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How Much Does it Cost for Composite Decking?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
Composite Decking Prices

The price of composite decking installation can vary from $250 to $400+ per square metre. Costs may alter depending on the size of the deck, job complications and additional services such as preparation work.

Composite decks (or wood-plastic) may have large upfront charges, but the benefits outweigh the cost. Unlike timber decks, they do not require staining and sealing after installation.

The combination of timber fibres and plastic makes the structure durable. Composite decking is economical in terms of maintenance as it requires minimal upkeep (i.e. power washing). With regular cleaning, they can prevent structural issues such as warping.

When hiring someone to install a new composite deck, always choose the one with varied expertise and clear pricing breakdowns.


Composite Decking Service Cost

Generally, deck builders charge around $170 to $210 per m2 for decking services. They usually provide fixed estimates depending on the size of your composite deck.

In Australia, deck builders from NSW charge the highest rate for labour. They typically quote on a per square metre basis.

  • Western Australia:  $170 to $180 per m2
  • Queensland: $185 to $190 per m2
  • Victoria: $190 to $200 per m2
  • New South Wales: $200 to $210 per m2

In most cases, initial visits are done to measure the area and provide homeowners with cost breakdowns based on individual requirements. HIREtrades helps you obtain three free quotes from composite deck builders in your area.

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Note: Hourly charges for labour must be verified to include in your budget plan.

The Cost of Composite Decking Materials

Cost of Composite Decking Materials

Brands such as Trex Transcend, Modwood and Millboard have varied prices and warranty on composite decking boards. It is important to know their product specifications to carefully choose what is best suited for your lifestyle, budget and decking needs.

Using Trex’s decking calculator, here’s a rough estimation of composite decking (materials only):

  • $2,340 for a 15m2 composite deck
  • $3,745 for a 24m2 composite deck
  • $4,995 for a 32m2 composite deck
  • $6,240 for a 40m2 composite deck
  • $7,490 for a 48m2 composite deck

Given the price estimates, the cost of materials can be around $156 per m2.

Note: Transport of materials also adds to your expenses. In some metropolitan areas, delivery fees can range around $100. It can increase depending on your location. Clarify extra costs with a prospective supplier or installer to prepare your finances.

The indicative cost of recycled wood plastic composite decking affixed to timber varies based on the size of the board. Prices are shown below.

Size Unit Sydney Perth Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide
100 x 23mm per m2 $108 $98 $97 $99 $91
165 x 29mm per m2 $136 $126 $125 $128 $119

Note: Prices for composite timber decking may differ based on the length, width and thickness of the wood-plastic boards. For accurate figures, check the base price and GST inclusions of local suppliers.

What Influences the Cost of Composite Decking Installation Jobs

What Influences the Cost of Composite Decking Installation Jobs

It can be easy to rush into things without careful planning and budgeting. Know what factors to consider when estimating the price of building a composite deck. This will help you maximise your resources and ensure quality construction.

1. Deck materials

All materials including the substructure, decking boards, hardware, footings and railings are the largest cost determinants when installing a new composite deck. Prices fluctuate depending on the brand (e.g. Trex Transcend, Modwood) and quality of raw materials used.

The number of deck installers required to carry and lay composite wood boards also attracts increased costs in labour.

2. Size of the deck

The size of the deck factors in the overall pricing. For a 15m2 composite deck, the cost of materials can be around $2,340.

Say the amount of labour installation is $170 per m2. Multiplying the number of the total square area by $170 gives you $2,550 (labour). The number of days required to build and assemble the structure can also impact on the cost.

Note: The above prices should also be used as a guide. Always verify prices with a local decking supplier.

3. Structural design

Composite decks come in various colours and patterns. These design aspects affect the cost of materials and labour. Expect to pay higher amounts for composite decking jobs with complex requirements.

Customised decks are often more costly than standard designs. In terms of shapes, curved composite decks can be more labour-intensive as they require more cutting and detailed work. This will have an implication on final pricing.

4. Manner of installation

If you are looking to have your deck elevated or structurally attached, local building permits may be required. Council fees vary per state, so make sure to hire accredited deck builders to clarify local regulations.

You may also contact your local council and confirm State requirements. This can help you organise your budget and avoid delaying the project due to conflicts.

Note: Preparation work and add-on features (e.g. stairs) also influence the price. Clearly specify your requirements and hire a tradie that offers a clearly defined quotation to ensure there are no pricing surprises.

How Much Maintenance is Required for Composite Decks?

Standing water on composite decking boards requires immediate attention. Failure to address the concern could leave the deck stained and faded. Surface issues such as scratches and scuffs must also be carefully monitored.

Remember that outdoor decks are more exposed to environmental elements and weathering conditions. Pressure washing the deck at least twice a year helps to keep the structure in good condition.

Check manufacturer’s instructions to verify what cleaning product is safe and suitable to your composite deck. Consult with a deck maintenance specialist to ensure professional care.

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