How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?


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The cost of new kitchen construction may range from $10,000 (budget) to $80,000+ (luxury) depending on the size of the room, materials used and labour rates.

Prices vary according to your needs and desired specifications.

Without careful planning and budgeting, you may lose track of your expenses. Overspending may leave you in debt. Before commencing the kitchen construction, it is imperative to define your requirements. This will also help kitchen builders to actualise your idea.

Always ask for itemised quotations to know what you are paying for. Choose licensed builders so as not to risk safety and prosecution. Verify credentials and insurance to help safeguard your finances and your property.

Labour Cost of Building a New Kitchen

For a complete kitchen construction, you will need plumbers, electricians, carpenters and painters to work collaboratively on the project.

Below is the average contract rate your local tradies charge per hour. Refer to this guide when budgeting for a new kitchen in terms of labour. Prices include overheads and profit.

Plumber$97 – $125$95 – $101$79 – $87$88 – $92$78 – $87
Electrician$95 – $125$89 – $95$79 – $87$93 – $97$81 – $89

Carpenter /


$76 – $107$82 – $88$79 – $87$85 to $89$68 – $75
Painter / Glazier$74 – $107$82 – $87$79 – $87$84 – $88$68 – $75

*Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

Initial visits are done to make exact measurements and estimate the kitchen costs. This may incur additional charges, so make sure to confirm payment terms with your prospective contractor.

Note: Clarify how builders charge for their service as some would hire subcontractors to handle the whole process. HIREtrades Australia’s directory of local kitchen design and installation contractors provides up to three free quotes.

Things that Determine the Cost of a New Kitchen

Check what factors can impact on the new kitchen cost.

1. Size of the kitchen

Building a small kitchen does not necessarily mean you are paying less for labour and materials. You may have a 6m2 kitchen but the quality of construction and other elements may increase in costs depending on your preferred outcome.

Here’s an indicative cost of new kitchens:

  • $10,000 to $25,000 for small/budget kitchens
  • $25,000 to $45,000 for mid-range kitchens
  • $45,000 to $80,000+ for large/luxury kitchens

2. Materials used

Materials largely affect the cost of kitchen construction. The quality of products bought and installed also influences the cost of new kitchens. Expect higher rates for bespoke designs (e.g. cabinetry, kitchen island).

When building on-a-budget kitchens, flatpack cabinets and cupboards are often preferred. Buying them is cheaper than standard or custom storage solutions. However, if you’re investing in flatpacks, choose high-quality types to help save money on replacement.

3. Appliances

Consider the price of electric appliances found in kitchen spaces. These include ovens, stovetops (e.g. gas, electric, induction), sinks, dishwashers and a fridge. Product prices may differ in terms of size and quality.

The number of appliances should be taken into account. Decide what your needs and wants are before buying. Look for authorised retailers and brands to see varying cost options. Ask a local kitchen contractor for reliable suppliers and installers.

Cost of New Kitchen Elements

There are major elements to consider when building a new kitchen. Here are a few things that have implications for the cost.


Kitchen cabinets are the most visible components that have to be sturdily built, assembled and installed. The cost of cabinets varies based on the quality of drawers, handles, hinges and other accessories.


Kitchen benchtops have varying types and prices. You can choose among the different types such as laminate, bamboo, quartz, timber, stainless steel, granite and marble. Kitchen benchtop installation costs anywhere between $100 to $3,000 per m2.


Adding a splashback is optional. Splashback installation costs about $400 to $700 per m2 depending on the size, style and glass type. This beautiful addition can actually help transform a basic kitchen into a sophisticated and functional area.


Light fixtures may cost you around $15 to $300. Prices vary based on the quantity, quality and type of lighting used. General and task lighting are commonly used in kitchens. Labour costs will depend on the duration of the installation.


Kitchen floors can either be concrete, wooden or tiled. If you prefer the look and functionality of tiled surfaces, the average cost of tile flooring varies from $130 to $205 per m2. This accounts for labour and materials.


The cost of kitchen appliances will depend on product specifications. For standard electric appliances, prepare a budget of $5,000. High-end appliances cost more. The amount to pay for a professional installer also factors in the cost.

Tips on Making Your Kitchen Last Long

A well-built kitchen helps in increasing one’s property value. Keeping it in good condition is another practice to look into. To maintain a long-lasting kitchen, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Invest in quality sinks, cabinets and worktops. Think long-term. These kitchen fixtures will be used for several years, so it makes financial sense to buy products with good performance reviews.
  • Hire authorised kitchen installers. Carefully verify credentials and qualifications to ensure they can be trusted with the project.
  • Have a regular cleaning schedule. Clean on a daily basis to ensure no amount of dirt and stain will remain on surfaces.

Generally, kitchens last for 16 years. With proper care and maintenance, you can help extend their lifespan and benefit from it in the long run.

HIREtrades has a wide list of contractors that you can hire for your kitchen construction project.

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