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How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

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Roof Replacement Cost

For a 3-bedroom house, the average cost for roof replacement ranges from $6,000 to $20,000. You might be thinking the price range is too broad and you are looking for a more specific breakdown.

Roof replacement is recommended when your roof has attained the end of its life span and can no longer be maintained, repaired or restored. While our goal is to fix and keep your existing roof, there will always come a time when the roof repairs and maintenance don’t make economical sense.

Whether it is for visual home improvement or solving your roofing problem, there are things to be considered in roof replacement. How much does a full roof replacement cost? How much is the average cost to replace roof shingles? Where to find a reliable roofing contractor?

Just as you are considering a lot of factors like roofing materials, replacement cost, roofing contractor and labour cost, this article will help you find the best fit anywhere you are in Australia.

Roof Replacement Cost in Australia?

Labour cost varies per city, contractors, and on how long the workers spend to get the job done. The style and complexity of your existing roof also determine the length of the time the roofing contractor will finish it.

To guide you with the labour cost, here are the average prices of different cities for a more realistic sense of installation rates and what is involved in the process.

Roof Replacement Price (per sq. metre)
Sydney $100 – $130
Melbourne $200
Brisbane $50 – $95
Perth $50 – $105

Note: The above prices are just numerical estimates and may vary depending on the roof dimension.

The roofing contractor will remove your existing roof. They will inspect for any structural problems you may have. The roof may have broken shingles or has a lighter material that needs replacement to hold the extra weight.

Get quotes from at least 3 to 4 professional roofing contractors to get an accurate price range. If you are unsure whether you need this service, hiring a roof inspector costs between $100 to $300 and can be very handy in making a decision.

For most projects, quotation breaks out to 40% product and 60% labour.

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Roofing Materials Cost

Now comes the trickier part. It is time we start calculating the numbers.  First, it is important to know that roofing is priced per square metre, which means that roof removal and disposing of your existing roof will influence your roof replacement cost.

In the market, the cheapest roofing materials are concrete tiles, while a more first-class metal roofing may cost you around $50 to $70 per square metre.

High-quality roof tile may cost you around $80 to $110 per square metre. Bear in mind that the design and size of your roof will affect the cost as well.

Clay Tile 104
Concrete Tile 45 – 65
Steel 50 – 70
Terracotta Tile / Ceramic Shingles 80 – 110
Traditional Slate Tile 200 – 500
Membrane 80
Copper Tile 260
Asphalt Shingles 65
Timber 160
Corrugated Metal 50 – 70
Solar Roofing Tile 230 – 320
Colorbond Roof 18 – 36.50

Note: Confirm GST inclusion with your roofing contractor

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To give you a more detailed insight for roof replacement cost per square metre of colorbond roof for an average 3-bedroom house, here are the prices you might encounter:

  • Replacing existing concrete tiles with colorbond: $20,000
  • Replacing an existing asbestos cement with colorbond: $15,000 – $20,000
  • Replacing an existing metal roof with colorbond: $6000 – $10,000

For other roof price estimates, check the examples below.

  • Cost to reroof a house: $4,007 – $15,700, which typically involves replacing roof shingles
  • Costs to reroof a garage: $1000 – $2500 depending on pitch and materials
  • Townhouse roof replacement: $4300 – $7600 on average

Why Do You Need to Replace a Roof?

1. Aesthetic beauty of your home

While there is no doubt that a pleasant roof can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home, it can also significantly raise its current value and can help sell your house more rapidly in the future.

2. Extreme weather condition

Living in an area prone to extreme weather conditions may damage your roof over time. To prevent problems in the long run, consider replacing them with a new one.

3. Leak

If you notice signs of roof damage, do not ignore it. Get in touch with a professional roof replacement service to have your existing roofs checked as soon as possible.

How to Get Quotes from Roof Replacement Contractors?

Now that you are sure your roof needs replacement and are aware of the projected roof replacement cost but are confused on how to start, HIREtrades will be your partner to help you look for the right roofing contractor.

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