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Solar Panel Installation Cost Estimate

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The Cost of Installing Solar Panels

Prices may vary depending on the size or brand of solar power systems, your location and how long the installation process will take

Solar panels may have large upfront charges but the financial benefits it provides long-term outweigh the initial cost. Whether you are looking to replace your existing solar power system or invest in new installations, ensure to specify your requirements.

When choosing a qualified solar panel installation specialist, verify the credentials as well as their insurance and previous works. Always request written quotations before the actual solar energy installation to compare prices and manage your expenses. 

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost?

The installation process involves fitting the frames, securing the solar panels and testing the compatibility of electrical components. Labour prices may alter depending on the difficulty of the job, roof accessibility and other factors. On average, solar panel installers charge $75 to $105 per hour. However, hourly price may change depending on the location and the demand.

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The average costs of solar panel installation (excluding the unit) will depend on the wattage capacity and size of the solar power system. It pays to understand pricing differences to create a clearly defined budget plan.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The Cost of Solar PV Systems

Confirm prices and specifications with local suppliers or installers to help define your requirements. This enables you to determine the actual size and number of panels that you need to install.

The cost of solar power may vary based on the size and quality of the system. Below are the indicative solar power system prices from Solaray.

  • $4,500 to $5,500 for a 3kW solar power system that uses 10 panels with 310W
  • $5,300 to $7,500 for a 5kW solar power system that uses 17 panels with 300W
  • $7,000 to $10,000 for a 7kW solar power system that uses 24 panels with 300W
  • $9,000 to 12,500 for a 10kW solar power system that uses 34 panels with 300W

Solar Panels Cost in Residential Homes

Here’s a rough guide for the average solar power system prices for residential homes.

1.5KW 3KW 4KW 5KW 6KW 7KW 10KW
Sydney $3,100 $4,830 $5,470 $6,020 $6,970 $7,580 $10,590
Perth $2,460 $3,860 $4,500 $4,710 $5,500 $6,820 $11,160
Melbourne $2,940 $5,570 $6,260 $7,110 $7,600 $9,550 $13,180
Brisbane $3,050 $4,700 $5,690 $6,360 $6,950 $8,150 $11,470
Adelaide $2,530 $4,960 $5,850 $6,430 $7,180 $8,460 $11,190
Canberra $4,510 $5,050 $6,090 $6,770 $7,870 $11,060
Darwin $6,810 $8,230 $9,600 $10,990 $12,270 $15,970
Hobart $6,040 $6,980 $7,830 $8,610 $9,530 $13,520

Important: Note that the above prices include government rebates/upfront incentives from customer purchases and GST fees. Check more of their price list here.


What are the Factors Affecting Solar Panel Installation Costs?

Factors Affecting Solar Panel Installation Costs

The number of solar panels to install in your home largely affects how much you will be charged. Here are other aspects to consider when budgeting your solar power installation cost.

1. Quality of solar panels

Check brands such as Suntech, SunPower and JA Solar. They have varying prices which can impact your solar panel installation cost.

Identify how much power you need to generate to determine what quality of solar panels you are buying. Always go for products that offer the best value for money, which is not necessarily the cheapest.

Note: Ask Clean Energy Council accredited installers for recommendations to help you determine what type of solar panel would suit your property, budget and lifestyle.

2. Roof condition

Working on high-pitched roofs may entail greater risks, thus influencing the cost of installing solar panels. Access difficulties and installation complexities affect how installers charge for labour.

The use of scaffolding and other safety equipment may also add to your expenses. Clarify these terms with your prospective solar energy installation specialist to know what to expect.

3. Added components

Initial inspections are done to carefully determine what framing structures and mounting systems will fit your solar panel installation needs. In some cases, special frames are installed to secure house solar panels.

For new installations, electrical components such as wires, cables, switches and circuit breakers are required to accommodate additional power units. A licensed electrician can provide you with quotes enumerating labour and material costs.

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Replacing Solar Power Components

With proper care and regular maintenance, most solar power systems last for 10 to 25 years. This varies greatly depending on the quality of solar panels, storage batteries and inverters installed. As time passes, solar power systems wear out and deteriorate.

Here are some tell-tale signs that would require replacement. 

  • Panels not running efficiently
  • Inverter(s) wearing out (Note: Most inverters have a lifespan of 10 years.)
  • Poor solar energy installation by unqualified installers

Clarify system efficiency with your solar retailer or installer to see if the products adhere to Australian Standards and local council requirements. This will save you money and avoid legal disputes in the long run.

If you’re replacing a few solar panels, have a professional installer check your existing system model and wiring placements. Only accredited, licensed electricians are required to replace solar panels for homes.

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