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How Much Does Cement Rendering House Wall Cost?

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Cement Rendering Cost

For cement rendering cost, renderers generally charge by square metres. So, the cost of rendering may vary depending on where you are located, how much is the renderer’s rates, materials, and the like.

With these factors, renderers may charge about $30/sq m to around $50/sq m for a one storey home and will be more expensive if it is a two-storey home.

Some renderers may charge as low as $15/sq m if you can negotiate it at a discounted rate.

In Australia, a residential home with an area of about 400 sq metres of exterior wall may cost around $12,000 for a basic render up to about $20,000 for high-quality rendering.

How Much is the Cost for Cement Rendering per Square Metre?

Cement rendering cost per square metre is a major factor that affects the price of the job and are highly influenced by the size of the home or building.

For cement renderers here are their service charges:

  • South Australia: $62.50/ sq metre
  • Queensland: $32/sq metre
  • Western Australia: $42.50/sq metre
  • Victoria: $43/sq metre
  • New South Wales: $35/ sq metre

Additionally, average costs of rendering in the city of Sydney and Perth can cost around $30-$50/ sq metre, while in Adelaide you may pay about $40/ sq metre.

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How Much Does Cement Cost?

To have an idea of how much cement rendering cost you may expect to pay, take for example the front of a house. For a wall exterior with an area of 450 m2 (square metre ), you may need to pay around $16,000 to $20,000.

This amount is just a rough estimate you will need to get information from different concrete rendering specialists for them to look at the property and see the size of the job.

Concrete rendering specialists need more information such as the height and width of your walls to provide you with an accurate estimate and estimate how much cement/product will be needed to complete the job.

Additionally, here is a chart that shows the size of the surface and indicative costs you may expect to pay:

Cement Rendering on a Surface Minimal Cost Maximum Cost
150 square metre $5,550 $ 6,750
250 square metre $9,250 $11,250
300 square metre $11,100 $13,500
500 square metre $18,500 $22,500

Please note that this is just for cement rendering services and can serve as a guide when you want to start on your cement rendering project.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Cement Rendering

Normally, cement rendering costs is calculated per square metre. But of course, there are other factors that can affect the total price of your cement rendering project including the following:

Project size

Since renderers charge by square metres, they first evaluate the size of the wall that needs to be rendered. The larger the project, the higher the cost of cement rendering since more materials will be used. However, larger projects may attract lower costs as there is only one mobilisation/demobilisation to site.

Texture of the wall needs to be applied appropriately adding significant time and effort which adds to its cost as well.

Type of render

There are different types of renders and this is the main factor that affects the cost of rendering. Cement rendering is one of the most common forms of rendering because it is simple and cost-effective.

Other types or variety of materials are acrylic, limestone, brick, polymer, blue board, monocouche, or insulating render that can be applied to various surfaces of a building.

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Another factor to be considered is the location of the home or building. Rendering costs can increase if you live far away from your renderer or the accessibility of the property is difficult to reach.

For example, rendering a two-storey home can be pricier because it may be more difficult, with higher access areas, and may need additional equipment to finish the job.

On the other hand, buildings that have numerous windows may also be more expensive because they require more work and the right skill to render around the edges of each window.

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