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How Much Does Timber Floor Sanding Cost?

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Timber Floor Sanding Cost

Timber flooring adds beauty to your home—giving off that natural appeal to your property. Even so, over time, timber flooring loses its natural colour and original beauty.

To prevent this from happening, you may want to consider floor sanding and polishing to retain the lustre and beauty of your timber floors.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the timber flooring cost and the several factors that affect it so you can have a seamless experience when hiring a sanding professional.

On average, sanding wooden floors cost around $27.50 per square metre. It can go as low as $25 per square metre or as high as $30 per square metre.

In Australia, Victoria has the lowest average pay for timber flooring sanding, which costs about $25 per square metre, followed by Queensland with $25.70 per square metre.

The cost of floor sanding per square meter in New South Wales is about $28 per square metre. On the other hand, customers pay an average of $33 per square metre in Western Australia for the same services.

Aside from varying costs per state or location, timber floor sanding cost may also differ heavily on the materials used. Note that different types of timber flooring require different types of equipment for sanding, so the rates change per tools used.

Moreover, the cost of sanding and varnishing floors may be billed separately by most tradies, so it’s better to have an idea about the process and attributes altogether.

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Types of Timber Flooring

The timber flooring cost also depends on the type of timber flooring you have at your house. Note that different timber flooring options have specific care and maintenance requirements. Having a specific type of timber in your property can mean lower or higher floor sanding rates.

Hardwood Timber Flooring

If you are looking for the most durable timber flooring, hardwood floors are the best option for you. It can last for years when given the right care as you do need to sand and polish them periodically.

However, hardwood is an expensive wood flooring choice. With different options like oak, maple, and cherry flooring, hardwood price ranges from $50 to $120 per square metre.

Engineered Timber Flooring

An engineered timber flooring system essentially uses engineered wood boards.

These engineered wood boards are made of numerous thin layers of plywood bound together. Additionally, they are covered with a thin top layer of hardwood.

An engineered timber flooring system is relatively easy to install and maintain. For this reason, it’s cheaper than hardwood ones.

The price can range from $40 up to $100 per square metre. The specific pricing depends on whether the material is low-grade or high-grade.

Bamboo Timber Flooring

Despite being known or categorized as grass, bamboo flooring is more rigid than most hardwoods available in the market. Manufacturers produce bamboo flooring by slicing the natural fibres of the bamboo.

Nowadays, bamboo is a cost-effective alternative to real timber. Its average price falls to $90 per square metre, depending on the colour, quality, and bamboo type.

Aside from the various types of wood for timber flooring, there are also different ways to lay timber flooring. These include:

Floating Timber Flooring – Floating timber flooring is usually laid on top of your existing floor but not over an existing timber floor. For noise insulation, sand flooring experts place a foam underlay before installation.

Structural Timber Flooring – Structural timber floorings are laid on bearers and joists and nailed down. This type of flooring is what you would generally encounter in traditional-style houses.

Parquetry – Parquetry refers to short lengths of timber laid in a variety of patterns. Block parquetry is said to be long-lasting due to its thickness.

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What Determines the Cost of Timber Flooring Sanding?

Timber flooring sanding rates are measured per square metre. Most trades don’t include stain and polyurethane sealers in their quotes. For this reason, the timber floor sanding cost per square metre can be around $8 to $15.

Condition of Floor Surface

Floors are prone to dents, stains, and scratches. On some occasions, nails eventually pop up on the surface due to minor shifts on the floorboards.

Floor sanding professionals need to ensure that the floor is even and that no bumps are visible before administering the floor sanding. Hence, the cost heavily relies on the amount of prep work needed before the sanding process.

Type of Floor

Timber floor sanding is a procedure of removing the top part of the wooden floor. Different types of timber flooring require other methods and tools.

The types of timber flooring, such as bamboo, cork, and hardwood, must be considered to determine the cost of sanding. Moreover, choosing the right grit of sandpaper apt for the timber floor and examining delicate parts of the house that need careful sanding is crucial for an excellent sanding.

Type of Floor Finish

Having the right floor finish can save you years on maintaining and preserving the wood from the usual dents and scratches.

Therefore, it is vital to pick the right finish for your floorboards to maintain that high-quality floor sheen after a sand polish. Just remember that the type of floor finish you will choose can determine the cost of the service.

Floor finish types include:

Water-Based Finish

Water-based finish maintains the natural colour of your timber flooring. It is highly durable, quick-drying, and made with an acrylic resin or acrylic urethane or sold as water-based polyurethane.

This flipside of using this finish is that this calls for a more controlled environment to avoid longer drying times.

Solvent Based Finish

Solvent-based finishes tend to dry longer than water-based finishes but give that warm hue to your floors boards. Think of it as a traditional finish that has a high resistance to scuffs and abrasions.

Solvent-based finish uses harsh chemicals. Consequently, it has a distinct chemical odour that can last for a maximum of one week.

Where to Hire a Timber Floor Sanding Expert?

There are lots of timber floor sanding service providers across Australia. You ought to fully recognize all the packages offered and choose the top sanding service providers that suit your budget, your preferences, and your requirements.

Whether it is a hunt for cheap floor sanding or top-of-the-line floor finishes service, you are in the right place. At HIREtrades, it will only take you about a few minutes to post a job online!

By doing so, you can get up to three quotes for free and have detailed information about the timber floor sanding services available in your area. Hire a floor sander today with the help of HIRETrades and retain the lustre of your wood flooring system in no time!

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