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How Much Does Electrical Repair Services Costs?

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How Much Does an Electrical Repair Cost

The cost of hiring electricians to perform electrical repairs cost around $75 to $125 per hour.

Service costs may alter depending on the scope of electrical work, the intensity of issues being dealt with, and emergency services.

Whether the electrical work is simple or complex, always choose licensed electricians to inspect system issues and tackle repairs. Hiring unqualified tradies may present safety hazards and legal disputes.

Enabling unlicensed electricians to work on electrical repairs around your home has a large implication on your expenses. Before you hire a tradie, verify their credentials and other requirements such as insurance. This will help you save money and maximise your time.


Hourly Rates of Electricians

The average hourly rate of electricians ranges from $75 to $125. Check the table below to see the expected service cost of local electricians per city.

City Average Contract Charge-Out Rate

per hour

Sydney $95 to $125
Brisbane $93 to $97
Perth $89 to $95
Adelaide $81 to $89
Melbourne $75 to $87

*Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

Expect to pay large amounts for electrical jobs that require more time to complete.

Note: Keep the list handy to help you in budgeting for your electrical repair projects. If the need is urgent, expect additional charges from your local electrician. On another note, HIREtrades can provide up to three free quotes from Tradies in your area. HIREtrades also offers assistance on hiring electricians in different parts on Australia: Electricians in Sydney, Electricians in Campbelltown, Electricians in Melbourne, Electricians in Perth and more.

How Much Do Electrical Repair Services Cost?

Electrical Repair Services Cost

Here are a few electrical fixtures that need repairing.


Faulty wires and loose connections are few of electrical wiring issues that have complex requirements. One common problem is access. Electricians have to be careful when rectifying issues in problem areas.

If rewiring is required, the cost to rewire a house with 3 bedrooms can be anywhere between $3,500 to $5,000+. The amount includes upgrading the switchboard. For accurate pricing, ask a local electrician to provide you with quotations based on your exact needs.

Plugs and cords

Power sockets often acquire issues due to incompatibility and overloading. Regular checking is required to avoid damaging your appliances.

Overloaded power boards and frayed extension cords are also a common problem in residential homes. Along with these devices are surge protectors and power strips. These components need to be regularly checked to ensure they are working well.

Light Fixtures and Appliances

Lightings in your kitchen, bathroom or living room have to be regularly maintained as they are used on a daily basis. The amount to pay for light fixture repairs varies according to the job size and materials necessary for the job.

Fixing electrical appliances such as oven needs to be initially inspected to know how much you will be charged. Some electrical companies charge by the hour, while others provide flat rates per service.

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Circuit breakers

Faulty circuit breakers may cause potential fires if left unmanaged. Whether old or poorly installed, a licensed electrician should check the issue and perform necessary repairs to ensure your safety and avoid spending large costs.

Common electrical repair jobs with indicative costs:

  • Power points: $55 to $100
  • Damaged cables: $110-$130
  • Ceiling fans: $120
  • Downlights: $150
  • Metre box: $200-$300

Note: Specify your requirements and ask for written quotations from a local electrical contractor. This gives you an overview of the expected cost and the coverage of electrical work to complete.

What Determines the Cost of Electrical Repair Jobs

Cost of Electrical Repair Jobs

There are a number of factors to consider when calculating the cost of electrical repair and maintenance services.

1. Scope of work

The coverage of electrical work affects the total amount to pay on your prospective electrician. If you wish to have a thorough inspection and repair on your electrical system, expect higher rates.

The number of electrical components to repair also factors in the cost. Have a list of electrical repair jobs to accomplish to combine your requirements in one request. This includes appliance and ceiling fan repairs.

2. Complexities involved

Access difficulties may add to the labour cost. Working in confined areas may need a specialised tool to perform repairs with zero chances of failure. This will delay completing the electrical work.

Dealing with compatibility issues may also influence the final price of the service. Repairing electrical wiring involves identifying the root cause and suggesting a solution that resonates with the existing wiring and components.

3. Emergency repairs

Expect extra charges for after-hours call-outs and emergency electrical repair works. Electrical issues such as burnt odours, frayed wires and malfunctioned power breakers need immediate attention. These jobs will require emergency electricians to respond urgently.

The amount involved in 24/7 electrical services will always be higher than any work done in normal working hours. Before hiring, research how qualified your prospective electrician is through careful verification of their skills and expertise.

Note: Keep these considerations in mind when hiring a local electrician. This can help you manage your expenses in improving your electrical system.

Hire an Electrician with These Tips

Hire an Electrician with These Tips

It can be easy and tempting to hire an electrician to fix your appliances or lighting fixtures without considering their qualities. Here are some important qualifications to look for when hiring a tradie. This will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

  • Check their credentials. Are they registered and licensed? Have they been participating in training to improve their skills set? Are they collaborating with other tradies to establish wider connections?
  • Verify insurance. Electrical works are risky. Do they carry appropriate insurance packages such as workers’ compensation insurance to help protect their finances? If they are employed, do they have public liability insurance?
  • Read customer reviews. Have they been receiving positive feedback from homeowners? Do they provide quality services and competitive pricing to their clients?

These are just a few on the list. Do you have any electrical issues to amend? Post a job now and expect to receive up to three free quotes from HIREtrades’ directory of electricians specialising in electrical repairs.

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