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How Much Does Laminate Flooring Cost?

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Laminate Flooring Cost

When it comes to flooring, there are a lot of options to choose from. Laminate flooring cost vary depending on different factors. In Australia, the average cost is around $25 per square metre.

Some may cost you about $80 per square metre for the most basic synthetic carpet to about $200 per square metre for genuine timber flooring installation.

Price range of about $15 to $45 per square metre are for flooring installation where thickness is a factor for its cost. For example, 6mm thick floorboards are cheaper than 12 mm thick floorboards.

The key here is to know what the overall finished flooring installation you may want and the budget you are prepared to spend.

Laminate flooring installation costs slightly differ in different cities. Here is the average flooring installation cost across Australia for your reference:

City Average Laminate Flooring Installation Cost
Adelaide $ 20 to $80 per square metre
Brisbane $ 25 to $80 per square metre
Canberra $ 20 to $80 per square metre
Darwin $ 20 to $80 per square metre
Hobart $ 20 to $80 per square metre
Melbourne $ 20 to $80 per square metre
Perth $ 20 to $80 per square metre
Sydney $ 25 to $80 per square metre

Laminate Flooring Cost by Wood Type

Laminate Flooring Cost Wood Type

One of the things to be considered when having a flooring installation project is the type of wood. Solid hardwood flooring like oak, spotted gum, or Blackbutt, will have cost according to their grade or species.

Timber with no defects will cost more than those that have holes or scars. A low-grade timber can be bought around $50 per square metre while those that are high-quality cost around $150+ per square metre.

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Wood laminate flooring cost can go around $25 to $80 per square metre. But the different types, design, or difficulty in architecture can add to its cost.

Here are some of the types of wood and its cost estimate:

Type of wood Average cost
Blackbutt $60
Jarrah $70
Ironbark $90
Bamboo $100
Parquetry $150

*Please note that the estimate provided is for material only.

Blackbutt timber flooring cost is cheaper than others because it is commonly available throughout Australia.

Engineered hardwood flooring like cork or laminate is also cheaper and may cost around $65 to $120 per square metre.

However, hardwood flooring is more expensive because it is made with multiple layers of plywood that makes it more durable and resistant to water.

Laminate Flooring Costs Per Square Metre

Because there are different types of laminate flooring, costs will depend on the additional services or tasks provided by your installer.

Here are some cost estimates for your reference:

Flooring Task Room size Cost Estimate
Laminate flooring installation Single room (3m x 4m) $900
Laminate flooring installation (materials supplied by customer) One bedroom $1,000
Floorboard installation and underlay (materials supplied by customer) Small room $1,600
Remove and replace laminate flooring (materials included) Single room (3m x 4m) $2,700
Remove carpet and replace (materials included) Single room (3m x 4m) $2,500

Generally, when having a laminate flooring project, you have to know the different aspects and factors and consider your budget as well.

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Factors that affect the cost of laminate flooring

Many different factors affect the flooring installation costs. Let us see what these factors are so you can be prepared on how much you will spend for your flooring installation project.


The size of your laminate flooring project is a vital aspect in determining the final cost. Because most business installers charge per metre, larger areas will naturally cost more.

Other considerations might include door frame costs or uneven edges, and laminate flooring cost can also be estimated with extra charges on cutting, measuring, and fitting.


Laminate flooring cost is usually made with materials like resin to resemble real wood. Tiles on the other hand are made with denser materials that have glossier finish. They are usually the most durable but can be expensive.

Other materials like wood or stone can also be designed, cut and laminated. The most popular method is by gluing or clicking them together like puzzles.


Texture is how each of the material feels under your feet. Laminate flooring texture varies, from smooth to deep wood-trained finish. Those that have satin finish will feel smooth and nice to look at.

Alternatively, hand-scraped brushed, oiled wood or traditional wood planks are realistic and has a slightly rough feel. Hence, more care should be given during installation.

Design complexity

Another factor that adds to the lamination flooring cost, is the intricacy and difficulty of installation. There are designs that have complex designs which makes it more expensive.

Foyers, for example, will take an installer with creative abilities to create unique designs. Others will also consider how difficult it is to install on the room or area.

Other considerations

Naturally, there are other preparations needed before the actual project will start. If you all have the ready materials at hand, hiring a vinyl and lamination contractor may cost less.

But additional tasks will surely add more to your expense.

These may include removing old carpeting or flooring, replacing underlay, or replacing skirting boards. Additionally, the thickness of the floorboards and underlay, will also add to the costs.

Waterproofing, levelling the floor, or repairing the old floors should also be considered. Your location also plays an important part in the laminate flooring costs.


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