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How Much Does Adding a Skylight Cost?

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A skylight installation allows natural light into your home. Natural light can help provide natural heat to your house’s living spaces. This can help you save money on your heating costs during the cold season.

Skylight installations can also help you reduce your household’s energy consumption. With more natural light coming in, you don’t need to always have your lights on during the daytime.

Skylights also help increase ventilation. This is excellent news for those who live in homes bordered by another house. You can cut down on your electricity bill since you don’t have to use your air-conditioning unit frequently.

A skylight adds to the value of your home. Skylight installations can help make living spaces look bigger. This will make your house more appealing to prospective buyers should you decide to sell it.

If you want to have a skylight installed, you want to know how much does it cost to add skylights to your home.

Skylight installation cost between $300 to $4000 per skylight. This is the cost of labour and excludes the price of the actual skylight.

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Skylight Installation Labour Cost in Australia

If you want to know how much does it cost to add skylights to your home or building, you’ll have to see the type of skylight that you want to install.

Since some skylights are more challenging to install compared to others, skylight installation cost differs. Labour costs in different areas also play a role in determining the cost of adding skylight to a house.

As mentioned earlier, traditional skylights cost between $300 to $600 to install per skylight. The installation of flexible skylights cost the same as that of conventional skylights.

Roof windows cost between $1,000 and $5,000 to install. The cost of installation depends on the size of the roof window that the contractor needs to install. Tubular skylights cost between $200 to $400 to install.

The price estimates above are for residential skylight installation cost. For commercial buildings, the installation price depends on bidding or contract negotiations.

The cost of skylight installation also depends on the area you’re in. Some cities have more affordable labour costs compared to others. The national average cost of skylight installation is $1,600.

Different Types of Skylight

Types of Skylights

There are different types of skylights. They have different appearances. Some skylights function in a different way.

For Singular skylight installation, expect to pay:

  • Tubular singular skylight costs between $250 to $600
  • Fixed singular skylight costs between $400 to $1400
  • Vented singular skylights costs between $1000 to $4000

Before you decide on what type of skylight you want to install on your house, be sure to know more about each type. This will ensure that you are installing a skylight that best suits your needs.

Ventilating Skylights

Also called venting skylights, this type of skylight is ideal if you want to increase the amount of natural light in a room. A venting skylight can make a room look bright without the use of artificial lights.

A ventilating skylight also increases the ventilation in a room. It helps excess moisture escape. This is why you often see venting skylights on bathrooms, washrooms, or kitchens.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights do not open, hence the name. Just like venting skylights, this type is ideal for letting in more natural light.

Fixed skylights look great on high-ceilinged rooms. The shaft of light that it lets in creates a dramatic effect that adds aesthetics to a room.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights have compact designs that make them ideal for those who have limited ceiling space. Although it is more compact than other types of skylight, tubular skylights still provide additional lighting.

Curb-mounted Skylights

This is one of the most popular types of skylight. It is affordable and works well with almost any room. They are also easy to install.

One disadvantage of a curb-mounted skylight is it is prone to leaks. However, flashing kits will help you make your skylight waterproof so you can avoid leaks.

Deck-mounted Skylights

This is a type of skylight that is more modern compared to curb-mounted skylights. It has a low profile that makes it look more visually appealing. Most prefer deck mounted skylights because of their energy-efficiency.

Custom Skylights

Custom-built skylights are those that do not follow a particular shape or design. The manufacturer customises the creation of the skylight to fit the overall look of a house or building.

Modern custom skylights have electronic features that make them more functional compared to traditional skylights. Some skylights have motors that allow the homeowner to open or close them with the use of a remote control.

There are also skylights that are solar powered to increase their energy efficiency. Some skylights even have rain sensors that allow them to automatically close to prevent leaks.

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Price Estimates for different types of Skylight

Skylight prices differ depending on the type of skylight that you want to install. Before you decide on a particular type of skylight, be sure to consult a skylight installer.

A professional skylight installer can provide you with valuable advice on which type will suit your home. This will help you maximise the benefits that a skylight adds to your home.

So how much does a skylight cost? For fixed skylights, expect to pay between $150 to $1,500 per skylight. Ventilating skylights can cost between $300 to $2,500 per piece.

If you have your eyes on a tubular skylight, it can cost you between $450 and $1,300 per skylight.

The skylight prices quoted above are just rough estimates. It is important to note that prices may differ depending on your location.

Other Factors that Affect the Cost for Skylight Installation Job

The cost to install a new skylight may change depending on some factors. This explains why it might be challenging to provide an exact figure on how much a skylight installation may cost.

Just like with skylight prices, location is a factor in determining the cost of a skylight installation job. Some places have more expensive labour costs, and this will add to the total cost of the project.

Another factor that significantly affects skylight installation costs is the number of skylights and how large are they.

It is a given that the more materials you consume for installation, the more expensive it will be. In case of curb-mounted skylights, the use of roofing shingles can add to the price of the project.

The complexity of the job will also hike up the installed cost. Installations that require a contractor to use special climbing equipment to reach high roofs will cost extra.

In case of custom skylights, a skylight or window installer may require the help of an electrician to correctly wire the motor of a remote-controlled skylight or one with a rain sensor.

How to Hire Skylight Installer

Hiring a skylight installer is a big step for any homeowner. The right skylight installer can deliver results that will not just make a home energy-efficient but look visually appealing as well.

Since most skylights are mounted on roofs, a single misstep can result in leaks that may cause damage to your home and your furniture or appliances. Hiring the wrong contractor can turn your dream into a nightmare.

With HIREtrades, you don’t need to worry about such issues. We can help connect you to professional skylight installer near you.

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