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    How Much Does Paving Cost?

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    Paving Cost

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    The paving cost per square metre varies from $45 to $120 including labour and materials.

    Prices may increase depending on the amount of preparation work required, the complexity of the job, and other special requirements.

    Paving is a valuable investment that can last for years if properly installed and well kept. Hiring a qualified paving contractor to work on the project ensures long-lasting, professional installation.

    Whether you are looking to pave your driveway or have your patio completely paved with concrete or stones, it is important to determine the prices involved to avoid dispute.

    You should check references, previous jobs and online reviews to satisfy yourself that your prospective tradie meets your expectations.


    What Do Paving Contractors Charge

    Most paving companies charge on a square metre basis. Expect to pay anywhere between $25 to $70 per square metre for labour.

    StateAverage Cost per m2
    Victoria$60 to $70
    New South Wales$50 to $60
    Queensland$45 to $50
    South Australia$35 to $40
    Western Australia$25 to $30

    Ask your prospective paving specialist for a quotation clearly outlining their services and scope of work so you can compare quotes.

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    Note: HIREtrades helps you to obtain up to three free quotes from local paving specialists that offer competitive pricing. This enables you to narrow down your options and choose the right tradie for the job.


    Factors that Influence the Cost of Paving

    Cost of Paving

    There are a number of factors to consider when budgeting your paving project. Below are some aspects to check as you clarify paving cost estimates.

    1. Access difficulty

    Typical areas of tight or difficult access will incur additional costs. They will attract more labour costs to complete the task. Additionally, specialised lifting or access equipment may be required.

    2. Nature of preparation

    Site levelling and other preparation work may be required especially for new pavement installations. This may have an impact on your cost with removal of existing bushes or any obstructions prior to installation.

    The base and bedding materials also factor in the paving cost as they set the stability of the installed pavers. For a 50 sqm area, expect to pay around $30 to $60 per m2 for the extra materials and labour necessary to lay the base.

    3. Scope of work

    Different paving requirements incur different rates. Large areas or driveways may be cheaper than smaller areas, such as around a pool.

    It is important that you define the scope of work as a square metre rate may not always apply. Especially if there are smaller or curved areas that require more paver cutting and site preparation.

    Dealing with sloping surfaces may also require the use of special equipment and techniques to ensure that no problems will arise during and after the actual paver installation. This may mean adding around $10 per m2 to cover the amount of extra labour required.

    4. Special requests

    Adding designs such as borders contributes to your paving expenses. Any special requirements (e.g. slip-resistant texture, glossy feature) that help to enhance your pavement’s functionality and visual appearance affect the overall cost.

    Note: Clearly define your requirements and consult your paving contractor for recommendations. You may also seek advice as you plan the installation processes and manage costs.


    How Much Do Pavers Cost Per Square Metre?

    How Much Do Pavers Cost Per Square Metre

    Pavers are priced per pack or per square metre depending on the availability of the product and size of the project. Below are a few paver prices from Midland Brick:


    (Length x Width x Height)

    Projected Costs per m2
    Clay paversLandscape & Landscape Renovators230 x 114 x 50mm$25 to $35
    Ezi-Pave230 x 153 x 60mm$32 to $35
    Handmade228 x 112 x 70mm$41 to $45
    Masonry paversMasterpave Classic200 x 200 x 50mm$20 to $25
    Boulevard Classic &  Boulevard Granite400 x 200 x 60mm$38 to $50
    Colonnade600 x 300 x 60mm$46 to $50
    Promenade Classic300 x 300 x 60mm$40 to $45

    **Suitable for patios, pathways and residential driveways

    To know the number of pavers that you will need, you must identify the measurement of the area to be paved. Follow the basic computation below to help you determine the total area in square metres.

    Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m2)

    If the ground orientation is not square or rectangular, try this computation:

    1st section: Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m2)

    2nd section: Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m2)

    3rd section: Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m2)

    By breaking the area into sections, you can add the sum of each section to determine the complete measurement of the area.

    For triangular areas, multiply the base (m) and the height (m) by half to get the total area (m2).

    Posting a job on HIREtrades will help you receive up to three free quotes from local paving contractors. Compare prices and always select the option that delivers the best value, this is not always the lowest cost.

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