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How Much Does it Cost for House Demolition?

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At times, you may need to demolish existing structures before you can start the construction of a new house or building. But before you begin the demolition job, it’s essential that you have an idea of the cost for demolition.

Demolition is a crucial job that requires expertise. Hiring a professional demolition service provider is essential to avoid accidents and make the process seamless.

Depending on the size of the structure, a demolition may cost you at least $12,000. For large projects, the average cost of demolition services is around $40,000.

In Sydney, the average demo cost for small houses is around $17,500. The average demo cost in Melbourne is lower at just around $16,200.

Different Types of Demolition Services

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that can cause cancer and respiratory ailments. Due to the dangers associated with this mineral, only licensed demolition contractors may remove them. However, before hiring an expert, consider first the cost for asbestos removal.

Removal of asbestos is restricted to trained professionals as per government regulations and require special demolition permits.

Recycling Focused

This is a type of service wherein the contractor tries to prevent most of the materials from ending up in a landfill. Removed walls or wooden planks get checked for possible reuse.

This can be time-consuming because the contractors try to minimize the damage to the property being demolished. This allows them to recover as much reusable valuable materials as possible.

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Strip Outs

This is a type of interior demolition service wherein the contractor demolishes an internal component of the house like the kitchen or bathroom. This also includes removing interior walls, floor coverings, pipework, and the likes.

This service may take time because the demolition crew needs to make sure that the structural integrity of the house does not get compromised.

With Salvage Right

Demolition with salvage rights means that the demolition company can take and sell all reusable materials like windows, doors, wooden components, and other valuable materials.

This can bring down the cost to demolish a house depending on the number of valuable materials the demolition company finds.

Without Salvage Right

This is a demolition service wherein the property owner has the right to reusable materials recovered during the demolition.

The demo cost per square foot will be higher but the property owner can cut down on the construction cost by reusing materials recovered during the demolition.

What Factors Can Affect the Cost of Demolition?

The cost to demolish a house or structure differs and is affected by several factors.

This is why it is important to have your property assessed before so you can get a clear picture of how much it will cost you to have your house demolished.

Size of the Structure

Just like with any construction job, the size of the structure plays a big role in determining how much it will cost to remove a structure.

Minor demolition jobs like small houses will cost less compared to demolishing a commercial building. The cost to tear down a wall is less compared to the cost to tear down an entire house.


If the structure that needs demolishing is in an area that’s easy to access, the cost for demolition will be lower. The demolition crew will have an easier time moving around. This will allow them to finish a job quickly.

It will also help if the demolition site is near a rubbish disposal facility. Transferring waste materials will be easier and the demolition service hourly rate may be reduced.

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Hazardous Materials

Old structures usually contain hazardous materials. This will drive the cost for demolition up because these materials require special handling and proper disposal.

Demolition crews also need to use proper safety equipment and tools when handling hazardous materials.


Although demolition crews can work whatever the weather condition is, inclement weather conditions can slow the progress of the demolition. This can affect the cost of demolition especially if you’re paying by the hour.


As with any professional service, rush jobs often cost more money. Give yourself ample time to look for demolition contractors. This will allow you to compare prices.

It may also cost you more if you want to have the job done during holidays or weekends. Take note of the days of operations of the contractor and enquire if you will have to pay a premium for jobs done beyond their normal operating hours.

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