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How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Concrete Driveway?

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concrete driveway painting cost

The total cost for painting a concrete driveway can be calculated based on the size of the driveway, the condition of the concrete surface, and the kind of paint to be used. An average-sized driveway should cost $1,000 or more for a basic painting job, with total costs going up depending on additional tasks such as prepping or extra finishing touches.

Concrete Driveway Painting Cost Breakdown

It may seem like a simple task, but professional driveway painting cost involves several factors that make up its total price. Since driveways are most exposed to wear and tear from outdoor weather conditions, a simple painting job may not be enough to keep the driveway in good working condition.

Average costs for labour fall at around $65 per square metre, this includes prepping tasks before the actual painting job, such as sweeping, fixing minor cracks, or deep cleaning the concrete surface. The total cost of necessary painting supplies such as a primer, concrete paint and sealer should be around $250 to $400.

Additional costs apply for a more complex paint job such as stencilling.

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Concrete Driveway Painting Labour Cost Per City

Labour costs may also vary depending on where you are in Australia. Refer to the table below for average labour costs per city:

City Average Driveway Painting Cost per sqm
Sydney $30 – $60
Melbourne $80 – $135
Brisbane $100 – $190
Perth $30 – $60
Adelaide $30 – $60

Cost for Concrete Driveway Paint

Once a professional driveway painter has surveyed your area, they should be able to recommend the best paint for your concrete driveway. There are various kinds of paint to choose from, each with its pros and cons.

  • Epoxy Resin Coating Paint – This type of paint is popular for its clear glossy finish and its odourless quality. The average price to pay for epoxy resin is $17 per litre in Australia.
  • Textured Concrete Paint – Most known for its anti-slip properties and neutral colours. One litre of textured concrete paint is about $14.
  • Waterproofing Concrete Paint – This is a highly-concentrated kind of paint that protects the concrete surface from water damage. One litre of this starts at about $20.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Concrete Driveway Painting

As mentioned previously, several factors may impact the total driveway painting cost. In this section, we’ll be going more in-depth on what these cost-affecting factors are.

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  • Driveway size – This is the most basic consideration when calculating the total painting cost. Naturally, a bigger driveway will require more labour hours and more supplies to accomplish, and therefore will add up to a higher cost.
  • Property location – Hiring a professional means also covering their logistics from their location to your property. Hiring someone near your area is much more cost-effective in terms of logistical expenses.
  • Materials – The kind of paint and any other additional materials used, such as a penetrating sealer will also add up to the total driveway painting cost. Types of paint differ in price so whether you will be using water-based paint or heavy-duty solvent-based paint is a major consideration when it comes to the cost.

How To Hire A Driveway Painter Near You?

Hiring a driveway painter within your immediate vicinity is your best bet if you’re looking to save on cost. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it is also more convenient – especially if your driveway painting project requires several materials that need to be brought to your property. For this reason, you must try looking for your guy at HIREtrades.

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