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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Skip Bin?

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Skip Hire Cost

On average,  skip bin hire cost is around $570.

Currently, the skip hire and removal cost is around $55 per cubic metre to $89 per cubic metre. If you’ve done a home improvement project before, then you know how much waste gets generated that requires disposal. You may need to know the cost to hire a skip bin.

Hiring a skip bin and truck is the most efficient way to dispose of building waste in just one go. While you can visit a nearby local transfer station to throw away waste materials, the task can be time-consuming.

Skip hire prices for commercial construction sites are harder to compute since commercial buildings have a wide range of sizes. Add to this the fact that large construction companies usually have their own crew for waste removal.

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How Much Does Skip Bin Cost

Hiring a Skip bin costs from as low as around $150 for a small one to as high as around $900 for large ones. Skip bin hire prices usually just include the rent of the skip bin and the labour cost of the driver.

The price of skip bins is determined by its size. There are several types of skip bins based on their sizes. The cost of hiring one will require on the size or type of skip bin you are renting. Choose the right sized bin so you can minimize your expenses.

You can hire a mini skip bin for small renovation projects or for spring cleaning. These are ideal for light rubbish like grass clippings or waste paper.

  • A mini skip bin can hold around 2 cubic metres of waste or the equivalent of around 8 household rubbish bins. You can hire one for around $280.
  • Medium skip bins might cost you between $350 to $380. Choose them for general waste generated by medium-sized cleanups.
  • Large skip bins can set you back between $580 to $880. These bins are ideal for demolitions or large construction projects. You should use large skip bins for heavy wastes like bricks, concrete, and scrap metals.

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What Cost Involves in Skip Bin Hire?

Average skip hire prices differ based on several factors. Skip bin suppliers and contractors consider these factors before quoting prices to customers.

  • Location – A skip bin rental service located far from the construction site will charge more. They will use more fuel and allot more time to travel between locations. This is one reason why it is better to look for local contractors.
  • Type of Rubbish – Some types of rubbish require special handling and may cost you more. Green waste like grass clippings, tree trimmings, wood, and other plant materials do not require special handling and doesn’t need a customized rubbish bin. On the other hand, special wastes like non-regulated and regulated asbestos, sludge, empty pesticide and insecticide canisters, and dead animals require special handling and are regulated by the government. Heavy waste, such as bricks, concrete, and other similar materials need special handling as well. These kinds of waste are difficult to transfer. You also can’t get rid of them in a general waste skip bin, so hiring a professional is a must.
  • Local Business Costs – The costs associated with conducting business differs from one area to another. Labour costs, local business permits, shipping costs, and local taxes can affect the price of skip bins.
  • The Period of Rent – As might be expected, the more time you lease a skip, the bigger the fees you’ll pay. If you realized that you need to use the skip bin for more days than previously agreed, you may incur a surcharge daily or totally renew the period of renting. Note that renewal of rental period may be more expensive than incurring surcharge day-to-day.
  • The size of the skip – As we’ve discussed above, the skip bin size also determines how much it is to hire a skipskip . Bigger skip bins are obviously more costly than smaller ones. One of the things that you should be careful with is estimating the size of the skip bin you will hire. Skip bin sizing is important because you may end up hiring two small skips that cost more compared to just one medium skip bin. A smaller bin may also require several collection trips that use more time and fuel and will cost you more.

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