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House Much Does it Cost to Render a House?

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How much does rendering cost

Wondering about the rendering cost in Australia? Rendering is one of the most cost-effective ways of making your house look new without renovating it.

Indeed, it gives your house a fresher look and increases the value of your property. It also protects the brickwork in your home against rain and wind.

The cost to render a house is around $30 to $50 per square metre for a single storey home. Some estimates can go as low as $15 per square metre, but that can already be a discounted rate.

Evidently, the cost will be a bit higher for two-storey properties, but all rates will differ per location and the materials used.

In Australia, it may cost to render a house around $12,000. House rendering for a double-storey houses can cost up to $50,000.

The cost of rendering outside of house can be higher compared to the cost of rendered block walls. If a house is high enough, the contractor might need to use scaffoldings. This then increases the rendering cost because of the setting up of materials and the difficulty of the job.

Additionally, the type of rendering that is used may affect the house rendering cost. There are several types of rendering to choose from, with cement render being the most popular and most affordable one.

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Types of Rendering

types of rendering

There are several types of render that you can choose from. They differ based on how they look and the way that a contractor applies them.

  1. Cement render is the most basic type of render. It uses a render mix made of sand, lime, and cement. It is the most affordable among the different types of render.On average, cement render costs about $41 per square metre. Depending on the the type of finish, size, and location of project, it can range from $37 to $45 per square metre.The downside with cement renders is they take long to dry. They can also crack when incorrectly applied.
  2. Acrylic render is a traditional type of render that uses acrylic plastic. It is more versatile and is suitable for more surfaces. Acrylic renders cost less cost more.They dry quickly and are less prone to cracking.
  3. Polymer-modified render use cement-based mixes. The polymers added to the mix helps prevent cracking. This allows the mix to stick to more types of surfaces.Unlike with cement renders, the mix used in polymer-modified render is pre mixed and is more expensive.Per square metre, it costs about $80.If you want a textured render finish, bagged render is a good option.It is lighter and uses less materials so it is less expensive.However, the finished surface can look less attractive. It also doesn’t last as long as other types of rendering.Rendering jobs that use clay render are cement-free.This is the best rendering job option if you have an old home and you want to retain its look.
  4. Lime render is a type of render ideal for stone or a brick home and a building. It uses a mix composed of lime putty and sand.It is known for its cost effectiveness because the layer of render doubles as a protective layer to the building.The coat of render allows the building to breathe.With lime renders, walls collect and evaporate moisture instead of trapping them. This can help you avoid health problems caused by excessive moisture.

Most rendered bathroom walls use plaster render. Plaster render is more suitable for indoor rendering because it is not as strong as other render types. It won’t last long after prolonged exposure to the elements.


Factors that Affect the Cost of Rendering

factors that affect the cost of rendering job

If you want to know how much it costs to render a house in Australia, you will have to take some factors in consideration. Rendering cost per sqm depends on the materials and the size of the house.

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Contractors calculate the render price based on a combination of the location, size of the property, materials, and the desired finish. The render rate is also higher for two-storey houses because they are harder to render.

A smooth finish is more expensive compared to a bagged render that has natural texture. A smooth finish entails using a straight trowel to apply the render mix to a flat surface. A damp sponge is then used to clean the surface and prepare it for proper smoothing out.

Smoothing out the surface takes more time, thus increasing the rendering fee. If you ask contractors how much to render a house is, the first thing they will ask you is the location of the project. Labour costs and the price of materials differ per state or city.

Render price per m2 in cities are higher compared to those of suburban areas. The average cost to render a brick house, or any house for that matter, also depends on the professional experience of the contractor.

Contractors that provide consistent high quality renders usually charge more even if they’re just rendering a wall.


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How Much Does Rendering Cost?

Rendering a house can cost around $30 to $50 per square metre for single storey home. However, prices may change depending on your location.

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