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How Much Do Blinds Installation Cost? 

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The average blinds installation cost ranges from $400 to $1,100 for a house with eight windows, with artificial vinyl materials on the low-end and motorized hardwood on the higher-end. Blind materials usually cost $70. Moreover, the cost of hiring tradies is relatively inexpensive, at about $50 per hour, with the usual installation project lasting around four hours. Removing old window treatments, patio fixtures, and other extra work for the same eight windows will add $100 to $200 to the total expense..

Of course, these are all rough estimates from various suppliers and installers, and the final amount depends on the blind design and material to be used. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different kinds of blinds, their pros and cons, and their specific price points.

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How Much Do Blinds Cost

Type of Blinds Blinds Cost per Window
Roller Blinds $40 to $150
Timber Venetian Blinds $36 and $72
Plantation Shutters $80 to $380
Vertical Blinds $30 and $80
Roman Blinds $30 to $120


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are efficient, excellent for both privacy and light control, and quite affordable. Roller blinds are the ideal window treatment for any area of your house, whether you want to block out your bedroom, fancy up the windows in your kitchen, or provide more privacy in your bathroom (or all three!).

Roller blinds cost approximately $40 to $150 per window, with the higher price reserved for designer roller blinds.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds give a dark space for those who desire it with their broad slats and sun-blocking design. The cost will be affected by the materials used, such as the aluminium pattern.

Although this design is commonly associated with room darkening, it is also available on transparent screens. Roman blinds range in price from $30 to $120 per window for patterned Roman blinds. When you close your roman blinds, the cloth stacks rather than rolls up.

Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetians provide warmth and style with classic stains or more contemporary painted colours that are UV protected. With broad 50mm slats, natural timber enhances the appearance of any setting while also providing comprehensive light control and privacy.

Timber blinds are easy to operate with pull cord controls and feature matching components and fascias. These blinds cost about $140 per window, largely because of the timber material. Faux Venetian blinds are typically priced between $36 and $72 per window.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are more expensive since they are a more durable window covering. Their materials are sometimes more expensive than those used for blinds and curtains. They also take significantly longer to install.

Plantation shutters range in price from $80 to $380 per window, depending on where you buy them, whether they’re custom-built, and the material used.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are typically used on sliding doors and large windows and can be opened with a wand or dragged up to reveal the full view. Vertical window blind installation typically costs between $30 and $80 per window. If you only need to have a few slats replaced, you can purchase extra louvres for approximately $10.

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How Much Do Window Blinds Installation Cost

The cost of installation is determined by the number of blinds, windows, and installation techniques used. The blinds installer cost might range from $150 for a handyman to install one or two inexpensive prefabricated blinds to thousands of dollars for bespoke blinds across an entire house or apartment.

Window treatment installers often charge between $35 and $100 per hour. For the average one-storey house with eight windows total,an installation may take around four hours to complete. Single windows take only 30 minutes to finish. For the same area, you can expect to pay an additional $100 to $200 if the job necessitates removing and disposal of old window coverings.

If there are any problematic elements in the installation, such as:

  • Specialized window treatments (i.e. blackout, solar shade, side curtain, matchstick shades, etc.)
  • Considerably large or oddly-shaped windows
  • Removing interfering fixtures

Also, if the house has more than eight windows, the labour charge will almost certainly rise to compensate for the added work hours.

How Much Do Patio Blinds Installation Cost

If you have a deck or patio, installing blinds before the sliding door is standard for covering your living room. Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for improving the security of your house while also effectively regulating the shade.

Due to their more complex installation methods, patio blinds cost more than window blinds. A single 1200 mm by 1200 mm blind will cost approximately $300, while a bigger 3000mm x 3000mm blind would cost around $1,100. That’s just for the blind itself and not the labour cost.

Other elements that could alter the blinds installation cost:

  • Installation on irregular-shaped patios
  • Choosing a motorized system over a rope-and-pulley mechanism
  • Requesting for a headbox or hood
  • The blind width and drop point

The final cost is ultimately determined by the supplier, the quality of the goods, as well as your location. Typically, blind installers will give you pricing that includes installation labour.

How to Hire a Blinds Installer near you

Hiring experienced and professional blind installers are made easy with a platform like HIREtrades. To start, you only need to post a job listing on our website or our mobile app, HIREtrades. Doing this alerts local tradies near your area, you can expect to receive up to three free quotes so you can choose someone who fits your budget, timeline, and other needs.

Here are some of our practical tips on hiring the right tradie for your job:

  1. Obtain three or more installation quotes
    Obtaining three or more quotations can provide you with a better understanding of the current market price for your work requirements.
  2. Ask them questions
    A. How long have you been in business?
    You want someone with industry expertise, so hire a tradie that has been in the region for an extended period. You can find most of this information on their profile, but you should still check to confirm.
    B.What are your certifications or credentials?

    In any Australian state, blind installers aren’t required to get a license. Nonetheless, you should ensure that the tradie is bonded and insured. You’ll want to look for a Tradie who’s a member of the Window Coverings Association of Australia as a vote of confidence.
    C. Do you provide a discount for bulk work?

    If you have a sizable property, the tradie might give you a discount for more windows or patios covered.
    D. Do you have any references or testimonials?

    Tradies who have been in the industry for a considerable time won’t have a problem connecting you with satisfied clients or other qualified references.
    E. How long will this job take?

    You must find a tradie who can accommodate your schedule or timeline. It’s also essential to know the tradie’s availability to see if it’s compatible with yours.


Hiring a competent tradie is one of the most critical steps in ensuring your blinds are correctly fitted. You save time, money, and energy by doing it right the first time. Again, these numbers and estimates are NOT intended to be used in place of formal quotations from trade experts.

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