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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Bricklayer

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
How Much Does Hiring a Bricklayer Cost

Expect to pay $65 to $105 per hour for hiring a bricklayer. Labour costs may vary depending on your location, the nature of bricklaying work and the experience level of the hired bricklayer.

Here’s a list of indicative subcontractor rate for bricklayers. Prices do not include mortar.

  • $1,000 to $2,840 per 1,000 for standard bricks (common and facing)
  • $1,200 to $3,220 per 1,000 for modular bricks (common and facing)
  • $200 to $1,010 per 100 for masonry blocks (hollow)
  • $200 to $890 per 100 for masonry blocks (solid)

The above cost varies based on the size of bricks and blocks.

To calculate the expected cost of labour, multiply the number of hours spent on the job with the bricklaying costs per 1,000 bricks.

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Note: Overhead and profit costs also add to the bricklayer cost. Clarify labour prices with a professional bricklayer as some charge per square metre. The rates above are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.


Cost of Bricklaying Services

Cost of Bricklaying Services

The cost to lay bricks will depend on the scope of work and type of bricklaying service that you may require.

Alterations & Additions

Whether you are looking to extend your home or make any structural changes, bricklayers must carry a licence restricted to alterations and additions. The bricklaying cost per m2 will depend on what specific preparation or erection of building components is required.


Blockwork can either be constructed with cement or concrete blocks. They are often used for building partition and retaining walls. The cost of blockwork (incl. supply and laying of blocks) in square metres can vary from $83 to $253.

Brick Fences

The cost of brick fences highly depends on the amount, type and quality of bricks used. Clay bricks can range from $560 to $1,162 per 1,000.

For a concrete brick fence, expect to pay around $700 to $1,220 per 1,000. Add more for the hourly wage of bricklayers.

Brick Pointing

The process of brick pointing works at repairing mortar joints to restore the look of the structure. Mortar products may be inexpensive, but the amount of labour required attracts increased costs.


Whether you’re building an outdoor fireplace or replacing the old one with bricks, the cost of a brick fireplace can vary from $3,000 to $7,000 depending on the size, materials and bricklaying rates per 1,000 bricks.

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New Building

The cost to lay new bricks will depend on the quality of materials used and the total amount of hours incurred in constructing domestic structures.


Foundation piering is often applied on houses built on unstable soil. Expect higher costs on buying brick materials and other components used to rectify foundation issues.


Things to Consider When Estimating the Cost of Bricklaying Jobs

cost of bricklaying jobs

There are a number of factors to check when calculating the cost of bricklaying.

1. Brick materials

Bricks are the main determinants of bricklaying costs. The more bricks to lay, the longer the job will be completed.

  • Clay bricks are the most common and do not usually require painting. The cost of clay bricks ranges from $560 to $1,140 per 1,000 depending on their size and type.
  • Concrete bricks are almost the same as clay bricks in appearance. Expect to pay around $700 to $1,220 per 1,000 for concrete bricks. Brick costs vary based on their size and type.
  • Concrete blocks are typically coupled with bricks to improve durability. The cost can be anywhere between $131 to $915 per 100 depending on the size and type.

For cement mortar, expect to pay $87 to $145 per 1,000 standard and modular bricks.

2. Bricklayer’s experience

The hired bricklayer’s level of experience considerably affects how much you will be charged. Cheaper quotes are not always an option especially when structural amendments are involved.

You also have to consider the expertise of the bricklayer before hiring. Someone who is adept at brick fencing might not be knowledgeable at or experienced in foundation piering. This may influence the cost of bricklaying.

3. Type of bricklaying

Your preferred type can have an impact on your bricklayer cost. Brick veneer is a popular choice for most homeowners. This type is generally used as the external skin of timber-framed homes.

Expect larger costs for houses constructed with double bricks. The method of laying wall bricks with a cavity will double the expenses in brickwork and materials.


How to Hire Bricklayers

Hiring a bricklayer is easy as long as you have a clearly defined plan to present to your hired tradie. Here are a few tips to recall before hiring.

  • Do your homework. Research about the company or the bricklayer’s background. Is the bricklayer licensed, certified and insured? Has the contractor been in the industry of bricklaying for several years? Do they receive good customer reviews?
  • Compare prices. There are local bricklayers and suppliers that provide details on the cost of bricks and brickwork. Ask for itemised quotations and gather the pricing details.
  • Choose the right bricklayer. It is important to hire a bricklayer that suits your needs, budget and plans. You can have less worries knowing that the project is professionally handled by a reliable tradie.

Bricklayers must also be knowledgeable and detail-oriented to ensure that bricks are properly laid out. HIREtrades gives you access to a list of local bricklaying contractors who can provide you with up to three free quotes.

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