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How Much Does Caesarstone Benchtops Cost?

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Caesarstone Benchtop Cost

Caesarstone benchtops are engineered stone materials and are often a combination of resins, quartz, fibres, organic pigments and other additives. They look like natural stone but with a more uniform appearance.

Caesarstone benchtops are excellent alternatives to granite because they are cheaper but more durable than granite or marble. They are not prone to cracks, and they can resist stains and scratches.

Caesarstone benchtop costs depend on the range that you will choose. Here are the current estimates of Caesarstone benchtops prices:

Different Types of Caesarstone Benchtop

Cost Estimates per M2 Cost Estimates per Slab
Caesarstone Standard Range $400-$550 $1,750 – $2,750
Caesarstone Deluxe Range $520 – $800 $2,150 – $3,350
Caesarstone Supernatural Range $650 – $1,200 $2,750 – $5,200
Caesarstone Supernatural Ult Range $1,200 plus $5,000 Plus

Caesarstone Benchtop Colours & Prices

Caesarstone is a versatile choice for kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, bathroom vanities and other fixtures with stone surfaces because of its wide range of colour choices.

The varied selection of colour choices means that you can easily find a colour that will go well with your envisioned colour scheme. If you want to retain the look of your natural quartz countertops but want to go with a Caesarstone kitchen benchtop, you can choose a Caesarstone colour that looks similar to natural quartz.

According to Caesarstone Australia, here are some of the most popular colours and their respective prices.

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Caesarstone Standard Range Prices

Colour Price per Square Metre Price Per Slab
Atlantic Salt 6270 $524 $2,199
Buttermilk 4220 $524 $2,199
Ginger 4330 $524 $2,199
Ice Snow 9141 $416 $1,749
Jet Black 3100 $524 $2,199
Linen 2230 $428 $1,799
Nordic Loft 6041 $428 $1,799
Nougat 6600 $488 $2,049
Osprey 3141 $416 $1,749
Oyster 4030 $452 $1,899
Raven 4120 $524 $2,199
Snow2141 $452 $1,899
Urban 2040 $428 $1,799
White Shimmer 3142 $452 $1,899
Wild Rice 4360 $643 $2,699

Caesarstone Deluxe Range Prices

Colour Price per Square Metre Price Per Slab
Clamshell 4130 $524 $2,199
Cosmopolitan White5130 $762 $3,199
Fresh Concrete 4001 $524 $2,199
Georgian Bluffs 6134 $785 $3,299
Organic White 4600 $535 $2,249
Pure White 1141 $607 $2,549
Raw Concrete 4004 $524 $2,199
Shitake 4230 $524 $2,199
Sleek Concrete 4003 $524 $2,199
Symphony Grey 5133 $785 $3,299

Caesarstone Supernatural Range Prices

Colour Price per Square Metre Price Per Slab
Airy Concrete 4040 $714 $2,999
Alpine Mist 5110 $714 $2,999
Bianco Drift 6131 $762 $3,199
Cloudburst Concrete 4011 $762 $3,199
Excava 4046 $762 $3,199
Frosty Carrina 5141 $702 $2,949
London Grey 5000 $714 $2,999
Noble Grey 5211 $1,190 $4,999
Piatra Grey 5003 $666 $2,799
Primordia 4043 $666 $2,799
Rugged Concrete 4033 $762 $3,199
Topus Concrete 4023 $762 $3,199
Vanilla Noir 5100 $762 $3,199

Caesarstone Supernatural Ultra Range Prices

Colour Price per Square Metre Price Per Slab
Calacatta Nuvo 5131 $1,190 $4,999
Empira White 5151 $1,190 $4,999
Statuario Maximus 5031 $1,190 $4,999

Cost to Install Caesarstone Benchtop

On average, a Caesarstone benchtop costs $400 to $600 per square metre. This is the cost of the engineered stone plus the labour costs of installation.

A Caesarstone comes in slabs, so you cannot purchase them to a specific size; your installer will be the one responsible for cutting the slab to fit on your benchtop. A Caesarstone slab size measures 3000mm x 1400mm.

The Caesarstone costs quoted above are estimates and may vary depending on the Caesarstone price of your supplier and the labour costs that your installer will charge.

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Factors that affect the cost of Caesarstone Benchtop Installation

The cost of installing a 20mm stone benchtop using Caesarstone is about the same as that of a marble benchtop but a bit more expensive than laminate benchtops.

Aside from labour costs and stone benchtop prices, other factors can affect a Caesarstone benchtop installation cost.

Size of the Benchtop

The size of the benchtop is the most significant factor that will affect a stone benchtop’s price. This goes hand in hand with labour costs and the cost of materials because a large benchtop will require more materials and will take longer to install.


Another factor that will affect the cost of a Caesarstone benchtop is your location.

The current labour rates differ from one location to another and affect how much you need to pay for the installation.

Your location can also affect the cost of materials. The farther a place is from the source of the material, the more expensive it becomes because of factors such as transportation costs which is why a granite benchtop’s price in one city may not be the same in another.


The cost to install a Caesarstone benchtop also depends on the complexity of your benchtop because a complex benchtop requires more skill and will need more time to complete.

Although most kitchen benchtops come in rectangular shapes, you can have your benchtop in another shape. A benchtop with a customised shape will be more challenging to execute and more expensive to install.

The installation cost will also get affected by the number of cutouts you need for your benchtop. The cost of your Caesarstone polish benchtop will be more expensive if you want more cutouts for sinks and stoves. It will cost more if the cutouts are irregularly shaped.

Benchtop Replacement

Installing a benchtop replacement is more expensive than installing a new benchtop.

If you have an existing benchtop that you want to replace with a Caesarstone benchtop, your installer will need to remove the old benchtop before installing the new one.

Hiring Caesarstone Benchtop Installer

If you want to be sure that you are hiring the best Caesarstone benchtop installer near you, you can post a job in HIREtrades. This is an excellent way to receive free quotes from local installers.

Try to interview your benchtop installer so you can find out about their qualifications. Depending on your location, a kitchen builder, a stonemason, or a builder can install your benchtop for you. Check if they have the required licence to operate.

You can also ask your installer how much a stone benchtop costs, including materials. This is an excellent way of shopping around for more favourable rates and the cost of materials.

It is also reasonable to ask for pictures of previous benchtop projects so you can see the quality of work that the installer delivers.

If you are ready to install your Caesarstone benchtop, you can start by posting your job at HIREtrades. Instead of going around and looking for an expert installer, let installers seek you out with the help of HIREtrades.

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