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How Much Does it Cost for Cleaning Blocked Drain?

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Cost of Cleaning a Blocked Drain

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Hiring a plumber specialising in drain cleaning costs around $80 to $135 per hour.

Expect to pay more when factors such as job complexities and additional services are required. Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems in residential homes.

Standard remedies might work for treating minor clogs. Many homeowners would use a plunger or pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the drain to address the issue.

If a more serious problem such as strange smells and plumbing leaks appears, having a qualified drainage plumber to locate the root cause and work at resolving your concern is safer and less stressful.

Cost of Hiring a Plumber for Drain Cleaning Services

The hourly rate of hiring a plumber or a drainer to carry out drainage work can vary from $80 to $135. Labour prices may alter based on your location and negotiation with a prospective plumber before the actual work.

City Average Contract Charge-Out Rate

per hour

Sydney $99 to $135
Perth $95 to $100
Brisbane $88 to $92
Adelaide $81 to $89
Melbourne $80 to $87

*Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

Your hired plumber will have to perform a thorough drain inspection in order to provide price estimates based on the perceived problem. The result of the initial visit will help them calculate the expected cost of labour and other inclusions.

Cost to snake a drain

  • For kitchen and bathroom sinks, the cost to snake a drain may charge from $109 to $214.
  • Removing a clog from laundry drain costs roughly $151 to $214.
  • For Toilet clog, the cost may run from $109 to $273

However, prices may change depending on the severity of the clog or blocked drain cleaning job.

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Factors that Influence the Cost of Blocked Drain Cleaning Jobs

Cost of Blocked Drain Cleaning Jobs

There are things to consider when estimating the cost of drain cleaning. Here are some that have an impact on your expenses.

1. Cause of the blockage

A simple bathroom drain clearing, for instance, doesn’t cost much. Expect to pay around $80 to $120 for this service.  Identifying the cause of the blockage affects how much you will be charged. Job complexities are more likely to occur if clogging issues are caused by tree roots, broken twigs and other forms of hard debris.

Removing food residues, grease build-up and hygienic products such as toilet papers will cost more.

2. Clearing techniques

Whether it is a kitchen sink or a shower drain that needs unclogging, there are various clearing methods that plumbers use. If a plunger won’t work for a certain issue, a sink pipe cleaner or hydro jet may be used to clear up hard clogs.

Some plumbing contractors charge extra for using special devices such as drain inspection cameras and snake drain cleaners. Others provide fixed rates to ensure there are no hidden surprises. Clarify payment terms with a prospective plumber to avoid disputes.

3. Replacement service

When a blockage issue is detected, drain repairs are sometimes required. However, when more serious damage on drainage piping is evident, replacing the existing sewer pipes is expected. Depending of your location, expect to pay the following clogged drain service jobs:

Pipe Relining price ranges from $2, 100 for the first metre and $660 per metre after.  For Replacing damaged pipes, the cost can go from $800 to $3,000. In the same way, a significant amount of $5,000 to $20,000 will be incurred if the entire drainage system requires a complete replacement.

Note: Prices are indicative and may vary based on the size of the job, location and materials used.

4. Extra charges

A copy of drain inspection and clearing video factors in total pricing. Plumbers usually recommend homeowners keeping a file to help prove their claims on who is liable for the piping damage.

Calling an emergency plumber also attracts increased costs. Plumbing repairs (e.g. burst pipes) done outside of normal working hours will ask you for additional fees, not to mention the plumber’s hourly rate.

Note: Clearly ask for an itemised quotation to know what aspects are adding to the final cost of drain cleaning. This will also help you plan your budget and compare prices from other plumbers.


Warning Signs that Your Drains are Blocked

Warning Signs that Your Drains are Blocked

In most cases, blockage issues are not overlooked but neglected. Lack of time and familiarity are usually the reason why many homeowners ignore the warning signs.

Before it causes you to spend large amounts on major drain repairs or pipe replacement, check if some of these signs are visible to your plumbing system.

  • Slow-draining water. If this happens to your shower, kitchen sink or bathtub, try manual cleaning procedures such as removing hair, food scraps or greasy soap. Observe for the next few days if the problem keeps coming back.

If it does, consider calling a plumber to handle the drain cleaning process.

  • Under-sink plumbing leaks. Leaking pipes signal a red flag. While there are minor leakage issues that can be dealt with upon detection, they may cause a more serious problem if left unmanaged.
  • Gurgling noise. You will know something is wrong when you flush water down the drain and it produces a gurgling sound. Notice how often you hear the struggling noise.

Follow preventative measures (e.g. throwing food scraps to the bin) to lessen the possibility of clogging.

  • Unpleasant odour. Foul smell indicates a problem. Usually, trapped residues combined with wastewater cause this sign to emerge.

Minimise drain repair cost by keeping your drains in good condition. Regularly monitor your indoor and outdoor drains to ensure that no amount of clogs will cause inconvenience or worse, flooding problems.

If the problem gets out of hand, consult with a reliable plumber to determine the root cause and find an appropriate solution.

Tips for Hiring Drain Cleaning Experts

It takes careful thought and assessment before you can hire a plumber that fits your plumbing requirements.

Drain cleaning may seem like an easy job for some. However, when complications (e.g. excavating the area with trees nearby) show up, you will need a licensed plumber to handle the issue.

What should you look for when hiring a drainage plumber?

  • Licence and insurance. You may use an online checker to verify the validity of their licence. Never entertain a plumber that provides cheap pricing. Oftentimes they are plumbers without insurance.
  • Specialised skills and techniques. The plumber you are hiring must be adept at drain inspection, tree root removal and clearing procedures. This will make the process quicker and easier.
  • Good reviews. A reputable plumber is one with positive feedback from clients. Read online reviews to weigh their expertise and reliability.

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