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How Much Does it Cost for Exterior House Cladding

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Exterior House Cladding Cost

House cladding attaches a layer or skin to the walls and ceilings of homes. The layer is non-loadbearing meaning it does not support the weight of the structure.

However, house cladding enables homes to become wind, rain, and UV resistant. Claddings also contribute to the thermal and acoustic insulation of houses.

Typically, materials for external wall cladding range from $30 to $80 per square metre excluding labour.

As for labour rates, house cladding experts charge per hour ranging from $50 to $65 per hour. Labour costs also depend on the expertise, location, and amount of work needed.

However, given the different factors that influence cost, how much is it to clad a house?

Find out how much house cladding costs according to the type of cladding below.

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Types of Cladding

types of cladding

House cladding prices vary depending on the type of material and installation needed. Cladding products can be made up of vinyl, aluminium, wood, or stone, among many others.

These materials offer a variety of style, finish, colour, durability, and performance that will suit any home or structure. Using the right material will depend on your preferences and house cladding needs.

When choosing a material, take note that good cladding products should provide excellent thermal performance and comply with fire resistance requirements.

Checking these features ensure not only your safety but also reduce the environmental impact of house cladding.

To give you a good cost estimate, here are the external wall cladding prices for each type of cladding material.


How much does Vinyl Cladding cost per square metre?

Vinyl cladding is a type of cladding made from PVC (plastic) and other substances.

The plastic is usually sold with foam insulation which provides better insulation than other cladding materials in the market.

As a construction material, Vinyl is a versatile, durable, and cost-effective material. It is also the most affordable choice for house cladding.

Vinyl house cladding prices vary on the cladding’s type and style. This may range between $30 per square metre and $100 per square metre.

Moreover, installation costs around $100 per square metre.


How much does Aluminium Cladding cost per square metre?

Aluminium cladding is the most used material for exterior cladding due to its cost-effectiveness, functionality, and aesthetics.

Cladding specialists use aluminium composite panels to line external walls.

Aluminium cladding costs depend on the style and supplier. For example, Colorbond is one of the most used brands for roof and wall cladding.

A basic Colorbond sheet cost an average of $14 per metre, while Colorbond Ultra, one of the brand’s most durable materials, costs around $36.50 per square metre.

Meanwhile, powder-coated Colorbond cladding costs $21.50 on average, and the corrugated Colorbond cladding costs around $30 per square metre.

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How much does Weatherboarding cost per square metre?

Weatherboarding uses wood panels and provides a classic look for exterior wall cladding.

Weatherboard is also called wood cladding, bevel siding, lap siding, and clapboard.

Weatherboarding cost on house cladding can be difficult to estimate due to various factors such as shape, size, style, quality, and brand, among others.

However, HardiePlank, the most popular type of weatherboard in Australia, costs around $18 to $30 per board with the dimensions 4.2m long X 230mm wide.

The brand also offers around $3.20 for a linear metre of a 175mm-wide baltic square edge.

Prices do not include labour such as installation.


How much does Timber Cladding cost?

Timber cladding prices per m2 depend on the timber’s type, width, supplier, and additional labour such as sealing.

Check the table below for a quick cost guide for timber wall cladding.

Type of timber cladding Average cost per linear metre
Tight knot pine $3.25 to $6.25 (depends on timber width)
Australian beech $6.45
Blackbutt $7.25
Spotted gum $8.30
Blue gum select grade $8.50
Tallowwood $8.50 (standard grade) to $11.75 (select grade)

Sealing and installing the timber panelling would also add to the costs.

To save on installation costs, you may purchase two coats of sealers instead. However, you may need a professional to apply the sealer for a two-floor house.

Additionally, take note that location is a cost factor. For example, timber wall panels for interior in Melbourne cost differently than in your city.

For a good price estimate, it’s best to ask quotes from local cladding specialists or suppliers.


How much does Stone Veneer Cladding cost?

Stone cladding uses stone veneer to create a brick wall that coats homes or buildings built with a different material.

It is also sometimes applied to concrete or steel buildings as part of the structure’s design.

Suppliers offer natural stone veneers and manufactured cultured stone veneers. However, the cost between the two can vary greatly depending on its quality.

For the stone veneers, expect the cost to be around $100 and $150 per square metre.

Adding labour such as cladding installation costs from $230 to $310 per square metre.

House cladding your entire home will need approximately 200 square metres of the material.

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What factors affect External Wall Cladding prices?

As mentioned, house cladding prices depend greatly on several factors from the type of cladding to the size of the material.

Consider these other factors when estimating your cost of cladding.


External wall cladding prices are generally more affordable in Victoria and Queensland where professionals charge $50 per hour on average.

On the other hand, the same type of service cost around $55 per hour in New South Wales.

Meanwhile, Western Australia offers the most expensive costs for house cladding installation as the rates average to $60 per hour.

Depending on the cladding job that you need, house cladding cost can range from $30 per hour to over $65 per hour.


As discussed above, wall cladding prices depend greatly on the type of material you use.

Timber is the most common building material used as it is cost-effective as well. However, take note that timber requires regular maintenance.

Meanwhile, stone veneers provide a real stone finish without costing as much.

Lastly, vinyl is a durable material that can withstand intense weather conditions. Moreover, most brands offer up to 50 years of warranty for vinyl cladding.

Consider each material carefully and factor in the cost of the cladding you choose.

Job complexity

The cost of cladding a brick house with natural stones is more expensive compared to a simple vinyl cladding.

It’s not only because of the material cost, but also the intensive labour needed to install natural stone claddings.

Moreover, house claddings playing with the cladding design also mean additional costs.

Overall, how much skill and labour needed to accomplish the work affects cladding costs.

Where to hire an Exterior Cladding Expert in Australia?

Professional cladding experts can be found across Australia.

If you are looking for budget-friendly experts, look for cladding specialists around Victoria and Queensland.

Regardless of the location, cladding for homes cost an average of $55 per hour with installations. Prices can go lower or higher depending on the service provider, materials used, and job complexity.

Some also charge per square metre with an average rate of $80 per square metre.

When asking for quotes, make sure to find a reputable cladding service in your area.

Using hiring services to find skilled and reputable cladding experts enable you to quickly look for the right person for your house cladding needs.

Posting a job requirement takes a few minutes, and receiving a quote only takes within a few hours or days.

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