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How Much Does Polished Concrete Cost?

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concrete polishing cost

As several factors can affect the cost of concrete polishing, the concrete polishing cost will vary based on the details of your project. On average, polished concrete costs about $2,500 which includes labour and materials, with an average base price of $50 -$65 per square metre.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a multi-step process done to improve the condition of concrete floors, smoothing the rough surfaces and giving them a more polished look. Polished concrete transforms old, worn-out concrete surfaces into more attractive floors.

The process of concrete polishing is similar to sanding wood. Concrete polishing not only improves the appearance of the concrete floor but also increases its resistance to wear and tear and prevents some accidental damages to the surface.

There are different methods of concrete polishing grind and seal, honed concrete, and mechanically polished concrete. Choosing the concrete polishing method must be based on the type of building project you are handling – whether for residential garage floors, concrete driveways, commercial buildings or warehouses.

Your concrete polisher must be able to guide you in deciding which types of concrete work best for your project.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

On top of improving your concrete floor’s appearance and making it more attractive to look at, concrete polishing provides several other additional benefits that make it a worthwhile investment:

  • Leaves a layer of protection that makes the concrete a non-porous surface that is more resistant to dirt and grime
  • Lessens permanent damages due to impact or wear and tear
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Exceptional overall durability

Polished concrete is a flooring solution used for surfaces that are routinely used every day like garage floors, concrete driveways, and other concrete surfaces. Commercial buildings that need a more presentable appearance also benefit from a clean and glossy polished floor.

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Different Types of Polished Concrete Cost

The following are the three different methods of polishing concrete with their corresponding cost estimate per m2:

Method Concrete Polishing Cost per m2
Grind and seal $50
Honed concrete $75
Mechanically polished concrete $100

Cost of Concrete Polishing per Location

Polished concrete cost per m2 also varies based on where you live, see the table below for sample costs depending on location:

Location Concrete Polishing Cost per m2
New South Wales $50
Victoria $50
Queensland $65

From these base prices, the total polished concrete cost will largely depend on the project size, concrete floor condition, access to the job site, and other conditions.

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Concrete Polishing Cost on Driveway

Polishing a concrete driveway or garage floor will depend on the size and method used. To give you an idea, the average driveway size in Australia is roughly around 18 m2.

  • If using the grind and seal method at $50/m2, the total cost is around $900
  • If using the honed concrete method at $75/m2, the total cost is around $1350
  • If using mechanically polished concrete at $100/m2, the total cost is $1800

Some other factors may affect the cost such as the condition of the existing floor (whether it’s old or new), access to the location, and others. As always, it is best to consult a professional to get a more exact quote for your driveway or garage floor polishing cost.

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