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$240 per metric tonne

How Much Does Rubbish Removal Service Cost?

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Rubbish Removal Cost

The price of rubbish removal services differs depending on where you live, the type of rubbish and the complexity of rubbish disposal. On average, the cost for rubbish removal in residential areas is $75 per m3. Commercial rubbish removal, on the other hand,  has a cost of about $100 per m2. Other companies charge $30 to $80per hour.

Rubbish Removal Services Cost

Here’s a quick look at the average prices of rubbish removal services:

Removal Service Price price
Asbestos removal $100 $450
Brick removal $80 $268
Green waste removal $50 $130
Soil removal $85 $230
Pallet removal $50 $155
Scrap metal removal $39 $100

What Determines the Cost of Rubbish Removal?

The total amount that rubbish removal companies charge their customers will depend on several factors so some companies won’t provide customers with estimates without a proper assessment.

Here are some factors that you should consider if you want to know how much it costs to remove rubbish?

Labour Costs

Labour costs play a huge role in the cost of rubbish removal services. Larger cities often have higher labour rates which translate into more expensive rubbish removal rates. Tradies with more professional experience also often command higher rates than those just starting in the industry.

Labour costs can also get affected by the day and time of the job. Rush jobs are more expensive than those scheduled in advance, which is why you can save more by booking rubbish removal services ahead of time.

If a rubbish removal company only operates during weekdays and keeps regular office hours, they may charge more if you need them to work during the weekends or after their normal working hours.


The location of the job site can result in more difficulties or more time for a tradie and can drive the cost of rubbish removal services up. The distance between the job site and the dumpsite can increase the difficulty of a job and force the tradie to charge more.

If the dumpsite is too far, tradies often have to hire additional vehicles to pay and pass this expense to customers. If the job site is far from the dumpsite, tradies will have to spend time travelling between the two locations increasing the time it will take to complete the job.

City Rubbish Removal Cost per m3
Sydney $70 to $150
Perth $60 to $150
Brisbane $50 to $100
Melbourne $50 to $130
Adelaide $50 to $90
Hobart $50 to $90
Canberra $50 to $130

This can increase the labour costs of a job. Tradies who live far and need to travel to another city also often charge more than locals because they need to account for the time they will spend travelling from their home city to the job location.

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Type of Rubbish

Rubbish removal services also tailor their rates depending on the type of rubbish they will work on because different types of rubbish require different handling procedures and equipment.

1.  Household Rubbish

Household rubbish is the most common and easiest type to dispose of, so they are also the cheapest to remove. Examples of household rubbish include paper products, empty tins, empty bottles, plastics, and waste food.

Household rubbish does not require special handling, which is why they involve cheaper rates. Household rubbish is also lighter so a tradie can easily remove them manually.

2. Furniture

Although most would rather give away their old furniture when they upgrade or renovate their homes, some individuals still rely on furniture removal services to dispose of junk furniture. One factor that affects the cost of furniture removal is the size of the furniture that the tradie will remove.

Bigger and heavier furniture will cost more because these require more human resources. Rates will also change depending on where you want your furniture dumped. If you live in an area where the regular rubbish collection services will take furniture, you can leave your furniture on the curb for collection.

If your local rubbish collection services don’t include old furniture, a tradie will have to bring it to a dumpsite for disposal. This can increase the cost that a junk removal company charges because they will need to consider dump fees in their computation.

If you want to know how much it costs to dump a couch, let the tradie know how large the furniture is and if it needs to be taken to a dump site so you can get an accurate quotation.

3. Commercial Rubbish

Commercial rubbish comes from businesses or companies and is similar to ordinary household rubbish such as paper wastes, tins, bottles, and organic trash such as food.

4. Construction or Demolition Rubbish

These are rubbish coming from construction or demolition sites and include metals, bricks, concrete, tiles, ceramic, and wood. It may also include soil, stones, paints, and varnishes. Rubble removal costs are more expensive because rubbles are heavy and may force the tradie to hire additional vehicles such as a dump truck, a backhoe or a grapple truck.

5. Hazardous Waste

Hazardous materials pose a danger to individuals, such as medical waste, asbestos, chemical strippers, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc. Rubbish removal services specialising in hazardous waste removal charge more because they require special permits and training to remove hazardous wastes legally.

In Australia, transporting hazardous materials without a permit can result in a penalty of up to $1,000,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years. Hazardous rubbish removal services also have to bring such materials to accredited facilities specialising in the disposal of hazardous materials.

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Hiring a Well-Priced Rubbish Removal Service?

If you need to hire a junk removal specialist, the most convenient way to go about it is with the help of HIREtrades. HIREtrades is an Australia-wide network connecting you to tradies wherever you are. It is fast and efficient. You can post a job through HIREtrades.

Visit the site or download HIREtrades app and have your account up and running within a minute. With HIREtrades you can save time looking for a rubbish removal service near you.

If you want to save money, HIREtrades can also assist you because you can compare the prices of different tradies, and you can choose one that fits your budget. Here are some rubbish removal tips that can help you save money while getting the best possible services available:

  • Check the credentials of the tradie you plan to hire. Conduct diligent research and look for customer feedback or proof of previous projects so you can assess the quality of work that the tradie delivers.
  • Hire locals as much as possible. Locals often charge less compared to out of town tradies.
  • Ask pertinent questions before hiring. Aside from asking how much to get rubbish removed, you can ask questions such as the cost of renting additional vehicles or renting a dumpster if needed.
  • Provide accurate information. Give the tradie as many details on the job as you can. Provide estimates on the amount of rubbish to get removed and hazardous materials or oversized items.

Providing accurate information can help the tradie give you an accurate estimate of how much the job may cost. If you want a convenient and cost-effective way of hiring a rubbish removal service, HIREtrades is the app you need.

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