  • Amount of asphalt: consider the length, depth, and width of your driveway. Then ask your contractor to check and provide you a quote.
  • Transportation costs: the farther your house is located, the more you are likely to pay more costs. This will also affect the type of asphalt you will use such as warm or hot mixes.
  • It is generally a good idea to find local contractors to mitigate these costs.
  • Excavation: you may need to pay for additional costs for the removal and disposal services especially if your driveway needs excavation and leveling before your asphalt laying project.
  • Market factors: these are construction activity, crude oil prices, and other environmental regulation costs that may also impact the cost of your project.
  • Additional areas: if you have a walkway or carport that you want to be incorporated with the driveway, then expect to pay more. However, it is more cost-effective to plan to do all asphalt laying at once – so plan your driveways and paths etc to occur at the same time.

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