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How Much Does Wall Insulation Cost?

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Wall Insulation Cost

It would depend on the size of the project, climate in your area, and insulation material used, but consider the following estimates:

  • Out of all insulation methods (roof, ceiling, underfloor, wall), wall insulation costs prove to be the most expensive. The average cost to install wall insulation in a medium-sized house ranges from $3,200 to $4,800 for the wall insulation materials alone.


  • Professional contractors charge an hourly rate for wall insulation projects. The labour cost varies depending on the contractor’s qualifications:
    • Premium hourly rate: $80/hour for the most experienced and high-end contractors.
    • Average hourly rate: $60/hour for mid-level contractors


Wall Insulation: What It’s For and Why It’s Important

In this day and age, we are witnessing extreme signs of climate change – from overly hot summer days to freezing winter months. Our homes should not only provide shelter but also shield us from the extreme rising and falling of temperature in the environment – and this is where thermal insulation comes in.

Thermal insulation can be done on a building or home’s roof, ceiling, floors, and walls. Wall insulation, in particular, is an extra layer added to your external wall to help regulate the temperature in your home for a more comfortable living condition.

Without proper wall insulation, your wood and concrete walls are not capable of shielding your home or building interior from extreme heat or cold. Proper wall insulation also helps you save on energy costs – as heating and air conditioning are very dependent on external climate.

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Different Types of Wall Insulation

Wall insulation comes in many forms and each for a specific purpose. One of the most important things to consider when choosing which type of insulation to use is its “R” or resistance value.

The higher the R-value, the higher the cost – so it is a must for you or your contractor to install the most appropriate level of thermal resistance in a particular area in your home.

Here are the different types of wall insulation with their corresponding cost estimates:

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Fibreglass is the cheapest wall insulation type, made from fine glass fibres. It is a popular choice for batt insulation because of its affordable price and availability. Below are estimated costs for fibreglass insulation batts for an R-13 and R-30 fibreglass batt insulation:

R-Value Price per sqm
R-13 $3
R-30 $9

Rock Wool Insulation

Rock wool is made with heated rock instead of glass and contains about 75% recycled materials which make it a more eco-friendly option compared to fibreglass. Rock wool is also denser than fibreglass, which allows more fire resistance and has a higher R-value.

Hence, Rock Wool is more expensive – averaging at $30 per sqm.

Loose-Fill Insulation

Loose-fill insulation, sometimes called blown-in wall insulation, is used for wall cavities – they consist of smaller particles of foam, fibre or other materials. As the name implies, they are loose instead of packed and can conform into smaller spaces without disturbing any structure or finishes.

The thickness of loose-fill insulation can be adjusted and therefore the R-value increases or decreases depending on the thickness of the application. The average cost of blown-in wall insulation is about $20 per sqm.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is the most expensive type of wall insulation available – used commercially for decades but only recently used for residential projects. It is used to completely seal the walls, not allowing cold or hot air to penetrate. It also provides acoustic insulation in addition to its basic thermal insulation features.

Below are average spray foam wall insulation prices:

Type Price per sqm
Open Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam (3.5 inches thick) $35
Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam (1 inch thick) $28

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What Factors Affect The Cost of Wall Insulation?

Below are the different factors that can affect the total price of insulation in your home:

  • Material – as identified previously, different types of insulation material perform different features and have different levels of thermal resistance. Fibreglass insulation is the cheapest wall insulation, however may not be as effective as other types.
  • Size of the job – the bigger the job, the more insulation material you require and the longer period it requires to finish the job – which also affects the cost of labour.
  • Job complexity – some insulation jobs require a combination of insulation materials and a higher level of expertise. The more complicated the job is, the higher it would cost.


How To Hire a Wall Insulation Contractor

A wall insulation project is no easy task and it is best for you to hire a professional especially when you do not have experience in this type of work. That’s where HIREtrades can help you.

HIREtradeshas is a network of local tradies, located all over Australia. All you have to do is register and post the details of your insulation project so that tradesmen who are interested to work with you can submit their quotes. You no longer have to be frustrated by unreturned calls and uninterested contractors – we will connect you with tradies keen to take on your job. HIREtrades you help you get up to 3 free quotes for your job posting(s).

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