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How Much Does a Concrete Slab Cost?

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The average concrete slab cost is $240 to $329 per m³. Concrete slab cost per m³ is based on the price of the slab materials, concrete mix, delivery to the site, the handling and foundation of the concrete slab.

Before getting started with a home project that would involve laying a concrete slab, you should know how much you need to spend.

Concrete slab prices may vary depending on the size and complexity of the job, the cost of materials, thickness, and type of slab material.

What is the Cost of Concrete Slab Per Cubic Metre?

Some concrete slab contractors will charge on the concrete cost per cubic metre rather than by square metre. Concrete slab prices range between $240 to $329 per cubic metre.

Aside from the concrete slab cost per m³, you can expect your concrete contractor to charge approximately $60 or more per hour for labour cost.

Concrete slab cost per m³ includes the price of ready-mixed concrete, the delivery of concrete slab materials and equipment to the site, handling and placing of the slabs in position.

Concrete slab prices per m³ may differ per city and on the type of concrete slab.

City Ground slabs Suspended slabs Waffle slabs
Adelaide $243/m³ $243/m³ $243/m³
Melbourne $246/m³ $242/m³ $242/m³
Brisbane $266/m³ $263/m³ $274/m³
Perth $269/m³ $266/m³ $266/m³
Sydney $333/m³ $329/m³ $329/m³


What is the Cost of Concrete Slab Per Square Metre

Cost of a Concrete House Slab Per Square Metre

The average cost of a concrete slab per square metre ranges from $64 to $108 depending on the thickness of the concrete slab and the city you live in.

The cost of a concrete slab in Perth, which is at $64 to $79 per m², is the most affordable across the country, followed by Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Concrete slab contractors in Sydney charge the highest. On average, their rate is between  $90 to $108 per m2.

City 100mm thick 125mm thick 150mm thick
Perth $64/m² $72/m² $79/m²
Adelaide $78/m² $85/m² $92/m²
Melbourne $83/m² $90/m² $97/m²
Brisbane $86/m² $94/m² $101/m²
Sydney $90/m² $99/m² $108/m²

What Determine The Cost of a Concrete Slab

what affects the cost of concrete house slab

When computing how much does concrete cost, there are several factors to consider. Some of these variables that can affect concrete slab prices are the following:

1. Size and complexity of the job

The size of the area that needs to be covered with concrete slabs affects the total concrete slab cost. A more complex concrete house slab project will require more concrete slab materials.

2. Thickness

The thicker you want your concrete slab to be, the higher the slab price. The thickness of your concrete slabs determines the amount of concrete mix required and time needed to complete the job.

The concrete slab thickness impacts how much you have to pay for the overall concrete slab cost.

3. Type of concrete slab

The different types of concrete slab materials vary in prices. The three types are ground slab, suspended slab, and waffle slab.

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A ground slab is the most common type of concrete slab. For upper levels of houses, concrete slab contractors use suspended slabs. A waffle concrete slab is similar to a ground slab but with trenches.

4. Accessibility

If the area is easy to access, the concrete slab price will be less. Expect higher concrete slab costs for areas with accessibility issues.


Tips for Hiring Concrete Slab Contractors

Tips for Hiring Concrete Slab Contractors

Here are simple tips for hiring the best concrete slab contractor:

Tip #1: Ask for referrals

Know more about the contractor. One of the best ways to choose a concrete slab contractor is by asking for referrals and recommendations from friends, family, and previous customers.

Check out the contractor’s previous work sites and ask around to have an insight into the contractor’s work ethic.

Tip #2: Check out online reviews

Check for customer reviews on the contractor’s own website and on Google. Find a concrete contractor within your area by checking out comments on Facebook pages to see what people are saying about them.

Tip #3: Read written contracts thoroughly

Go through contracts carefully. Make sure the contract is concise, technical, and clear. It should be explicitly detailed with the project’s designs, costs such as concrete slab prices and other special requirements.

Tip #4: Ask for quotes

Don’t hesitate to contact several concrete slab contractors for price quotes. Compare price estimates and weigh your options. Choose the contractor who can offer quotes that would suit your needs and budget.

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