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How Much Does Toilet Installation Service Cost?

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Cost Of Toilet Installation Services

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Toilet installation costs around $410 to $2,040+ including the price of toilet suites and labour.

Installation costs may increase depending on your bathroom space, location and preferred type of toilet used.

Whether you are installing or replacing your existing toilet, your choice of toilet and installation service affects how much you will be charged. Always request for written quotations from up to three plumbing contractors to compare prices.

Verify credentials before entering into contracts. Only licensed plumbers are allowed to perform toilet installations. The scope of work may include removal of old toilet suites and realignment of bolt holes, tubes and pipes where required.


How Much Do Plumbers Charge For Toilet Installation?

Expect to pay around $80 to $135 per hour for plumbing works such as pipe fittings and fixture installations. Below is the average cost of plumbers (Note: hourly rates include overheads and profit) performing toilet installation jobs.

City Average Contract Charge-Out Rate

per hour

Sydney $99 to $135
Perth $95 to $100
Brisbane $88 to $92
Adelaide $81 to 89
Melbourne $80 to $87

*Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

It takes anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to complete the installation process. This will depend on the Tradie’s experience level, type of toilet installed and difficulty of the job.

To determine the expected cost for labour, multiply together the number of hours spent on installing a toilet and the plumber’s hourly rate in your area.

Note: When hiring, clarify payment terms with your prospective plumber. Is it hourly basis or per service?

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Factors That Influence The Cost To Install A New Toilet

Cost To Install A New Toilet

Here are the following factors that determine your toilet installation cost.

1. Toilet replacement

Pre-installation works such as replacing a toilet have an impact on the overall cost. In such cases, add a labour rate of $55 per hour. Ask about the estimated hours the job will take to give you rough estimates on labour.

Note: Some plumbers will provide you with fixed rates. Confirm prices for toilet replacement services to help you manage your expenses.

2. Type of toilet

Remember that your preferred toilet type will influence the installation cost. Below are the four common types that residential owners install:

  • Wall-hung toilets
  • Wall-faced toilets
  • Back-to-wall toilets
  • Close coupled toilets

Expect to pay more for wall-hung toilets as these types offer great space-saving solutions. Unlike close coupled or back-to-wall types, wall-hung toilets are the most expensive to purchase.

Ask a prospective plumber how long the installation process will take to know your expected labour cost. Close coupled toilets may require less intensive plumbing works as they are easy to install and secure.

3. Installation difficulties

The available space in your bathroom also affects the cost to install a new toilet. Working in tight spaces and dealing with other complexities may require extra time, thus incurring more charges on labour.

If you’re considering a replacement, a qualified plumber has to ensure the toilet fits the existing plumbing system. Otherwise, additional services will be expected to prevent faulty installation, unwanted leaks and poor connection.

It is always best to let plumbers do the work as they surely know how to fix a leaking toilet.

How Much Does a Toilet Cost?

On average, the cost of toilet suites ranges from $250 to $1,500+. Prices vary depending on the selected type, brand, design and height of the toilet. The quality of toilet components (e.g. cistern, pan, seat) installed also impacts on your expenses.

The indicative costs of toilet suites are listed below.

  • Wall-hung toilets cost about $1,050 to $1,500+ (flush plates included)
  • Wall-faced toilets cost about $700 to 1,350 (flush plates included)
  • Back-to-wall toilets cost about $400 to $1,200
  • Close coupled toilets cost about $250 to $1,200

Note: The above toilet prices are based on Harvey Norman’s pricing. You may also check other retail stores to have an overview of the prices. Installation service costs will vary based on the job’s requirements.

To know what tradies charge for toilet installation services, posting a job on HIREtrades helps you to obtain up to three free quotes from local plumbers.

Important: Have the bathroom space measured by a licensed plumber or bathroom renovator to know what type would suit your sanitary plumbing needs. It also helps to maximise the available space in your bathroom and increase productivity.


3 Signs That You May Need A Toilet Replacement

Toilet Replacement

If you plan to replace an existing toilet, consider the potential signs. Here are some of the common signs to check before hiring a qualified plumber.

  1. Frequent clogs. Toilets that constantly clog signal a red flag. Worn-out components are usually one cause of blockage issues. Recently-installed toilets with clogging problems may require immediate attention from licensed plumbers.
  2. Wobbling toilets. Loose screws are often the cause of wobbles. Tightening the screws may resolve the issue. If the problem recurs, call a plumber to perform a thorough inspection to determine the real issue.
  3. Water running constantly. This may be a sign of a broken valve or flapper. If the issue persists, consider having a professional to address your concerns and provide long-term solutions.

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