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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Locksmith?

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Locksmith installation cost

Locksmiths play an essential role in society. They help ensure safety and security in our lives. They can help us during emergencies. This is why it is important to know how much a locksmith cost per hour.

The average locksmith cost differs depending on the services that they need to render. If they need to open a car or a house, the professional locksmiths charge between $60 to $120.

If you need to have your locks rekeyed, the cost to hire a locksmith ranges between $75 to $130. On the other hand, $75 to $200 is the average cost of a locksmith to change locks.

This locksmith price list is just a rough estimate. The prices indicated in this locksmith price guide can change depending on where you’re residing. A locksmith in Brisbane may charge between $55 to $200 for lock repairs while for a locksmith in Perth the average price to change locks is between $20 to $320 depending on the complexity of the job.

Locksmith prices in Melbourne range between $130 to $165 during regular business hours. Automotive locksmith prices in Victoria range between $400 to $1000 depending on the model of the vehicle.

The average locksmith rates indicated above does not include consumables. This means that the average cost to change locks on houses does not include the cost of replacement locks.

You can purchase your lock systems or purchase them from the locksmith that you hired. When you hire a locksmith near you, the locksmith typically brings supplies that you might need with no obligation on your part to purchase them.

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Different types of Locksmith Services

Locksmith services are not limited to just changing locks and making duplicate keys. Locksmiths offer other professional services. It is vital for us to learn about the different services that locksmiths can offer, in case we need their assistance.

Lock Installations

A lock is the most basic home security system that we can get. It helps keep us secure from unwanted individuals who might want to gain entry from our houses or buildings.

There are a wide variety of locks that we can choose from. The most common home security system that we see is the lock and key. Keypads and keycard locks are more modern security options.

If you have an existing security system, you can hire a locksmith to replace locks for security reasons. If you bought an old house, you could change the locks to ensure that you’re the only ones who possess a key to your home.

For existing locks, the locksmith can either change the entire lock or rekey the old lock, depending on which option you prefer.

The cost of lock installation varies on several factors. Research shows that you can get more affordable rates during typical working hours. As might be expected, emergency lock installations are costlier due to the urgency of the task.

On average, the price is around $200 to install locks and fit an external door. On the other hand, changing locks may cost you around $30 to $300.

Lock Repairs

Locksmith services also include repairing old locks. Although locks last a long time, there are instances when they might need repairs.

Some of the most common issues with locks include latching difficulty and frozen locks. Broken keys may also get stuck inside a lock. Your locksmith can determine if it is possible to repair your lock or if it needs replacing. Across Australia, repairing locks may cost around $66 only for labour.

Cut Keys

Professional locksmiths can cut new keys for you in case you lose or break your existing one. This is only possible if you have a copy with you. As a precaution, always keep a spare copy for emergencies.

Cutting keys may cost around $4 to $20. The exact price highly depends on the kind of key in your property.

Lock Outs

If you accidentally got locked out of your home, an emergency locksmith can help you out. The locksmith can help you gain access to your home so you can find your keys. A locksmith can also help cut you new keys if you cannot locate your keys.

The cost of a locksmith to unlock a house door will depend on the complexity of a lock and the time of unlocking it. Most locksmiths set after-hours rates, which may cost you around $165 to $220 to have your lock picked.

Automotive Locks

A locksmith could help you if you got locked out of your vehicle. You can also call a locksmith if you need to replace the locks on your car.

The cost to hire a locksmith to unlock a car or replace locks will depend on the make and model of your car. On average, automotive locksmithing may cost around $80-$180.

Home Security

The primary reason for using locks is to protect our homes, buildings, or vehicles. One’s security needs are unique and depend on the valuables that need protecting.

Some locksmith service providers can provide comprehensive home security services. They can help access your home’s security and recommend upgrades or improvements based on your needs.

The cost of home security systems depends on the type of system you want to install. Here is a breakdown of the costs of some of the most well-known security systems for your residential property:

  • Camera systems – $159–$999
  • Screen doors – $350–$450
  • Small house wireless security system kit – $429

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Other Factor that Affects the Cost of Locksmith Services

Aside from those mentioned above, other factors can affect how much a locksmith charge.


Just like with other contractors, it is more affordable to hire a locksmith located in your area. Some locksmiths charge extra if they need to travel outside of their usual work zone.

The extra fee is for the cost of travelling to another location. Travel fees may change depending on the distance that the locksmith needs to travel as well as prevailing gas prices.

Time Constraints

The cost to hire a locksmith will increase during emergencies. Most locksmiths have schedules pre-arranged in advance. They will charge extra if they need to work on a job immediately.

On top of the average price for a locksmith, they will also charge extra if you require them to work beyond their regular working hours. Some locksmiths work only on weekdays but will accept weekend work for an additional fee.

If you need a job completed on a weekend or a holiday, expect a higher locksmith cost to unlock a house door compared to the same job during regular weekday hours.

Additional Tools

The cost for a locksmith will increase if the locksmith needs additional tools for a job. Some jobs require the use of electric drills like installing or moving safe.

Be sure to enquire with your locksmith if the cost that quoted includes all equipment or if you need to pay extra. This way, you won’t get surprised by additional fees.

Additional Credentials

Expect higher locksmith prices if you need services for a commercial building. By nature, the security systems of commercial buildings are more complicated compared to those of residential buildings.

If you want to receive the best deals in locksmith services, try speaking to two or three professional locksmiths. They can provide you with quotes so you’ll get an idea on how much you will need to pay.

However, cheap locksmith doesn’t always mean better. The cost for a locksmith may be more expensive with some, but the extra fee may be worth it if you consider the quality of their work.

Although it is always great to get a bargain, there is no way to put a price tag on your family’s safety.

Where to Hire a Locksmith?

There are several professional locksmiths across Australia, which make it challenging to find the best one to work with. You must ensure that you’re getting value for your bucks.

You ought to fully recognize all the packages offered and choose the top sanding service providers that suit your budget, your preferences, and your requirements.

HIREtrades may be the best place to look for if you need to hire a professional locksmith. We can help you connect with professional locksmiths in your local area.

By posting a job in HIREtrades, you may find a roster of trustworthy locksmiths composed of the best in the industry.

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