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How Much Does it Cost to Install Kitchen Benchtops?

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Kitchen Benchtop Installation Cost

The cost of kitchen benchtops installation ranges from $100 to $3,000 per m2 depending on what type you are looking to install and the amount of labour required for each work.

Whether you are adding a kitchen to your newly renovated home or replacing an existing benchtop, it pays to understand the price differences of each type (e.g. laminate, marble) to make the most of your investment.

Kitchen benchtops are the backbone of the kitchen, so it makes sense to invest in high-quality products and installation processes. Hiring a local kitchen benchtop installer helps you in buying and installing the best type.


Kitchen Benchtop Installer’s Hourly Rate

The cost to assemble and install kitchen benchtops may vary based on the installation method used for each type.

Many benchtop installers charge an hourly rate of $50 to $80 depending on the size of your kitchen. In some cases, the actual benchtop supplier performs the installation works on site.

If you are installing a laminate benchtop, expect to pay around $50 to $250 per for labour.

However, if you wish to install a high-end worktop surface, the labour price for timber benchtops can range from $200 to $650 per m2. (Note: Prices include fabrication works.)


Factors that Affect Kitchen Benchtop Prices

Kitchen Benchtop Prices

When buying a kitchen benchtop, materials are the biggest determining cost. Here are some of the common aspects to consider.

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1. Difficulty of the job

Kitchen benchtops come in a variety of shapes but the most common is rectangular. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen with customised benchtop the shape of your worktop, it might have an impact on your costs. Custom-shaped benchtops are more difficult to install than standard ones.

Another factor to consider is the accessibility issue. Difficult access and height (e.g. apartments, a second storey, etc) will impact Trades pricing.

2. Materials

Your preferred type of benchtop materials influences the cost. If, for instance, you are buying a timber benchtop, the cost of materials varies from $350 to $950 per m2.

Seek competitive prices for all of your requirements. HIREtrades can help you get up to three free quotes from local contractors.

3. Benchtop replacement

If you want to replace your existing worktop, kitchen benchtop replacement costs are higher than new installation services. Factors such as removing the old benchtop and measuring the kitchen area add to the cost.

4. Custom cutouts

Personalised features on your benchtop also affect the overall cost. If you’re installing an under-mount kitchen sink cut-out, add an average of $250 for materials and labour. Likewise, a drainer groove incurs extra costs of about $350 if you prefer adding this feature.


The Cost of Kitchen Benchtop Installation

Kitchen Benchtop installation

Typically, benchtops with a depth of 600mm and a height of 900mm fit the average size of kitchens which is 4.2m x 3.4. The nominal depth varies depending on the materials and design requirements of the project.

Expect to pay around $100 to $3,000 per m2 for supply and installation.

  • $100 to $600 per m2 for low-end and high-end laminate benchtops
  • $500 to $1,600 per m2 for bamboo surfaces
  • $520 to $1,500 per m2 for quartz benchtop installation
  • $550 to $1,600 per m2 for low-end timber and hardwood timber installation
  • $760 to $1,700 per m2 for granite installation
  • $800 to $3,000 per m2 for low-end and high-end marble benchtop installation

If you are looking to personalise the kitchen feature, expect higher fees for cut-to-measure benchtops. Shop around to compare prices provided from different benchtop installation companies.

Important: The above prices are just estimates and may vary based on your State. You may also want to check if your contractor follows the Building Code of Australia and other kitchen bench regulations to ensure safe installation.


How much maintenance is required for kitchen benchtops?

Non-porous and heat resistant surfaces such as granite and marble may be more costly than timber and stainless steel, but durability outweighs the cost.

For instance, stone benchtops have to be sealed regularly to help protect the surface against stains. Before deciding on what material to buy, consider not only the functionality but also the amount of maintenance required.

HIREtrades can assist you to obtain competitive pricing from local tradies. Seek to get an all-up fixed quotation so there are no pricing surprises for you, or dispute items.

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