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How Much Do Glass Splashback Installation Cost 

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splashback installation cost

Most splashback installation are custom pieces and cost around $450 to $900. Additional fees may apply if electrical issues are also concerned.

You may also opt for tiling, which is a significantly cheaper option and offers more variety in terms of design.

As for labour, glass splashbacks are deemed more expensive since installation may require multiple visits by the contractor.  If you have prior experience, you may opt for a DIY installation.

However, professional installers are ideal if you want to avoid the risk of ruining your glass splashback installation with clumsy work.

Glass splashbacks are valuable to any kitchen or sink, providing increased protection and durability while affording the space a unique look.

Splashbacks are wall-mounted panels that protect the walls behind a cooker or sink from – you guessed it – splashes.

You can expect to fork out around $130 per square metre on a pre-cut splashback and $450 upwards for more customised installations.

What exactly decides the cost of a glass splashback installation?

This article will uncover the factors that affect glass splashback cost, the cost of different installers and how you can find a professional glass splashback installer quickly and conveniently. Read on!

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Glass Splashback Installer Cost

Finding the right installer can be challenging, given the number of installers and their rates. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that certain factors affect these installers’ rates.

Different rates apply to different cities. This is due to the different costs of living and the experience level of the contractors. Here is a list of the various rates applicable in different cities:

City Average Cost
Sydney $45 to $60
Melbourne $40 to $50
Brisbane $40 to $50
Canberra $45 to $60
Perth $35 to $45
Adelaide $30 to $40


Cost of Glass Splashback Per Square Metre

There are multiple types of glass splashbacks you can choose from, differing in aesthetics, durability and cost. See the table below for more cost information:

Type of Glass Average Cost (per sq. m)
Toughened Glass $400 to $600
Mirrored Glass $450
Printed Glass $500 to $900
Back-painted Glass $250 to $420
Starphire Glass $420

Toughened glass

Toughened glass is specifically designed to withstand intense heat from cooking. This type of glass material is as strong as steel and doesn’t scratch or chip easily.

Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass splashbacks help widen the space as it bounces light off its surface. This type of splashback contains a smokey tint that looks excellent behind a stovetop. Although a desirable option, mirrors are thinner than other glass forms and therefore more vulnerable to damage.

Printed glass

Printed glass features various designs etched onto the surface of the glass and is ideal for kitchens with a theme. Instead of a single-colour glass, printed glass can come with various patterns and colours, including brush strokes and water splashes.

Back-painted glass

Like printed glass, back-painted glass is an excellent choice for kitchens with a theme. It is also more affordable than printed glass and still offers a high level of customisation.

Starphire glass

Starphire glass contains fewer iron particles than regular glass. Although it boasts outstanding clarity, the cost of a Starphire glass backsplash might be significantly greater than that of conventional glass.

Besides the looks and feel, Starphire is an investment as it will not fade or turn yellow over time. It is a lot tougher than most types of glass as well.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Glass Splashback Installation

Multiple factors affect the cost of glass splashback installation:

1. Material

As mentioned in the table above, the material you choose for your splashback installation significantly affects the overall project cost.

Printed glass is among the more expensive options since it offers a fully customised digital print on your kitchen’s backsplash, while sapphire glass is one of the cheaper options since it consists mainly of a simple plate of glass and thus is more straightforward to install.

2. Size

Generally, the larger the work area, the pricier the installation, although some contractors offer discounts on large-scale splashback installations.

Installers often charge by the metre. The material and design mainly determine the cost of a glass backsplash per metre.

For example, the cost of a pre-cut glass splashback for a specific area begins at around $130 per square metre.

On the other hand, a bespoke design can cost between $400 and $600, depending on the cuts required for electrical components.

3. Complexity

Complexity is a significant factor to consider in your glass splashback installation budget. Complex designs require certain skill levels and take more labour hours to complete.

The complexity can also refer to the amount of prep work required. The installer will charge more if your kitchen requires multiple cuts for appliances and power outlets. On average, glass splashback installers charge around $40 to $60 per cut-out.

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Some people may feel like going the DIY route for glass splashback installations. However, the work of a professional is usually what’s needed to get the project finished in one go, with multiple benefits added into the mix.

Professional installers offer quality finishes, minimal downtime and most importantly, accountability. Lastly, installers can help you decide the type and design of glass splashback that fits your kitchen best.

We can help you connect with glass splashback installers through our Australia-wide network of tradie professionals hosted on our web and app-based platform, HIREtrades. Post a job now, and we’ll help you get up to three free quotes!

Who can install a glass splashback?

If you're handy with tools, you can install pre-cut glass splashbacks yourself. However, hiring a professional installer is the safer option to ensure quality in the finished output.

Is glass splashback cheaper than tiles?

Glass typically costs more than tiles, regardless of how many tiles you use in your kitchen. Most glass splashback installations utilise toughened glass. While this offers it excellent heat resistance, it does come at a higher cost.

Can I paint over a glass splashback?

Yes, glass splashbacks can be painted over, but only with proprietary glass paints like permanent acrylic paint. This ensures that it will successfully bond to the glass and create a long-lasting finish.

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