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How Much Does It Cost for Roof Cleaning?

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If you want to prevent damage due to wear and tear to your roof, you need to get it cleaned periodically. Roof cleaning can help you avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris that can damage your roof, resulting in costly repairs.

Roof cleaning cost varies depending on the cleaning that the cleaners will perform because of the difference in the complexity of the task that they need to perform.

The average costs of roof cleaning for small to large roof ranges between $300 to $550. However, for a more complex roof that requires a repair, expect to pay around $1,200 to $1500 or more depending on the extent of the repair.

Roof washing prices also vary per state because of the difference in labour rates. Below is a table showing the difference in labour rates per state:

State Average Hourly Labour Rate
NSW $70 – $100
VIC $50 – $60
WA $40 – $55
QLD $45 – $65

The costs quoted above are estimates and may be affected by several factors, so talking to a local roof cleaning expert is still the best way to get an accurate roof cleaning estimate.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Roof?

Why do you need to clean your roof?

Extends the Life of Your Roof

They may look harmless, but fallen leaves can cause considerable damage to your roof when left unattended. When leaves decay, they produce an acidic solution that can eat away the protective layer of metal roofs, making them prone to rusting.

An accumulation of leaves can block your gutters and result in water damage to your home. In addition, the weight of the accumulated leaves might become too heavy and cause your roof and gutter to sag, get damaged and require a roof replacement.

Keeping your roof clean can help prevent moss growths which can cause rain runoff. When left unattended, moss can grow into a thick mat that soaks in water and cause your roof to sag.

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Helps Control Infestation

Fallen leaves and other debris on your roof attract pests and rodents. Keeping your roof clean and preventing an infestation can help keep your family safe from diseases that pests and rodents carry.

Contributes to Your Home’s Overall Look

No matter how clean and tidy your house looks, it can still look shabby if your roof is dirty. A roof that doesn’t get cleaned can encourage the growth of black algae that makes it look dishevelled.

If you leave them untreated, you might end up with unsightly stains on your roof. Hiring professional roof cleaning services can help prevent such stains and keep your home looking clean from top to bottom.

Can Help You Save Money

Insurance companies value customers who do their best to maintain their property. In some instances, insurance inspectors conduct drive-by visits to check the overall condition of an insured property.

The presence of mould or algae stains on your roof might give the impression that you are not interested in properly maintaining the property, which might prompt your insurance company to raise your premium.

With something as simple as periodically cleaning your roof, you can protect your property and avoid expensive premiums. Instead of shelling out money for high premiums, you can save your money or spend it on something more important for your family.

Another way of saving money by keeping your roof clean is by extending the warranty on your shingles. Roof shingles often come with a warranty of several years, and you can keep the said warranty intact by keeping your roof clean.

Should you encounter an issue with your shingles, the manufacturer will be more inclined to help you if they see that you take good care of your roof by keeping it clean.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Roof Cleaning

Just like any other cleaning job, the cost of roof cleaning gets affected by several factors. These factors can drive cleaning cost, and understanding these factors can better prepare you for the roof washing prices that tradies may quote.

Roof Size

The size of the roof that needs cleaning is the most significant factor in estimating how much your roof cleaning costs will amount to.

Larger roofs take more time to clean and will use more roof cleaning products, which will cost you more.

Cleaning a pergola roof or the roof of a small house will cost less because they require less manpower to complete.

Roof material

Your roofing material is another consideration when estimating roof cleaning costs because some materials cost less to clean than others.

Metal and concrete roofs are easier to clean, so expect to pay less if you want to clean them. If you have a terracotta or tile roof, you need to pay more for roof cleaning services.

A roof tile cleaner needs to take extra care when cleaning because these materials are more delicate and may get damaged during the cleaning process, so they cost more to get cleaned.

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Getting your roof cleaned will cost you more if you own a slanted roof than a flat one because they are harder and more dangerous to stand on.

If your roof has steep or multiple slopes, expect your roof cleaning bill to go up. The same goes for houses with numerous stories because the cleaner might need additional climbing equipment like ladders to reach them.

Another thing that might make your roof complicated to clean is the state of your roof. A roof that’s damaged can be dangerous for a roof cleaner making it more expensive to clean.

Roof Cleaning Service Cost

There are several roof cleaning techniques and services you can avail of depending on how intensive a roof cleaning you need, and the cost of each type varies.

Soft wash roof cleaning costs around $350 per small roof. This is ideal for regular cleaning and if your roof doesn’t have any mould or moss growth.

If your roof hasn’t seen a cleaning for a long time, it might need a high-pressure cleaning to remove deep-seated dirt and stains. Roof pressure cleaning costs around $400 for roofs measuring between 100 and 150 square metres.

If a portion of your roof space is damaged and water has seeped in, you need to have space underneath or roof cavity cleaned to prevent mould growth and pest infestation.

Roof cavity cleaning costs around $10 per square metre. Be sure to engage the services of a roof restoration professional to prevent further damage.

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Roof cleaning service is best done by local roof cleaning experts as they will be competitively priced without the costs of extended travel.

A local roof cleaner can help protect your roof from damage resulting from the growth of mould and algae or the accumulation of dirt and fallen leaves.

Finding a local roof cleaner is as easy as posting a job at HIREtrades. After posting a job, ywe will help you get up to three free quotes from local tradies.

Once you have an idea how much does it cost to have your roof cleaned, you can also inquire about the cost of other services like the cost of moss removal from your roof.

It is crucial to ask how much does roof moss removal cost because some roof cleaners don’t handle moss removal so you might need to contact a roof moss removal company.

If you want to quickly find a local roof cleaner to help you maintain your roof and protect your property, post a roof cleaning job at HIREtrades now!

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