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How Much Does Window Glass Replacement Cost?

Prices are intended to be used as a guide only
How Much Does Window Glass Replacement Cost

The cost of window glass replacement can range from $93 to $642 per m2 plus the labour fees.

Prices will vary based on the size of the project, type of glass and job complications.

Window glass replacement is essential to protect your home from environmental elements and deter burglars. Delaying the window replacement job may cause more problems and incur additional costs for repairs.

Have your window glass replaced when warning signs such as leaks and broken panes are present. A professional glazier or window glass replacement contractor can handle the job with ease and precision.

A written quotation from the tradie will help you determine the cost associated with the job.


Window Glass Replacement Contractor Rates

Expect to pay $65 to $105 for glaziers or window glass replacement contractors per hour. However, the price may increase as much as $150 for emergency replacement. You may refer to the table below to know how a professional glazier will price the job depending on your location.

City Average Contract Charge-Out Rate

per hour*

Sydney $74 to $105
Brisbane $84 to $88
Perth $82 to $87
Melbourne $79 to 87
Adelaide $65 to $75

*Price estimates are based on Rawlinsons’ Australian Construction Handbook 2018, Edition 36.

Expect to pay more when the hired window replacement contractor is more skilled and experienced. Always confirm labour rates before the actual installation to provide you with proper cost estimates.

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Essential Factors that Affect the Cost of Window Glass Replacement Jobs

What affect the cost of window glass replacement

The cost to replace your window glass will depend on many factors. Consider the following aspects to carefully budget your expenses.

Type of glass

Your choice of window glass materials considerably impacts the cost of replacement. Tempered glass, tinted glass and laminated glass are among the common types of glass windows.

Laminated glass, for instance, is a type of glass with two outer-layer sheets designed to protect the interlayer from early damage.

The indicative costs of glass windows are:

  • $35 per m2 for float glass
  • $145 per m2 for low iron glass
  • $200 per m2 for double-glazed glass
  • $220 per m2 for low emission glass
  • $350 per m2 for laminated glass

Low emission and tinted glass sheets are more costly than plain glass as they have special treatments that help reduce heat transmission. Also, energy-efficient glass materials can be expensive.

Project size

Removing a damaged single pane of glass costs less than replacing the entire glass window. Tackling a triple-pane or double-hung window will mean more materials and longer time to complete the window replacement project.

The size of the glass also factors in the cost of window replacement. Window glass cutting may be required to fit the glass into the frame, which may complicate the process and attract additional costs.

Window frame

If you notice signs of cracks or holes in the window glass near the side of your window frames, seek advice from your glazier on costs for repair or replacement.

Often when window frames are irreparable, glass panes need to be replaced as well. This can significantly influence the project cost.

Emergency service

Calling an emergency glazier to replace a broken glass outside the normal working hours will incur higher fees. Window frames that need immediate repairs or replacement will also add to the cost.

Note: Disposing of broken glass windows and frames often have associated fees. The best thing to do is to clarify these terms with your local tradie.

The Cost of Glazing by Type

As mentioned, the type of glass material costs vary.

Here are indicative costs of clear float glass.

  • $93 to $98 per m2 for 3.00mm
  • $102 to $108 per m2 for 4.00mm
  • $116 to $119 per m2 for 5.00mm
  • $120 to $126 per m2 for 6.00mm
  • $159 to $165 per m2 for 8.00mm
  • $176 to $188 per m2 for 10.00mm
  • $206 to $218 per m2 for 12.00mm

For laminated glass, expect to pay around:

  • $215 to $217 per m2 for 6.38mm
  • $307 to $315 per m2 for 10.38mm
  • $318 to $328 per m2 for 12.38mm

Toughened glass sheets have the estimated cost of:

  • $221 to $238 per m2 for 4.00mm
  • $240 to $254 per m2 for 5.00mm
  • $263 to $275 per m2 for 6.00mm
  • $510 to $539 per m2 for 10.00mm
  • $607 to $642 per m2 for 12.00mm

The cost of glazing varies depending on the size of the glass and type of window frames used such as wood, aluminium or vinyl.

While the above rates may be used as a reference, consider asking a qualified window glass replacement contractor to verify the project cost.

Note: The actual removal of existing glass windows may have a different set of pricing. Always request for itemised quotations to know the separate cost of materials and labour.


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Before hiring a professional glazier, determine why window replacement is necessary.

Do you need to have the windows immediately replaced due to burglary incidents or marred window frames? Are you upgrading your existing window panes to install energy-efficient replacement windows?

The best way to obtaining reliable cost estimates is to provide all the details of the project. You may also ask the local tradie to do site visits and inspect your glass windows before pricing the work.

Compare quotations from several contractors and always choose experienced glaziers. If you wish to know the price of window glass and the replacement cost, post a job now via HIREtrades and expect up to three free quotes.

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