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How Much Does It Cost To Install Bi-fold Doors? 

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Bifold Door Installation Cost

Bi-fold sliding doors are a wonderful touch to your home. You can use it as access between two rooms, usually between the patio and the living room.

If you’ve got the budget and space, you can install as many doors as you want to fully mesh your exterior and interior space.

The average bi-fold door installation cost starts at approximately $1,600 for a three-door system and up to $5,400 for a larger four-door system, depending on size and material (without the labour cost).

It’s certainly quite an investment to make; that’s why you must choose a door that perfectly suits your home’s needs.

It’s best to get a professional to fit the door rather than save on installation cost by doing it yourself. You wouldn’t want a door that unhinges easily or, worse, broken into.

The cost for bi-fold door installation may seem quite daunting and especially true for first-time homeowners or those looking to renovate.

Looking to install bi-fold doors for your home but don’t know where to start?

Worry no more. We’ve gathered all the information you need regarding the cost of installing bi-fold doors and bi-fold door prices so you can rest assured you get your time and money’s worth.

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How Much Do Bi-fold Doors Cost?

There are three bi-folding door systems you can pick from. You can choose to install single bi-fold or concertina doors, bi-fold doors or room dividers, or bi-folding doors with an access door.

Single bi-fold or concertina doors

Single bi-fold or concertina doors are two pieces of door panels connected in the middle by hinges. It folds back against itself to the wall when you open by pushing the door away from you.

Average cost (with labour): starts approximately at $1,400 for a single bi-fold (2 pieces)

Bi-folding doors or room dividers

Bi-fold doors or room dividers consist of more than two door panels hinged together side by side and fold back neatly against the wall.

There are two ways to set up how to open bi-fold doors. You can have it open from the middle, open from one side of the frame.

An even number of panels work well with opening the bi-fold door from the middle, while an odd number of panels is better suited to open from one side.

Average cost (with labour): starts approximately at $3,100 for a three-door bi-fold system

Bi-folding doors with an access door

Bi-folding doors with an access door are ideal for larger configurations. It is convenient as a day-to-day entryway to go from one room to another.

The access door opens without opening up the entire bi-fold door. It may be attached to the door frame, separate from the bi-fold door system, or part of the bi-fold doors.

An access door for an outdoor bi-folding door is also helpful in preventing inclement weather from coming into your home.

Average cost (with labour): starts approximately at $4,300 for a four-door bi-fold system with an access door

Bi-fold Door Materials Cost

Aside from the type of bi-folding door system, the material you choose to use is also a factor to consider. The most common materials are wood, aluminium, and composite.

While each material will have pros and cons, the best choice will boil down to where you intend to install it.

Wooden bi-folding door

Wood or timber is the more preferred material to use for bi-fold doors. It’s durable, acts as natural insulation, and helps reduce outside noise. You may choose from a variety of wood classified as hardwoods and softwoods.

Hardwoods are best for exterior bi-folding doors due to their durability, insulation, and longevity. When treated properly, hardwood is resistant to mould. Softwoods are for more affordable interior bi-folding doors. It is not ideal for the outdoors due to its likelihood to distort.

Average cost: starts at approximately $2,500 for a wooden three-door system if you use hardwood.

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Aluminium bi-folding door

Aluminium bi-fold doors are low maintenance and durable, and the slim sightline allows more natural sunlight to come through. It is the most long-lasting bi-fold door material, especially when powder coat is applied, typically used for outdoor bi-fold doors.

Average cost: starts at approximately $2,800 for a simple aluminium three-door set. Adding in a mesh screen can up the cost to $3,500.

Composite bi-folding door

Composite bifold doors combine the best of wood and aluminium, timber insulation and aluminium durability. Composite bi-fold doors are also low maintenance because of the aluminium.

Average cost: starts at approximately $3,300 for a three-door composite system

Frameless bi-folding door

Frameless bifold doors use more glass and less visible aluminium, giving your glass door a cleaner, more seamless appearance—most frameless bi-folds in the market use only a single glaze suited for interior use.

Average cost: starts at approximately $3,700 for a 4-door frameless bi-folding

Other materials to consider:

The glass type and the thickness of the glazing

Choosing the right glass and glazing for your bi-fold door is equally vital as choosing your bi-fold door. You need glass that is energy efficient and hardwearing.

You can choose to use either tempered safety glass or laminated glass. Tempered safety glass is five times more durable than standard glass but easily shatters into pieces with enough damage.

Laminated glass is as strong as standard glass but does not shatter into pieces due to the vinyl that holds it together.

As for glazing, its thickness will affect how energy efficient the door is. With double glazing, two panes of glass create a cavity filled with a natural gas—the barrier created between the inside and outside supplies insulation.

Triple glazing is the same, except it uses three panes of glass for increased insulation and durability.

Average cost: starts at approximately $5,000 for a glass door excluding the installation costs.

What Affects the Costs of Bi-Folding Door Installation?

So you’ve finished picking out your bi-fold doors—The door system, the material to use, the size of your doors, the number of panels, and the glass type and glazing. These factors affect the total cost of your bi-fold door installation.

Labour cost to install bi-fold doors is also another factor. The price is dependent on the size of the doors, as this will determine how long it will take to install.

Average labour cost: starts approximately at $65 per hour, depending on your location. The average time for installation would take around 4-6 hours. It’ll take significantly longer if the installer has to make some structural changes to fit the bi-folding.

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