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    How Much Does Colorbond Roofing Cost?

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    colorbond roofing cost

    Colorbond roof cost per square metre varies from $53 to $97 for new residential homes, including materials and installation.

    Having a professional roofing contractor to perform the installation is always recommended. You need a sturdy roof that protects your house from structural damage.

    Colorbond roof installers charge based on the size of your roof and other factors that affect the cost of installation.


    Average Labour Cost of Colorbond Roofing

    Roofing installers charge different rates depending on your State. Some charge an hourly rate of $50 to $80, but others base their pay on a per-square-metre basis, which can be around $40 to $60 across Australia.

    See the table below for colorbond roof cost per square metre:

    StateAverage Cost per m2
    New South Wales$55 to $60
    Brisbane$40 to $45
    Queensland$40 to $45

    Note: The above prices are just ballpark figures and may vary depending on your roof dimension. The most convenient way to receive up to three quotes is to find a local metal roofing company to supply and install Colorbond roofing systems.


    Factors that Affect Colorbond Roof Installation Costs

    Roofing Installation Cost

    New installation is cheaper than roof replacement. This is due to additional services associated with re-roofing procedures that affect the cost. Consider the following factors affecting the price range of your roofing project.

    1. Roof condition

    Do you need to have your old roof replaced or add new sheetings to ensure the durability of the roofing structure? The initial inspection is performed to check for potential repairs. If the contractor identifies structural issues, it will affect the total cost of installation.

    The cost of roof repairs usually depends on the size and height of your roofing.

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    2. Access difficulties

    Hard-to-access areas may require extra equipment to perform the job. For instance, professional roofers working on steep slopes charge more compared from tradies working on flat roofing structures.

    Prices vary depending on other safety measures.

    3. Additional costs

    These include extra labour, administrative fees and overheads. If, for example, you are requesting for a roof painting service after the installation, add around $35 to $55 per hour for labour costs. The expenses incurred in painting products will be in addition to this.

    Council permits and other requirements may have associated fees.

    Important: Clearly clarify the scope of work to define your requirements and receive competitive pricing.


    Colorbond Roof Costs Based on Your Roofing Size

    The cost of Colorbond roof is relatively higher than other roofing materials such as concrete roof tiles.

    Colorbond roof cost per square metre averages between $13 and $37, excluding labour.

    Check the following price estimates of Colorbond roof sheets:

    • Regular corrugated iron sheets can cost about $13 to $18 per m2
    • Steel clad sheets can cost about $21 per m2
    • Powder-coated Colorbond can cost about $22 per m2
    • Double-sided Colorbond can cost about $24 per m2
    • Colorbond Ultra roofing can cost about $37 per m2

    Note: Visit the nearest hardware store or Colorbond roofing suppliers to ask for accurate prices and available colours that suit your property needs.

    Also, determining the roof area of your house is essential to calculate the total cost of roofing materials and labour. Here’s the projected cost of your Colorbond roofing project.

    Roofing SizeEstimated Colorbond Roofing Prices
    300 to 400m2$15,900 to $38,800
    200 to 300m2$10,600 to $29,100
    150 to 200m2$7,950 to $19,400
    100 to 150m2$5,300 to $14,550

    *Confirm GST inclusion with your prospective roofing contractor.

    If you’re unsure about the exact measurement of your roof, ask a local roof installer to assist you.


    On another note, if a homeowner with 150 to 200 m2 roofing size is planning to have the existing roof replaced, here’s a rough guide to determine Colorbond roof installation costs along with replacement and material fees.

    • Asbestos cement roof conversion to Colorbond roof costs around $15,000 to $30,000
    • Terracotta tile roof conversion costs around $15,000 to $25,000
    • Metal terrace roof conversion costs around $7,500 to $15,000

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    How Roofing Contractors Charge for House Roof Maintenance

    Roofing Contractors maintenance Charge


    With proper installation and roof maintenance, Colorbond roofing can last for up to 70 to 100 years. These roofs are less susceptible to damage, leaks and cracking issues which is why they offer a low maintenance solution.

    Regular cleaning helps to extend the life of Colorbond roofs. Expect to pay around $35 to $80 per hour for roof cleaning services.

    Other maintenance advice from professional roofers is repainting. Consider the amount of paint needed and job difficulty when computing the cost.

    Some roofing contractors provide 10 to 25 years of warranty to property owners to ensure that Colorbond roofs are well cared for from the date of installation until it reaches the maturity period. 

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