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    How Much Does Hiring an Electrician Cost?

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    Cost of Hiring Electrician

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    The cost of an electrician varies from $75 to $125 per hour. Prices vary depending on the size of electrical jobs and the nature of the installation, repair or maintenance works.

    Whether you’re renovating your home or building a granny flat, it is important to know how much you will be charged for any electrical services that you might need to carefully plan your budget.

    In terms of labour, here’s the average hourly rate for electricians by city:

    CityAverage Contract Charge-Out Rate

    per hour*

    Sydney$95 to $125
    Brisbane$93 to $97
    Perth$89 to $95
    Adelaide$81 to $89
    Melbourne$75 to $87

    *Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

    Electrical works such as installing power points or upgrading switchboards must only be done by a licensed electrician. This will ensure your safety and avoid risking prosecution.

    Note: Electrician rates include overheads and profits. Always clarify local electrical contractor rates per hour before hiring. You may also ask about the estimated number of hours needed to accomplish what you require.


    Electrical Services Cost

    Electrical Services Cost

    Each job varies in terms of the level of difficulty which can largely impact on pricing. How much do electricians charge for a wide range of electrical jobs?

    24/7 Emergency electricians

    Hiring an emergency electrician will cost more than hiring someone working in normal business hours. The average call-out fee is $90. Expect to pay higher amounts for any after-hours jobs.

    Data cabling

    Data cabling installation resolves to meet your computer network connection needs. Data cablers charge around $65 to $95 per hour for labour. Expect to pay more for data cabling supplies including the number of sockets required for each room.

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    Fibre optic cables

    Optical fibre cables are made up of glass fibres that provide better connections than the rest of cabling types. In terms of initial costs, they are more expensive. However, fibre optic cables are more advantageous in terms of speed and convenience.


    Whether you’re replacing your old light fittings with new ones, the supply cost can range from $15 to $300. Labour prices will be based on whether you are installing them indoors or outdoors. Pricing will also depend on how long the project will take.

    Power points

    Electrical power points have to be professionally installed to prevent future defects. The indicative costs of supplies are:

    • $72 to 92 for a single power point
    • $77 to $98 for a double power point
    • $110 to $130 for a 15 Amp power point

    Note: Excluding switchboards and appliances, the prices above include accessories and wiring from a switchboard.


    Electrical repairs include fixing power points, damaged cables and ceiling fans. For power point repairs, expect to pay around $55 to $100. Fixing a damaged cable costs around $110 to $130, and ceiling fan repairs can range around $120.


    Rewiring is a vital part of maintaining a safer and more secure electrical wiring system in one’s home. The cost to rewire a 3-bedroom house can be around $3,500 to $5,000+, including switchboard upgrades.

    Solar panel

    The cost of solar panel installation can be anywhere between $3,000 to $15,000. Cost ranges vary depending on the size of solar power systems and the amount of time needed to install them.


    Switchboards are main switch servers (e.g. containing safety switches and circuit breakers) which may cost around $700 to $800. Labour costs need to be considered also.

    Test and tag

    Visual inspection of electrical equipment and appliances plays an important role in ensuring they are safe to use. On average, test-and-tag services will cost $130 to $230. The price may increase depending on the number of equipment to inspect.

    HIREtrades can help you obtain up to three free quotes from local electrical contractors, allowing you to compare prices. You can also find and hire Electricians in different locations in Australia through our website, such as Electricians in Sydney, Electricians in Brisbane, Electrical Companies in Melbourne, Electrical Companies in Canberra and more.


    Factors that Can Impact on the Cost of Electrical Jobs

    There are considerations that can influence how electricians will price the job.

    1. Size of the job

    New installations will incredibly cost more than a simple switch repair. The average per-square-metre cost of electrical services for residential homes are:

    • $60 to $89 per m2 for an individual house (medium std)
    • $91 to $129 per m2 for ⅓ storey flats (medium std)
    • $76 to $117 per m2 for a multi-storey house (basic std); $96 to $166 per m2 for prestige standard

    Note: The above rates include mains and submains, switchgear, standby generated power lighting and power. Pricing excludes site conditions, high voltage cabling, substation, main telephone, data and IT services.

    2. Access to the worksite

    The cost to wire a new house may be lesser than performing electrical system upgrades on older homes. Concealed spaces, such as the ceiling cavity and underfloor, in new constructions are easier to access.

    If rewiring your home is required, accessibility issues will affect how much you will be charged. Shop around prices from several electrical contractors to know how their service fees vary when dealing with complications.

    3. Materials and equipment used

    Whether the job focuses on electrical maintenance or repairs, the materials and equipment required to complete the project will have an implication on the overall pricing.

    If you’re providing the materials, the amount to pay for the electrician may be lower. On the other hand, asking the contractor to supply the materials can add to the cost. The quality of electrical products will also impact on your expenses.

    Note: Ask how long the electrical job will take to know what to expect.


    Things to Consider Before Hiring Electricians

    Things to consider before hiring an electricians

    A good electrician must have the following qualifications to ensure your safety and protect your finances:

    • Licensed. Your hired electrician must carry an appropriate licence and certification. Ensure to verify the validity and authenticity of their credentials to avoid future disputes.
    • Experienced. Hiring incompetent electricians can be risky as the nature of work requires serious training and practical experiences. Before hiring, check how long they have been working in the industry. The ideal is more than three years.
    • Insured. A reliable electrician should be covered with insurance to help safeguard the finances of both parties.

    Courtesy and professionalism also matter when choosing to hire an electrician. The quality of electrical service will depend on who will handle the job.

    Are there electrical issues at home that need to be addressed in a short period of time? Know how much you are expected to pay for every electrical job and hire the best electrician near you.

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