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How Much Does it Cost to Build Patios?

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Building a Patio

Building a patio costs around $200 per square metre and can go as high as $900+ per square metre depending on factors such as the size of the job, the type of paving material used and optional extras.

Patios are a great addition to homes and commercial properties. Regardless of whether you need an extended outdoor space for entertainment or relaxing purposes, hiring a patio builder can help meet your individual requirements.

Adding a patio to a new or existing property can be costly or inexpensive depending on your preferred style and features. Ensure to compare prices from several contractors to make the most of your patio construction project.

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How Much Patio Builders Charge

Patio builders can either charge by the hour or on a square-metre basis. In Australia, a builder’s hourly rate can range from $70 to $120. The amount to pay for labour will depend on your location and the scope of work.

For instance, building a patio with a cover or roof may cause you to pay more for additional roofing sheets or panels. Clearly clarify labour pricing arrangements with a contractor to help you organise your finances.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Patios

Here are some aspects that determine the cost of adding a patio to your home or business.

Size of the patio

The size of your patio impacts how much the project will cost. The larger the patio, the more materials and completion time will be required.

Type of paving material

Paving covers the majority of patio construction costs. A durable floor increases the versatility of the patio, allowing you to put a variety of outdoor furniture you want.

The type of paving material you use influences the overall cost. Paving options such as timber, tiling, concrete and stone vary in terms of size, appearance, maintenance and quality.

For instance, a 200x200x50mm masonry paver may cost around $20 to $25 per square metre.


Building a roof for your patio will incur extra costs. The amount to pay will depend on your choice of patio covers such as Colorbond roofs, polycarbonate roofs and flat roofs. For instance, Colorbond roofs may cost higher than other types due to the adaptability of the product.

Further, adding a deck will attract increased costs. Timber decking typically varies between $200 to $350 per square metre depending on the scope of work and materials used.

Ask for recommendations when adding extra features to your patio to make it more appealing and functional.

Custom or prefabricated

The biggest factor to consider when adding a patio to your property is the building material. In this case, building a customised patio may cost higher than a pre-fabricated patio.

Additional services

Removing an existing patio will demand extra time and require the use of tools, thus adding to the cost. Whether it’s a concrete slab or a paving tile that needs replacing, expect to pay more. Any additional jobs must be carefully determined to help you manage your budget.

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Building a patio improves not only your outdoor living but the overall value of your property. Ensure that you hire only an experienced builder before work commences.

Find a licensed patio builder. Verify if the tradie holds an appropriate licence to avoid dispute. Licensing requirements for patio builders vary depending on your State. In NSW, a patio builder should carry either a structural landscaping licence or erection of prefabricated metal-framed home additions and structures to qualify for the job.

Read online reviews. Always check the online presence of the patio builder along with the previous accomplishments. Where possible, ask for customer references and get feedback. In this way, you will know how reliable and professional the tradie is.

Compare quotes from several contractors. Narrow down your options into three and request written quotations. Comparing them side by side will help you decide which price is the most competitive.

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