Staircase Building Cost

Are you planning a staircase renovation or replacing an existing one? It would be best if you readied your wallet as it won’t be a cheap project — the average cost of staircase construction starts from $1,000 and could go up to $30,000 for more customised and complex designs. The labour cost is the main […]

Carpenter's Cost

The average cost of hiring a carpenter can range from as low as $40 per hour to as high as $120 per hour. Carpentry services cost may change depending on many factors such as the size of the job, your location, and the material needed to accomplish the project.

Wardrobe Installation Cost

The cost to build a wardrobe is highly variable, owing to the disparity in material pricing and build complexities.

Shed Installation Cost

Looking to add a shed on your property but don’t know how much it will cost you? Shed installation costs depend on the materials and the extent of the work. You may opt to get a shed kit or have one customised according to your specifications. Here are the average costs, from the highest to […]

Door Installation Cost

Door installation costs can vary from $124 to $1,985 plus the amount of labour and hardware required.

Skirting Board Installation Cost

Carpenters charge per hour to install skirting boards. The skirting installation cost of labour ranges between $68 to $107 per hour depending on the city or State of the worksite.

Ceiling Installation Cost

If you want to have a ceiling installed, the average labour cost for a simple ceiling stands at around $50 per hour.

Bi-Fold Door Installation Cost

Bi-fold sliding doors are a wonderful touch to your home. You can use it as access between two rooms, usually between the patio and the living room.

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