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How Much Does Aluminium Fencing Cost?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
Aluminum Fencing Prices

The price of aluminium fencing installation varies from $815 to $1,310 per metre for residential homes.

Rates may alter depending on the size and style of aluminium fence, the quality of materials used and your location.

Aluminium fences are a popular choice for homeowners as they are built to resist corrosion and withstand weather conditions. They are commonly used around pools but can also be erected as front fence.

Powder-coated aluminium fences are another option. These types need advanced tools for quality construction. Having a qualified fencing contractor to supply and install aluminium fencing is necessary to ensure the longevity of the structure.

Specify your fencing project requirements to have the expected cost properly laid out.

Aluminium Fence Prices

Aluminium Fence Prices

Aluminium fences have varied styles: spear top, double top rail, loop top, picket top, flat top, black flat top. Most of these fences are prefabricated based on your project specifications.

Here are indicative costs of aluminium fencing plus the added construction work:

  • Rendered brick and aluminium fence: $750 to $1,200 per metre
  • Sandstone and aluminium fence: $850 to $1,000 per metre

For powder-coated aluminium fencing panels, check the estimated cost below. (Note: Prices are calculated on a per-panel basis. Clarify pricing details with aluminium fence suppliers and installers to know the estimated costs in metres.)

Size of Aluminium Fencing Panels

(Width x Height)

Expected Cost per panel*
2400mm x 1200mm $90 – $110 (black flat top)
2475mm x 1200mm $120 – $130 (flat top)
2475mm x 1200mm $130 – $140 (picket top)
2475mm x 1200mm $130 – $140 (loop top)
2475mm x 1200mm $160 – $170 (double top rail)
2475mm x 1200mm $210 – $220 (spear top)

*Prices are based on The Fencing Factory

Measure the area where you want to build your fence on. This will help you to determine the number of aluminium fencing panels to buy and install. You may ask a local fencing contractor to assist you in identifying the number of fencing required.

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Aluminum Fencing Installation Cost per Metre

Aluminium fencing installers charge an estimated cost of $65 to $110 per metre. Below is the expected labour price per State.

State Estimated Cost per metre
Victoria $90 to $110
Queensland $75 to $95
New South Wales $65 to $85

Many fencing contractors charge on a per metre basis, while others quote by the hour. Typically, the actual installation takes about one to three days, assuming the ground orientation has no major complications.

Note: Clarify labour rates with a prospective aluminium fencing installer. HIREtrades Australia’s directory of local fencing contractors can help you receive up to three quotes with zero charges.


Factors that Affect the Cost of Aluminium Fencing Installation

Factors that Affect the Cost of Aluminium Fencing Installation

There are a number of factors that determine the price of aluminium fencing installation.

1. Size and style

The length and height of your aluminium fence can certainly impact on the cost. Labour charges grow considerably as the number of fencing panels increases. Initial visits are also done to acquire necessary measurements for installation.

Aluminium fencing comes with a variety of colours and styles which can affect pricing.

2. Preparation work

Preparation work includes removing impediments such as bushes and trees, raking the ground and digging holes. Aluminium fences need to be erected on stable soils to avoid structural foundation issues.

Site access is another factor that influences the cost. Fencing installers have to carry all the specialised equipment and materials to the job site. Expect to pay more for transport difficulties encountered before the actual installation commences.

3. Land terrain

The current ground condition can have an implication on your aluminium fencing expenses. Building a fence on unlevel ground will require extra labour and materials which add to the cost.

Aluminium fencing panels built on sloping areas have to be properly installed using sturdy posts to help support the weight of the fencing structure. A local fencing installer will carefully assess the area and make necessary amendments prior to installation.

4. Replacement

Replacement jobs incur larger costs than new installations. If an existing aluminium fence has to be replaced with the same type, the cost involved will be relatively lower.

When replacing the old fence with a different type, say with Colorbond fencing, expect higher rates as the process needs additional labour.

Note: When installing fences above 2.4m in height, the use of scaffolding will attract increased costs. Confirm fencing height requirements with a professional installer and local council prior to actual work.

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How Much Maintenance is Required for Aluminium Fencing?

Aluminium fences are cheap and easy to maintain. Regular cleaning will help to address stains using a degreaser. Rinsing the surface from top to bottom will keep the structure in good condition, aesthetic and functionality wise.

Painting your aluminium fence may not be required, but you can have the panels and posts professionally painted depending on your preference. Confirm prices with a local fence painter for wise budgeting.

Ready for your aluminium fencing installation project?

When hiring, we recommend you choosing a contractor that specialises in aluminium fencing to ensure quality workmanship. Hire a fencing installer with good credentials and reviews. Ask about local standards and building regulations to avoid future disputes.

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