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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Gardener

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How Much Does Gardening Cost

The average cost of a gardener can be anywhere between $40 to $60 per hour. Pricing may increase depending on the range of gardening maintenance, complexities involved and additional work required.

Gardening improves the aesthetic value of a home. Growing new plants and maintaining existing lawns and shrubs provide health benefits to house members. Proper care and maintenance is necessary to keep it healthy and thriving.

If you have no other choice but to hire a gardener to handle the job, choose the one with appropriate credentials (i.e. Certificate of Horticulture) and experience. A fully trained gardener has his own equipment, which may add to the overall expenses.


Average Cost of Hiring a Gardener

Most professional gardeners charge by the hour. On average, a gardener’s hourly rate can range from $40 to $60. Labour costs may increase depending on where you live. Here’s what you can expect to pay for a gardener in your area.

State Average Cost per hour
New South Wales $55 to $60
Queensland $50 to $55
Australian Capital Territory $49 to $55
Western Australia $48 to $55
South Australia $43 to $50
Tasmania $40 to $45

The amount of time spent on services (e.g. cleaning, weeding and fertilising) will depend on how much maintenance is required for your garden.

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Note: Local suburbs may have slight differences in pricing. Clarify labour rates with a local gardening specialist to budget your finances. HIREtrades’ directory gives you access to tradies providing up to three free quotes on gardening works.

How Much Does Gardening Services Cost?

Gardening Services Price List

Here are some gardening services that you might need from a local gardener.

Clean-ups and garden maintenance

The average cost of garden clean-up can be anywhere between $50 to $120.

Paying for a garden clean-up service will depend on how often you attend to your gardening needs. It can be done weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just a one-off service based on your schedule and preference.

Rubbish Removal

A rubbish removal service may cost around $55 to $150.

Disposing of green waste such as dead leaves is done almost every season. Letting a season pass without removing your garden waste may attract increased costs. You may ask the gardener you are hiring to assist you when applying for a garden skip bin.

Weeding Gardening Service Cost

Weed control jobs cost about $90 to $100, while weed spraying is averagely priced at $30 to $35.

Weeding the garden helps to promote successful plant growth. Gardens often require a regular weeding service, especially during the growing season.

Pruning and trimming

A gardener may charge around $45 to $180 in pruning your trees and shrubs.

Regular pruning and trimming will remove obstructions and maintain the visual appeal of your garden.


A garden slashing service will cost you as low as $80. Rates may increase depending on the size and complexity of the job.

Only qualified professionals perform this type of gardening service. It works best for large properties with thick, overgrown grass that need to be mowed. Confirm if your prospective gardener is accredited to handle slashing jobs to avoid disputes.


The cost to fertilise your garden can cost about $30 to $35.

Fertilising is typically applied before and after the winter season to help plants thrive.

Note: Prices for fertilising and weed control products are not included above. Clarify supply and service costs with a professional gardener before commencing the job.


What Determines the Cost of Gardening Jobs

What Determines the Cost of Gardening Jobs

Hiring a professional gardening maintenance company may cost more than choosing to work with an independent gardener. Here are other factors that can impact on your gardening expenses.

1. Scope of gardening services

The range and number of gardening tasks to accomplish will determine how much you will be charged. Whether you are adding new flowering plants or controlling the presence of garden pests, it will affect the cost of the job.

For instance, garden clearance involves pruning overgrown shrubs, lawn mowing, weeding and cleaning. Expect to pay more for irregularly maintained plants that require longer hours to manage.

2. Accessibility

Easy-to-access front yards or backyards minimise the time needed to transport and set up gardening equipment such as lawnmowers. With fewer complications involved, the cost of labour may relatively be lower.

For new installations, special machinery used in preparation work (e.g. levelling the soil) and gardening simply add to the cost.

3. Land formation

Working on sloping areas can be complicated and may require the use of advanced equipment such as ride-on mowing services. Unlike a traditional lawnmower that works for flat backyards, using this type considerably incur larger costs.

A typical lawn mowing service can be as low as $60 and can reach up to $220 depending on the length of the grass and total area.

4. Gardener’s level of skills

The more skilled and experienced they are, the higher costs will be incurred. Consult with a prospective gardener before you hire to know what area of gardening maintenance they are more exposed to.

This will help you choose the best gardener to meet your gardening needs and requirements.

Note: The size of your garden significantly influences the service costs. All materials used such as expensive fertilisers also factor in the final pricing. Gardeners usually visit the property to assess the area and provide estimates based on your exact needs.

How to Get Quotes from Gardeners Near You?

Identify your requirements before asking for a written quotation. Clearly specifying the details of the gardening tasks to accomplish will help them draft cost breakdowns customised to your needs.

Narrow down your options when hiring a gardener. Compare prices to see how they differ in terms of service rates. Some companies provide a flat rate fee for a certain gardening maintenance service.

Check their background and read customer feedback to know their level of reliability and professionalism. Verify areas of expertise to hire the most suitable gardener for the job.

Consider a local gardener to minimise expenses on travel and other extra charges.

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