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How Much Does Timber Decking Cost?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
Timber Decking Cost

The cost of timber decking ranges from $200 to $350 per square metre. Installation costs vary depending on the number of factors such as the quality of timber materials used, level of difficulty and the size of your deck.

Timber decks are among the popular decking choice of most homeowners. They are naturally durable and very easy to maintain. The classic beauty of timber makes it a great addition to any home.

Whether you are looking to use hardwood or softwood, the outcome of installation will depend on who will handle the project. Hire a qualified deck builder with varied expertise and experience to maximise your investment.


Labour Costs of Timber Decking Installation

Most timber deck builders charge on a per square metre basis. When hiring, expect to pay around $170 to $210 per m2 for labour. Check the expected rates below to carefully manage your finances.

State Estimated Cost per m2
New South Wales $200 to $210
Victoria $190 to $200
Queensland $185 to $190
Western Australia $170 to $180

As for tradies who charge by the hour, clarify the coverage of decking services. This may include the cost of timber decking maintenance.

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Factors that Influence the Cost of Timber Decking Installation Services

Cost of Timber Decking Installation Services

Here’s what to consider when budgeting for timber decking construction.

1. Timber materials

Timbers such as treated pine, Jarrah, Merbau, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum have varied prices and hardness levels. What you choose will largely affect the cost of timber decking. Opt for less expensive softwood such as treated pine to save you money.

In terms of dimensions, the thickness of your timber can have an impact on the cost. It helps to clearly define your requirements to know what type of timber will fit your budget and property needs.

2. Preparation work

Clearing any obstructions such as overgrown bushes, dead leaves and branches will influence the cost of decking.

Ground preparation includes removing the weeds and stabilising the soil. This helps to protect the timber deck from structural problems caused by weeds and pests.

After preparation comes manual digging to install concrete stumps and posts. It is crucial for a deck builder to dig holes in the correct position to ensure that no piping systems will be affected by the construction.

3. Size and location

The length and height of your timber deck can have an implication on how much you will be charged. A professional deck builder will have to initially assess your property and measure the area to provide you with estimates.

Site access is another aspect to check. Where do you plan to build your timber deck? Will it be freestanding or attached to your home? Any structural amendments that need to be done will add to your expenses.

Likewise, building elevated decks is more complex and risky, which may incur larger costs on labour.

4. Extra features

Any job that requires extra labour and materials will attract increased costs. Adding a staircase to a timber deck can make the job longer and more labour-intensive. Balustrading your deck can also impact on your decking cost.

These things should not be overlooked to carefully organise your finances.


Timber Decking Prices per square metre

Timber Decking Prices per square metre

Excluding labour, the indicative costs of timber decking materials are:

  • $50 per m2 for treated pine softwood
  • $60 per m2 for Merbau
  • $70 to $140 per m2 for Jarrah
  • $85 per m2 for Blackbutt
  • $110 per m2 for Spotted Gum

Note: The above prices are based on Subiaco Restoration’s May 2017 Decking Retail Price List. Product rates may alter depending on the size of the decking board.

For close spaced timber decking, refer to the table below.

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Pencil rounded
Type of Timber Size Unit Syd. Per. Mel. Bris. Adel.

(prime grade)

75 x 25mm per m2 $188 $131 $169 $206 $185
100 x 25mm per m2 $175 $121 $159 $195 $177
Treated pine 75 x 25mm per m2 $95 $89 $80 $88 $76
100 x 25mm per m2 $89 $75 $78 $84 $73
Type of Timber Size Unit Syd. Per. Mel. Bris. Adel.

(standard grade)

75 x 25mm per m2 $137 $95 $120 $145 $129
100 x 25mm per m2 $126 $87 $116 $141 $123
Treated pine 75 x 25mm per m2 $99 $76 $85 $92 $75
100 x 25mm per m2 $85 $63 $74 $80 $62

*Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

Add around $28 to $33 per m2 for extra boards (prime grade) where required.


How Do You Get Quotes from Timber Decking Builders?

An itemised quotation enables you to compare prices from various timber deck builders. Before hiring a qualified tradie to build and install your new deck, it’s important to:

  • Specify your project requirements to know the scope of work.
  • Check online reviews to see what clients are saying about their service.
  • Ask and verify if they carry updated licences and insurance.
  • Be wary of and clarify upfront charges.
  • Request for a written quotation (i.e. it should provide a breakdown of all items with corresponding costs, schedule, etc).

A clearly defined decking quote from a local deck builder should give you an overview of the price of installation.

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