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How Much Does Door Installation Cost?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
Cost of Installing a Door

Door installation costs can vary from $124 to $1,985 plus the amount of labour and hardware required.

Prices vary depending on your preferred type and size, the number of doors installed and materials used.

Doors add style to a home and provide safety to house members. They have to be built and installed sturdily to ensure durability and longevity. Having a seasoned carpenter and joiner to handle your project requirements saves you from heavy work.

It pays to determine how much you will be charged for labour and components to carefully manage your expenses. Request for written quotations from local door installers to compare prices.


What Do Carpenters Charge for Door Installation

Generally, carpenters and joiners charge an hourly rate of $68 to $107. The amount of labour varies depending on where you live and how long the installation will take. Check out the carpenter prices below, including overheads and profit.

City Average Contract Charge-Out Rate

per hour

Sydney $76 to $107
Brisbane $85 to $89
Perth $82 to $88
Melbourne $79 to $87
Adelaide $68 to $75

*Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

A simple door installation takes about four hours to complete. You may want to clarify the expected hours required to install the door to calculate the labour cost.

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Note: When hiring, clarify the carpenter’s area of expertise. If you’re installing a pre-hung door, then you might consider a tradie who has more experience in pre-hung door installations.


Things to Consider When Calculating the Cost of Door Installation

Cost of Door Installation

Know what factors determine the door installation cost to help you plan your budget. Here are some considerations to check:

1. Door type and material

The type of door to install will have an impact on the cost. Stacking doors, for example, are more expensive than pre-hung doors due to the type of materials used.

Here are some indicative costs from Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36. Prices include hinges and hanging doors to frames.


Standard sized (2040 x 820 x 35mm thick) hollow core flush doors will cost you around:

  • $124 to $204 (prime coated hardboard for paint finish)
  • $128 to $194 (sliced Pacific maple veneer)
  • $163 to $178 (waterproof plywood for paint finish)

For standard sized (2040 x 820 x 35mm thick) solid core flush doors, expect:

  • $176 to $269 (prime coated tempered hardboard for paint finish)
  • $184 to $286 (sliced Pacific maple veneer)
  • $229 to $282 (plywood for paint finish)

Four (4) panel doors (2040 x 820 x 40mm) in sliced Pacific maple, of stile and rail construction with veneered fielded panels, pay around $321 to $429.

Single panel glazed doors (2040 x 820mm) cost about $272 to $470; while two-panel glazed doors with the same size cost around $310 to $486.


For aluminium sliding doors (glazed entry doors):

  • 2100 x 1800mm wide with one 900mm wide sliding panel costs about $600 to $685
  • 2100 x 2400mm wide with one 1200mm wide sliding panel costs about $780 to $911
  • 2100 x 3600mm wide with one 1200mm wide sliding panel costs about $1,090 to $1,375

For ribbed roller doors (one side pre-enamelled finish):

  • 2400 x 2515mm wide costs around $1,480 to $1,550
  • 2400 x 3000mm wide costs around $1,685 to $1,770
  • 3000 x 3000mm wide costs around $1,885 to $1,985

For security doors:

  • Anodised aluminium security doors (2040 x 840mm) cost about $370 to $385

Note: The above prices exclude the supply and fixing of hardware as well as painting. Use this as a guide when budgeting for domestic door installation projects. The best way to determine the cost is to ask a qualified door installer.

2. Manner of installation

Exterior doors are generally more expensive than interior ones. Front doors are usually made with solid wood that helps to improve insulation and resistance. Adding to your expenses are strong adhesives and special treatment applied to the structure.

Solid core doors are bigger and denser compared to hollow core. Complex installations will have implications on the overall price. The heavier the door, the more people you will need to lift the structure adding to the labour cost.

3. Hardware options

Along with the actual door, your choice of hardware (e.g. door knobs, locks and hinges) affect how much you will be charged. Do you prefer stylish door knobs over ordinary ones? When buying locking mechanisms, smart locks and deadbolts incur larger costs.

Quality made hardware are more pricey. Expect to pay higher amounts for components that offer more convenience, privacy and protection.

4. Replacement

Expect additional fees when replacing an existing door. You will be charged higher if you’re installing a new door with a different type and size from the previous one being removed.

Factors including materials (e.g. door jamb, frame), structural modifications and extra labour influence final pricing. For instance, adding a bi-fold door to the existing space that requires demolition will attract increased costs.

Note: The type of material (e.g. glass, PVC) used also determines the cost. Look for itemised quotations to specify what you are paying for. You may also ask to modify pricing details to meet your exact needs.


Tips for Hiring Carpenters to Install a Door

Tips for Hiring Carpenters to Install a Door

Door installation jobs may be less complicated unlike other trades. It’s easy to go cheap and be swift when hiring someone who can hang doors. Consider the following tips to have your doors professionally installed:

  • Research about the company profile. If the tradie works independently, check online reviews to read customer feedback. Ask relevant questions to verify credentials as well as their experience.
  • Ask for previous works. Request to see recently accomplished projects to know more about their workmanship and area of specialisation.
  • Confirm about state regulations when installing a door. How well do they know about state and council requirements? When installing a certain type of door, it is imperative to know when to adhere to government regulations for safety.

Always look for carpenters or door installers who provide quality service and competitive pricing. Minimise expenses by hiring a tradie that is best suited for the job.

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