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How Much Does House Restumping Cost?

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House Restumping Cost

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House restumping costs around $10,000 to $25,000+ for small to average-sized homes with one to three bedrooms. Pricing varies depending on the number and type of stumps installed, the height of your property and other job complications.

Restumping (or reblocking) is a major project that resolves to support the structural foundation of a house. House Restumping Process is normally done when dealing with soil movement, renovating a home or replacing old stumps.

Consider the size of the house restumping area is around 150 square metres or consist of 1 bedroom, you can expect to pay from $10,000 to $23, 000. Large size than that may cost from $25,000 or more. or $500 to $700 per stump.

Stumps can either be installed using concrete, steel or timber, depending on what type of building material is used in your home. It is highly imperative to hire a professional restumping contractor to ensure the quality of installation and repairs.


What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of House Restumping Services?

There are many factors that determine how you will be charged for a restumping project. Consider the following points when obtaining quotes from house restumping contractors to manage your finances.

1. Type of stumps

Concrete stumps are generally more expensive than timber stumps. You can potentially save costs in concrete restumping as it offers more stability and does not require occasional checks from building contractors.

Timbers easily deteriorate especially when exposed to moisture content. When replacing timber stumps with concrete, the quality of footings to install will affect the price of stump replacement.

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Steel and threaded concrete are another type of stumps that cost more than concrete and timber. Here are the indicative prices of house stumps based on Tek Stump’s price list:

Type of Stump Length Width Expected Cost*
Concrete 400mm 75x75mm / 85x85mm $5 – $8
600mm 75x75mm / 85x85mm $5 – $8
800mm 75x75mm / 85x85mm $7 – $9
1000mm 75x75mm / 85x85mm $8 – $12
1200mm 75x75mm / 85x85mm $10 – $14
1400mm 75x75mm / 85x85mm $13 – $17
Threaded concrete 400mm 75x75mm $6
600mm 75x75mm $6
800mm 75x75mm $8
1000mm 75x75mm $11
Steel 400mm 75mmx75mm $35
600mm 75mmx75mm $40
800mm 75mmx75mm $46
1000mm 75mmx75mm $51
1200mm 75mmx75mm $56
1400mm 75mmx75mm $62

*Prices above are per stump.

Note: If you are choosing timber over concrete, there are special services such as timber-proofing your stumps, bearers and joists which will incur higher fees.

2. Height of the property 

The height and length of your stumps will influence the cost of restumping. For example, the cost of a 400mm long and 75x75mm wide concrete stump is around $5. Expect around $10 for a 1200mm concrete stump of the same width.

Normally, restumping contractors remove the floorboards to set up hydraulic jacks and install the stumps. This manner of reblocking or resetting can have less impact on restumping costs.

On the other hand, working in low houses may require digging a trench to gain access underneath the property. Using advanced equipment for excavation works will attract increased costs.

3. Number of stumps 

The size and type of property plays a major role in determining the number of stumps that you will need. A 150m2 timber house approximately needs 80 stumps, whereas a brick veneer property of the same size may require around 60 stumps.

A building surveyor or restumping contractor will initially assess the subfloor area to determine the condition of the existing stumps. The number of footings to fix or replace will have an implication on the final pricing.

To calculate how much stumps are required for your property, measure the total area in square metres. Ask a local contractor for advice to know whether to remove nearly damaged stumps or replace them altogether in one go.

4. Duration of work

Long hours of labour will add to your expenses. The number of days needed to accomplish house restumping projects will depend on the degree of difficulty encountered on-site. Usually, it takes 7 to 14 days to complete the requirements of the job.

You also have to consider the number of workers who will handle the restumping process. The more manpower you will need, the higher you will be charged.

Note: Know how long the job will take to calculate the expected cost of labour. HIREtrades Australia’s directory of restumping contractors can provide up to three free quotes for you to compare prices.

5. Structural amendments

Post-restumping jobs such as repairing damaged walls and reinstalling floorboards will significantly impact on restumping costs.

A building engineer will have to evaluate the property to ensure its structural integrity. The result of the inspection may require you to hire a home renovation builder to perform repairs on affected walls, ceilings or floors.

These aspects will incur additional costs.

6. Extras

Restumping permits also factor in the cost. In Victoria, sole plates are required when restumping a house. The price of concrete sole plates used in restumping can range from $6 to $11 depending on the size.

Other components such as ant caps and stump packers which may cost around $1 to $3 per piece will have an implication on the cost.

Another consideration is your home insurance. Ensuring your property will help to protect it from potential damages caused by restumping.

House Restumping Prices

On average, the cost of stumps in Melbourne can be around $100 per stump. For a 1400mm long and 75x75mm wide steel stump, the expected cost is $62 each. Add more as the length of the stump increases.

Assuming the 150m2 house is made of timber or brick veneer, the cost of stumps can be around $3,720 to $4,960, excluding labour and other components.

In Brisbane, the indicative costs of labour and materials including GST are as follows:

  • $10,000 to raise and restump a 1-bedroom house
  • $15,000 to raise and restump a small house with 2 or 3 bedrooms
  • $20,000 to $25,000+ to raise and restump an average-sized house with 3 bedrooms

Ideally, one hydraulic jack is used per stump. The more jacks are utilised, the higher the costs will be incurred. If the number of jacks is reduced into half, expect more structural damage on your walls, joists and bearers adding to expenses.

Note: The majority of pricing will depend on whether you are using timber, concrete, threaded concrete or steel stumps.

The rates above can vary depending on the hired contractor and project specifications. Labour prices must also be verified to calculate your expenses. Confirm requirements with a building surveyor or local council to carefully plan your budget.


Tips to Hire the Best House Restumping Expert Near You

When asking for quotations from potential house restumping contractors, ensure to include the same specifications. This will help you compare prices and choose the one that provides the best value for your money.

If the company supplies cheap prices for house stumps, consider looking for another prospect. Remember, the quality of materials used will keep you from spending large costs for stump replacement.

Most importantly, hire a professional restumping contractor with an appropriate licence and insurance. Prioritise a contractor with varied expertise and experience in minor or major house restumping.

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