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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Handyman?

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Hiring a Handyman Cost

Hiring a local handyman costs around $45 to $60 per hour. Standard pricing may change depending on the amount of handyman work required, your location and other inclusions.

This includes dealing with job complications and accessibility issues.

Many home handymen charge hourly rates, while others provide fixed estimates for certain jobs. For instance, a handyman tasked to assemble flat-pack furniture may charge around $80 to $200, including the complexities involved.

When hiring a handyman, verify qualifications and work experiences. Whether it is a simple job that you want a professional handyman to work on, clearly clarify your requirements and choose a Tradie that provides reasonable pricing and quotations.


Cost of Handyman Per Hour

Typically, handyman hourly rates can range from $45 to $60 per hour. The table below shows you the average hourly cost of handyman across Australia.

State Average Cost per hour
New South Wales $55 to $60
Western Australia $53 to $55
Australian Capital Territory & Queensland $51 to $53
South Australia $48 to $51
Victoria $45 to $48

Some handymen charge fixed prices for the first hour of work. They provide discounts by lowering the standard labour rate in the succeeding hours which enables homeowners to maximise their expenses.

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Note: Extra charges may apply depending on the scope of work. HIREtrades can help you receive up to three free quotes from local handymen. Clarify project requirements before hiring and choose the one that offers the best value.


Factors that Influence the Cost of Hiring a Handyman

Factors that Influence the Cost of Hiring a Handyman

There are a number of factors to consider when paying for a handyman service.

1. Size and scope of work

The scope of work of your prospective handyman will affect how much you will be charged. Do they need to manage repairs, installation or maintenance works? How long will the process of completion take? Is there a need to use special equipment?

Small jobs such as replacing a loose doorknob are much easier and quicker to do than those that require specialised tools. Medium-to-large handyman services can take 2 hours up to nearly a day or more before the completion.

2. Complexity of the job

Job difficulties may require a handyman to work extended hours to complete the task. This will have an implication on your handyman cost per hour.

Complicated jobs such as repairing leaks in the ceiling and welding services entail higher rates. The risk of using a ladder may add to the labour cost.

Note: Identify all jobs that need to be accomplished so that your hired tradie could handle them in one visit. This helps to maximise your time, money and schedule.


3. Tradie’s level of experience

Quality is what separates an experienced handyman from a novice handyman. Expect to pay higher costs when a more experienced handyman takes on the job.

Minimal mistakes and disruptions are expected as they are more knowledgeable in and exposed to performing handyman jobs.

Note: For jobs such as door and window repairs, it is more practical to hire a handyman with specific qualifications on the job. This helps to avoid doubling the cost of hiring a more qualified tradie to rectify issues made by an inexperienced handyman.


Handyman Services Price List

Handyman Services Price List

Handymen wear many hats. You can expect them to perform small home repairs, general maintenance and simple installations. If in case you are looking for a tradie to change your bulb lights, a handyman can help you out.

Here are the common handyman services to take note:

  • Repairs. Are your doors slightly misaligning? How about those leaking issues in the ceiling? The usual jobs they deal with include lock repairs, shower base fixes, door and window repairs.
  • Maintenance. Basic paving, gardening and painting are some of the maintenance jobs a handyman can do. Keeping your home regularly maintained prevents you from spending on complex repairs.
  • Installation. Do you need someone to install window blinds or door screens? A handyman can also install ready-to-assemble carports, TV units and many others.

Along with their indicative prices, here are the following jobs a handyman usually works on:

  • Hanging paintings, picture frames and mirrors costs around $60 to $150
  • TV wall mounting costs about $80 to $200
  • Furniture assembly jobs and equipment set-ups cost about $80 to $200
  • Carpentry jobs cost around $115 to $210
  • Painting works cost about $120 to $225
  • Plastering jobs cost around $130 to $600
  • Door repairs cost around $200 to $300

Note: The above prices should only be used as a guide.


Tips On Hiring a Handyman

Tips On Hiring a Handyman

It’s not enough to request for quotations and then choose a tradie that suits your budget. Verifying their credentials will save you a lot of headaches and disputes. Here are a few tips on how to hire a handyman.

  • Prepare a summary of tasks to complete by your prospective handyman. Tackling a bundle of jobs in one-go saves you time and money.
  • Choose a local handyman to handle the job. It helps to reduce travel expenses and promote faster turnaround.
  • Hire a handyman with a good reputation and customer reviews. If they work independently, check what their clients are saying about the service. Visit company profile and ask around to acquire feedback.

When hiring, ensure that you clearly outline the job requirements to help them calculate the estimated costs and provide quotations based on your needs.

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