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How Much Does Tree Felling Cost?

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The national average tree felling cost in Australia is around $870 per tree, but it can differ depending on your location and the size of the tree.

  • A small tree (up to 10 metres) may cost around $300.
  • A medium (10- 20 metres) tree may cost $650-$1500.
  • A large (20 metres above) tree may cost up to $4500.

Tree felling is a dangerous job and requires years of experience and training, which explains the high rates that tree surgeons command. Unlike other tradies that charge on an hourly basis, tree surgeons generally compute charges on a per tree basis. A tree surgeon will want to see the size of the tree and check the surrounding area to assess the difficulty of the job.

Below is a cost guide of tree felling services in several cities:

Average Tree Felling Cost
Melbourne $125 – $2,000 per tree
Sydney $350 – $4,500 per tree
Brisbane $265 – $4,200 per tree
Adelaide $250 – $4,500 per tree

Factors that Affect the Cost of Tree Felling?

The cost to have a tree removed depends on several factors. These are the things that a tree surgeon considers when computing tree removal costs:


Large trees are more expensive to remove because they require more care and human resources. Removing a large tree requires careful planning to avoid damages to property. A tree surgeon will have to lop off the branches of a large tree before removing it. This means additional man-hours and equipment for the tree surgeon to complete the job.

Eucalyptus, palm trees, white cedar, gum, pine, and plum trees are some of Australia’s most common large trees and are usually around 10m high or taller. Aside from being easy to remove, a small tree is less dangerous to remove. Small trees often have thinner trunks that won’t cause significant property damage.

Small trees may not require machines such as boom lifts or cranes for a tree surgeon to reach the higher branches.

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The tree’s condition also affects the cost of tree removal services because live trees require more care during felling.

Expect to pay less to remove rotting or dead trees because they are normally easier to fell. Dead trees are often soft or brittle and may not require specialised equipment to fell.


The cost to cut down a tree with a large trunk is often more expensive than cutting a tall and thin tree because a thick trunk means that the tree surgeon has more wood to cut.

The stump removal process will also take longer because the tree surgeon will need to use a stump grinder to remove the stump and any exposed roots fully.

Although you can leave the stump behind, the stump will take up yard space. A rotting stump will also attract insects and may cause the ground to settle.

Be sure to check with your tree surgeon if stump grinding is included in the huge tree removal cost because some tree surgeons consider this an additional charge.


Location plays a massive role in determining the cost to remove a tree not just because of labour rates but because the site of a tree can affect the complexity of a tree removal project.

A large tree near a structure such as a house or sandwiched between two properties is more difficult to remove and will be more expensive because of the danger that the tree removal process entails.

When you have a tree near a house, the tree surgeon needs to take extra care to ensure that falling branches won’t damage the roof, common window, or any part of the house.

If the tree in question is near a power line, expect the tree cutting cost to be higher because of the tree surgeon’s danger during the felling process.

Clean Up

The tree felling process often involves other services that may or may not be included in the tree surgeon’s cost, making it crucial to clarify what a tree felling contract includes.

Removing the tree from your property is often an additional cost that homeowners need to shoulder unless you want the tree to be left on your property for future use.

If you want to use the tree as firewood, the chances are that you will need to have it broken into smaller pieces, and a tree surgeon can do this for you for an additional fee.

A tree surgeon can also use a wood chipper to break down the tree into wood chips for easy disposal.

Some tree surgeons also take care of removing leaves and other tree debris after felling. This is especially helpful if you have a pine tree or a species that has a lot of tiny leaves.

Dried leaves from tree trimming or tree removal can be hazardous because they can cause fires.

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Emergency Services

Emergency tree felling services are more expensive than a scheduled one because the tree surgeon may need to drop a previous commitment to provide you emergency services.

As much as we want to pre-schedule tree felling services, we might require emergency services in certain instances, such as after a powerful storm.

The cost to remove a tree in emergencies will be more expensive because the tree surgeon might need to hire additional help or extra equipment.

Where to Hire a Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeons are available everywhere, but the challenge is finding a reliable tree surgeon who also charges a reasonable rate.

If you want to find a tree surgeon expert, HIREtrades is the right place for you.

Visit the HIREtrades site or download the app for your convenience. Let’s say you need a palm tree removal service, simply post a job via HIREtrades and we’ll help you connect to the best tree felling expert near you. Start with HIREtrades now!

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