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How Much Does a Full House Renovation Cost?

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How Much Does House Renovation Cost

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Are you planning to refurbish the main areas of your home such as the bedroom, bathroom, dining area, and kitchen? Expect to from $42,000 to $35,000 for the cost of house renovations.

The hourly labour wages of home renovation contractors such as carpenters, painters, electricians, bricklayers, and plumbers, determine the overall renovation costs.

This house renovation cost guide gives an overview of the labour prices per contractor, the cost of renovating different areas of the house, and the factors that affect the overall home renovation costs.

This guide will also help you budget your house renovation costs and hire a professional home renovator.


House Renovation Labour Prices

House Renovation Labour Prices

Labour prices may vary per State and these affect the overall house renovation costs.

The average cost of labour for your chosen builders and contractors can range between $68 to $132 per hour.

House renovators charge the lowest in Adelaide. House renovation cost of labour in Melbourne is slightly higher, followed by Perth and Brisbane.

The average hourly rate of labour is the highest in Sydney. Expect to pay more for your house renovation costs if you are residing within New South Wales. Labour charges from metropolitan areas are listed below.

Trades Average Hourly Rate
Carpenter $68 to $107
Painter $68 to $107
Bricklayer $69 to $107
Electrician $80 to $132
Plumber $80 to $132

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Factors that Affect the Cost of a House Renovation Job

Factors that affect the cost of house renovation job

When estimating the average renovation costs, it is important to be aware of the factors that can affect house renovation costs. Here are variables that help determine renovation prices:

1. Size of your house

The larger the area of the house, the more materials, labour, time, and effort will be required to complete the house renovation.

Renovation costs for refurbishing a smaller house will be less expensive than renovating a two-storey home with more rooms.

2. Materials to be used

The prices of the materials to be used during the construction process affect the house renovation costs. High-quality materials can cost more, but you also have to consider their maintenance.

Using low-priced materials may cost you more in the long run, than using premium materials that are durable and require low-maintenance.

3. Location of your home

One of the biggest components contributing to the house renovation costs is your home’s location.

Labour costs vary per state. Expect to pay higher hourly labour fees if your home is located in Northern South Wales.

4. Your hired contractor

Renovation costs may differ depending on your chosen contractors. House renovation contractors have different rates for a specific job. A more adept builder may charge higher than someone who is less experienced.

5. Complexity of renovation job

House renovation costs depend on the renovation’s level of difficulty. If the job requires major renovations involving more materials and labour, then the costs will be higher.


Cost of Renovating a House

Cost of Renovating a House

The cost of house renovation depends on several components such as the materials used, fixtures installed, the size and location of the home.

If you are planning to have your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and dining area refurbished, then you can expect to spend approximately $42,000 to $135,000 for house renovation costs.

Here are the average renovation quotes for upgrading specific areas of the house, including the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and the dining area:


The average cost of renovating a bathroom is $5,000 to $35,000.

Bathroom renovation costs include expenses for plumbing, tiling, waterproofing, and the installation of bathroom fixtures. The overall renovation cost may go higher depending on the quality of the finish.


The cost of renovating a kitchen is around $10,000 to $45,000.

Standard kitchen renovation costs include additional fixtures, new flooring, installation of light fittings, fitting of cabinets and benchtops, and upgrade of appliances.

Adjust your budget to pay for a higher cost of renovation involving the removal of major walls in the kitchen, installing new windows, and the addition of high-end appliances.


Bedroom renovation cost between $25,000 to $35,000 for an average to high-end upgrades.

The total cost of renovating a bedroom depends on your expenses for materials, bedroom fittings and fixtures, carpet installation or replacement, and furniture. Renovation costs for premium bedrooms can reach $35,000 or more.

Dining Room

Renovating a dining room can cost you $2,000 or as much as $20,000.

The overall dining room renovation costs depend on how much you will spend on upgrades for lighting fixtures, walls, ceilings, windows, and furniture.


Tips for Hiring an Expert for Renovating a House

Tips for Hiring an Expert for Renovating a House

Aside from the house renovation costs, it is also important to find the right people to complete the renovation. What are the things you should consider when hiring experts for renovating a house?


Ask for personal recommendations from friends and family. Ask for referrals from people who have worked with contractors for home renovations near you.

Search for local contractors and research about their background and credentials by speaking with former clients.

Compare quotes from different home renovators. Get up to 3 quotes from qualified licensed contractors within your area at HIREtrades.

Licences and insurance

Verify the credentials of the contractor you are considering to hire. Check if the contractor is insured and properly licensed in their area of expertise.

Comprehensive quote

Once you have chosen your contractor, the next step is to negotiate a fair price. The contractor should be able to present a comprehensive quote, including house renovation costs and details about the construction.

Clear contract

Draw up a clear and concise contract with your chosen contractor. Put everything in writing, especially the house renovation costs and details regarding the renovation job.

The contract should include the following: the overall renovation costs, a detailed timeline, the project description, names of subcontractors involved, and the contractor’s licence number.

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