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    How Much Does House Cleaning Service Cost?

    Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
    Home Cleaning Service Cost

    The standard house cleaning cost per hour can be around $30 to $40. For a 180m2 home with two bedrooms and one bathroom, expect to pay around $240.

    Prices vary depending on your location and other inclusions to add.

    Some home cleaners charge on an hourly basis. Others provide fixed rates for services which may take longer to complete. For instance, end of lease cleaning may cost tenants around $250 (two-bedroom unit).

    Paying for a home cleaning service gives you more time for leisure and other important activities. It pays to know how professional cleaners charge and for what type of cleaning jobs the cost may fluctuate to help you manage your finances.


    Labour Rates for House Cleaners

    Most home cleaners charge an hourly rate of around $30 to $40. Prices differ based on the demand for professional house cleaning jobs and other factors. Here’s a list of average cleaner rates per hour across Australia.

    StateAverage Rate per hour
    Australian Capital Territory and

    New South Wales

    $38 to $40
    South Australia$35 to $38
    Victoria$31 to $33
    Western Australia, Queensland$30 to $31

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    To calculate the labour cost, multiply the number of hours spent on cleaning by the hourly rate of cleaners in your State.

    Note: Other house cleaners provide fixed quotations. For accurate pricing, HIREtrades can help you to obtain three free quotes from local cleaners.


    What are the Factors that Affect House Cleaning Prices?

    House Cleaning Prices

    There are considerations that influence the cost of professional house cleaning.

    1. Size of your home

    The size of your home largely affects how you will be charged. Some home cleaners measure their rates per room or square metre depending on the requirements.

    For example, cleaning a one-bedroom unit with one bathroom can take two to three hours to complete. Homeowners with a double-storey residential property pay more due to the number of rooms to clean.

    When hiring, clarify the payment terms to clearly define the expected costs involved.

    2. Location

    Hiring a professional cleaner outside your vicinity may attract increased costs. Expect to pay extra fees for transportation and call outs.

    Consider the business location of your prospective house cleaner to keep you from incurring additional costs.

    3. Scope of work

    Clearly identify the extent of home cleaning service that you require. Generally, cleaners have standard pricing for common areas (e.g. room, etc).

    Specific homes may have additional (e.g. polished hand rails) or difficult access areas that incur additional costs. It is important that the costs for additional services are clearly understood by both parties. 

    Any special requests such as carpet cleaning, rubbish removal and roof cleaning have an impact on your service pricing. For instance, the cost of carpet cleaning for a one-bedroom unit can range from $30 to $50 per room.

    Prices may also increase if you have pets at home. Confirm if extra charges apply for difficult or non-standard cleaning jobs.

    4. Frequency of cleaning

    The cleanliness level of your home also determines the expected house cleaning rates. Many house cleaners provide discounts for homeowners requesting for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service.

    Having your home cleaned regularly helps to reduce the job’s difficulty which may lower the costs.


    The Cost of House Cleaning Jobs and Additional Services

    Cost of House Cleaning Jobs and Additional Services

    Home cleaners provide standard and custom price lists to meet your specific needs. Identifying the following details can help you determine the expected cost of house cleaning service:

    • Total area to be cleaned per square metre
    • Number of storeys (e.g. single, double)
    • Number of living rooms
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Number of bathrooms
    • Size of your kitchen in m2

    Monthly clean of 180 m2 single-storey homes have indicative costs of:

    • $240 for a home with two bedrooms and one bathroom
    • $265 for a home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms
    • $310 for a home three bedrooms and three bathrooms

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    For 180m2 double-storey homes, monthly clean costs about:

    • $280 with two bedrooms and one bathroom
    • $305 with two bedrooms and two bathrooms
    • $350 with three bedrooms and three bathrooms

    The above prices may vary depending on the scope of work and frequency of cleaning.

    Note: A house cleaning calculator can be useful in obtaining cost estimates.  HIREtrades can assist in providing up to three free quotes from local house cleaners from Cleaning Companies in Sydney, Cleaning Services in Newcastle, and from more other locations in Australia.

    For additional rooms (e.g. laundry, play room) that you wish to clean, extra costs will be incurred. Here are a few inclusions that you may need:

    Window cleaning

    Expect to pay around $10 (standard price) per window pane. In terms of hourly rates, $30 to $45 is expected.

    To calculate window cleaning prices, count the total number of window panes in your house and multiply it by the average rate, which is $10. This includes basic wiping, exterior frame scrub and washing of indoor and outdoor window panes.

    Oven cleaning

    On average, the cost of cleaning an oven ranges from $100 to $200.

    Extensive oven cleaning involves degreasing the interior and exterior parts, soaking the oven rack and polishing the exterior handles and glass, among others. The size of your oven determines pricing.

    Roof cleaning

    Roof cleaners charge an approximate amount of $40 to $80 per hour depending on the roof type and condition.

    Cleaning the roof involves removing moulds and other debris. The use of residential and commercial cleaning agents may add to the product cost.

    Spring cleaning

    House cleaners charge around $90 to $350 for spring cleaning jobs.

    The price increases depending on the size of your home, job’s difficulty and the number of rooms to tackle.

    Like all other aspects of work, clearly define your scope and requirements to ensure the cleaners understand your work and price expectations.

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