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How Much Does Brick Fencing Cost?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
Brick Fencing Cost

Installing a brick fence costs around $700 to $1,220 (concrete) and $620 to $1,162 (clay) plus the labour installation rate. Prices vary depending on the length and height of fencing structure, brick fence design and size of brick materials.

Brick fences are reliable in terms of improving safety and privacy as well as adding value to your property. They are sturdily made to endure environmental conditions with proper maintenance.

Qualified bricklayers are hired to ensure quality workmanship while complying with the Australian Standards and building regulations. DIY brick fencing may be cheaper but professional installations help to maximise your investment.

A written quotation will help you visualise the expected cost and organise your budget.


Labour Costs of Installing Brick Fences

The estimated cost of brick fencing ranges from $65 to $105 per hour. Refer to the table to check what most bricklayers in your area charge for labour. (Note: Hourly costs below include overheads and profit.)

City Average Contract Charge-Out Rate per hour
Sydney $76 – $105
Perth $82 – $87
Melbourne $80 – $87
Brisbane $85 – $89
Adelaide $65 – $75

*Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

Some brick fencing contractors charge on a per-brick basis. During the negotiation, ask for the estimated number of bricks to lay. This will help them calculate the expected cost for labour.

Note: Clearly clarify your requirements and their payment procedures to avoid pricing surprises. Have a local bricklayer assist you with budgeting before the actual laying of bricks.

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What Determines the Cost of Brick Fence Installation

Cost of Brick Fence Installation

Know what aspects are influencing the overall cost of brick fencing. You’ll save considerable amounts if you do.

1. Materials

Bricks come in a variety of types, colours and textures. Whether you prefer concrete or clay bricks, both are an affordable fencing option. These factors largely contribute to how much you will be charged.

2. Replacement

Removing an old brick fence incurs additional costs. The use of special equipment and tools in replacing the existing structure will have an impact on pricing. If you’re removing a fence with a different type, expect to pay more for preparation work.

3. Size of brick fence

Brick front fences over two metres require the use of safety equipment such as scaffolding. This will have an implication on the amount of labour. Likewise, hourly rates will increase.

4. Soil type

Building brick fences on unstable soils presents structural problems. This will require extra work from bricklayers or fencing contractors to level out the ground. Fence posts need to be properly installed to provide strong support to the structure.

5. Extras

Additional materials such as solid footings to support the brick fence will attract increased costs. In most cases, other types of fencing (e.g. aluminium, timber) are coupled with the actual brick fence to improve the look.

Rendering the structure also adds to the cost.

Note: Most local councils restrict residential homes from building brick fences exceeding 1.5 to 2 metre high. This regulation is not applicable to houses near the main road. States have varied rules, so it is important to clarify building regulations with a trusted tradie.


How Are Bricks Priced?

How Are Bricks Priced

Typically, plain bricks are sold per thousand. Standard sized (230 x 110 x 76mm) concrete masonry bricks are priced at $700 to $898 per 1,000. Supply costs will increase by $1,220 per 1,000 for modular concrete bricks (290 x 90 x 90mm).

For standard clay bricks (230 x 100 x 76mm) per 1,000, the cost ranges from $620 to $814. Facing bricks of the same type and size vary from $690 to $1,162 per 1,000.

Product costs can be around $790 to $941 (common) and $1,140 (facing) per 1,000 for modular clay bricks (290 x 90 x 90mm).

For cement mortar, expect to pay around $87 to $145 per 1,000 standard bricks.

On another note, the estimated brick fence cost per metre can vary from $550 to $880. For a rendered brick and steel fence, expect around $750 to $1,000 per metre.

A local bricklayer or fencing contractor can provide you with price estimates for your reference. HIREtrades Australia’s directory of Tradies helps you obtain up to three free quotes from nearby contractors.

Note: The above prices include the supply and delivery of bricks. The indicative brick prices per 1,000 are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

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How Much Maintenance is Required for Brick Fences?

Brick fences can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Unless poorly installed, you can rely on its quality in terms of features and functionality.

Damage on brick piers and pillars are common. Marred mortar joints are another issue that brick structures acquire as time passes. When dealing with structural damages, you may hire a brick fencing contractor to make necessary repairs or replacement.

If you are cleaning the surface, patching damaged mortar in between the bricks is advisable. Since bricks are porous, allow the cement mortar to dry first before spraying and soaking the surface. Water mixed with detergent is also effective to remove dirt and stains.

Mortar sealants applied to brick fences will help restore the sturdiness and aesthetic appeal of the structure.


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