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    How Much Does Carpet Installation Cost?

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    Carpet installation cost with underlaying ranges from $65 to $200+ per square metre, inclusive of labour and materials. 

    Installing a carpet in your home upgrades the look of your flooring, provides insulation, and a comfortable surface to walk on. Before choosing a carpet for your home, you should determine the overall installation costs.

    The cost to install a carpet can vary depending on different factors. What type of carpeting will be installed? What is the size of the room? How much do carpet installers charge per square metre?

    This cost guide will  help you identify the following:

    • The average labour prices for carpet installation across Australia
    • Factors that can affect carpet installation prices
    • Carpet installation cost for an average-sized room
    • Cost of carpet maintenance


    Labour Prices for Carpet Installation

    To estimate the overall carpet installation cost, you should know how much carpet installers charge for carpet installation. Carpet installers usually charge per square metre. 

    Labour price for carpet installation in Australia ranges between $25 per square metre to $45 per square metre.

    Indicative costs for different States per square metre are:

    Queensland$25 per m²
    Victoria$40 per m²
    New South Wales$43 per m²
    Western Australia$45 per m²

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    Factors that Affect the Cost of a Carpet Installation Job

    cost of a carpet installation job

    Carpet installation cost differ depending on several factors. When making an estimate for new carpeting, carpet installers usually take into account the following factors:

    1. Floor Preparation

    Carpet installers are required to prepare the floor prior to carpet installation. In preparation, carpet installers remove old carpeting and make sure the floor is clean and in good condition.

    2. Number of Rooms

    Installing carpet in larger rooms is easier compared to smaller areas. The number of rooms that need to be covered with new carpets will affect the overall carpet installation cost.

    3. Room Shape

    Carpet installation in a simple rectangular shaped room will cost less than a room that is oddly-shaped or with round edges. Irregular-shaped rooms can make carpet installation and carpet laying more difficult.

    4. Stairways

    Expect to pay significantly more if you need to replace or install new carpet on the stairs. Carpet laying on stairways requires more precise measuring and cutting.

    5. Type of Carpeting 

    There are types of carpeting you can choose from. The type of carpeting you use will have the biggest effect on the overall carpet installation price. 

    It is important to keep these five factors in mind when estimating the total cost for carpet installation.


    Carpet Installation Cost for an Average-Sized Room

    If you have a larger area that needs to be covered with carpet, expect to pay a higher price for carpet installation.

    Carpet installation on an average-sized 16 m² bedroom in Australia will cost approximately $1,040 to $2,896 for the labour and materials. 

    Carpet installation should be done by skilled professionals with appropriate carpet materials.

    To help you prepare a budget for the carpet pricing per square metre, we have broken down the cost for different types of carpet materials. 

    The prices of carpets range from $23 to $110 per square metre. Underlay materials range from $17 to $26 per square metre.

    Indicative costs of carpet materials in Australia are:

    • Polypropylene carpeting: $23 to $36 per m²
    • Nylon carpeting: $30 to $47 per m²
    • Wool tufted carpeting: $44 to $60 per m²
    • High quality commercial grade modular carpeting: $63 to $87 per m²
    • Wool woven carpeting: $86 to $110 per m²
    • Add extra for foam underlay: $17 to $20 per m²
    • Add extra for rubber underlay: $24 to $26 per m²

    Cost of Carpet Maintenance

    carpet maintenance

    Carpet maintenance services can charge per hour or per room. A thorough carpet cleaning can cost between $30 to $50 per room. 

    Number of rooms/ Type of houseEstimated cleaning costs (per room)
    1 bedroom unit$30 to $50
    2 bedroom unit$80 to $100
    3 bedroom unit$90 to $110
    2 bedroom townhouse$130 to $140
    3 bedroom house$145 to $190
    A large home$190 above

    By regularly vacuuming the carpet, occasionally removing spots and stains, and having the carpet professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months, you will ensure that your carpet will retain its original condition.

    Vacuum cleaning

    Regular vacuuming will remove dust and dirt from the newly installed carpet. To remove dirt on the carpet, it should be frequently vacuumed. 

    Spot cleaning

    Any spots or spillages should be removed as soon as possible before it seeps deep into the carpeting. For difficult dirt and stains, seek the help of professional carpet steam cleaners.

    Professional cleaning

    Ask for the help of professional carpet cleaners and you will be assured that the job will be done properly. Expert carpet cleaners will possess the skill, equipment and chemicals to maintain your carpet.

    Hire skilled and professional carpet installers within your area. Australia’s most trusted trades provider, HIREtrades, will help you get 3 free quotes to assist you with your carpet installation needs. You can find the top carpet cleaning services across Australia – we have a list of the best Carpet Cleaners Capital Cities such as in Sydney, Melbourne, and other areas such as Carpet Cleaners in Newcastle, and other cities in the country. 

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