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How Much Does Timber Fence Installation Cost?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
Timber Fencing Cost

The cost of timber fence installation can vary from $85 to $215 per metre. Expect pricing changes when factors such as removing an existing fence and staining a new timber fence are required.

Timber fences are among the most affordable fencing options for homeowners. Simply, timber is cost-effective and durable. These types are commonly used in residential homes as they exude natural beauty as well as privacy and security.

There are also a variety of timber species that matches the visual appearance of your property. Hiring a qualified timber fencing contractor will help meet your fencing needs based on your budget requirements.

Always ask for itemised quotations to ensure there are no hidden costs.


Labour Costs of Installing a Timber Fence

Expect around $55 to $110 per metre for timber fencing installation. The mid-range cost of labour is identified across different states, averaging around $80 per metre.

State Estimated Cost per metre
New South Wales $90 to $110
Queensland $60 to $80
Victoria $55 to $75

The cost to build a fence will depend on the size of your timber fence. It is imperative to define your requirements before asking a local timber fencing contractor to initially assess your property and provide estimates.

Note: Hourly charges may apply when a Tradie deals with replacing an old fence or any form of job difficulties prior to installation. Clearly clarify pricing terms with a prospective fencing contractor to manage your expenses.


Things to Consider When Calculating the Cost of Timber Fencing

Calculating the Cost of Timber Fencing

There are a number of factors that can impact on your timber fencing expenses.

1. Timber fencing type

The cost of timber materials largely affects the price of installation. Treated pine, hardwood and Merbau timbers are few of the types that you can use depending on your budget and preference. Treated pine, for example, is an affordable option.

Opt for high-grade timbers if you want a more durable material and are willing to spend a fortune. Regardless of what type you are buying, choose a more experienced fencing contractor to ensure a well-constructed timber fence.

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2. Land condition

The area where you want your new timber fence to be installed can have an implication on pricing. Do you have soft or rocky soils? Is the ground flat or sloping? These considerations should not be overlooked to help avoid structural problems.

If you have an existing timber fence to remove, you might have less problems preparing the soil. But if you’re replacing a fence with a different type, the adjustments needed to successfully install a timber fence will add to your expenses.

3. Height of the fence

The height of the timber fence also determines the price involved. Installing taller fences will require the use of scaffolding and safety equipment, which will incur higher costs. Before the actual installation, request for an itemised quotation to see the inclusions.

4. Additional services

Many homeowners paint their timber fence after installation to improve the look and feel of the structure. Timber fence painting attracts increased costs as it requires extra labour and materials.

You also have to consider other materials such as fence posts, rails and footings as these supplies alter the fencing cost.


Timber Fencing Prices

On average, wood or timber fence materials cost around $700 to $2,000. Prices vary depending on what timber fencing type is installed.

Excluding labour, the indicative timber fence costs per metre are:

  • $75 – $120 per metre for a treated pine paling fence
  • $80 – $125 per metre for a hardwood paling fence
  • $34 to $40 per metre for a 1.5m hardwood timber paling fence
  • $40 to $50 per metre for a 1.8m hardwood timber paling fence
  • $280 – $350 per metre for treated pine timber slat fence
  • $320 for a pre-primed treated pine fence (92mm x 18mm)
  • $63 to $97 per metre for a 1.5m high butt-jointed timber paling fence/picket fence
  • $70 to $105 per metre for a 1.8m high butt-jointed timber paling fence/picket fence
  • $330 per metre for a 1.5m hardwood Merbau fence (42mm x 18mm)

Other costs for timber fencing supplies include:

  • $40 per metre for dressed hardwood timber posts (100mm x 100mm)
  • $38 to $46 per metre for dressed Oregon timber posts (100mm x 100mm)

Expect higher rates for timber fencing projects that make use of other materials such as sandstone and

Note: The majority of prices above is based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36. For accurate prices of timber materials, consult with local fencing contractors.

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How Much Maintenance is Required for Timber Fencing?

Maintenance is Required for Timber Fencing

Timber fences may be cheaper than other types (e.g. Colorbond) but they require high levels of maintenance. Since wooden materials are prone to issues such as decaying, sagging and deformation, they need proper care.

Here are a few things to check to keep your timber fence well-maintained:

  • Moulds on timber surfaces. Brush the surface with soap and warm water to help remove mildew from the fence.
  • Cracks or damages on timbers. Regularly monitor each section to see what to replace before they spread with other boards.
  • Paint applied on surfaces are peeling off. Consider sealing and painting your timber fence at least once a year. Most products have waterproofing properties to help protect the surface from early deterioration.

If there are timber boards that need to be replaced, removing the entire fence is usually not required. Buying a few pieces to replace damaged boards will help resolve your concerns.

Always ask for professional assistance whenever there are fencing issues to address.


Tips for Hiring a Timber Fencing Expert

It can be easy to hire a timber fencing contractor with little to no knowledge about the relevant qualifications to check. If you already have a list of prospective local tradies to hire, you may want to consider the following:

  • Are the fencing contractors licensed and insured? Request to see a copy of updated licence and insurance to avoid major disruptions or legality issues. (Note: Licencing requirements on timber fencing vary per State.)
  • Do their timeline match with your schedule? Mutual agreement is important before the actual work. Clarify the amount of time your contractor will need to complete the project to ensure that they meet your expectations.
  • Can they provide the best timber fencing option that fits your requirements? If so, consider the cost involved. Confirm installation prices to carefully plan your budget.

When hiring, look for tradies with varied expertise in timber fencing. This will help smooth out the process of preparation and installation as they are more experienced in performing the job.

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