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How To Hire a Damp Proofing Expert Near You

Preventing excessive moisture buildup is a dampproofing contractor’s expertise. Dampness is a common issue encountered in residences.

The buildup of moisture or damp on internal and external walls in your home or commercial property can cause various issues such as mould and mildew growth, timber rot, and even structural damage. These damp problems pile on top of each other and may lead to expensive repair costs.

Consider damp proofing as a necessary maintenance measure to keep your home in good condition for a longer period. The benefits of damp proofing far outweigh the cost especially since it prevents more costly repairs.

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What is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing or waterproofing is a moisture-control process usually applied during the building and construction process to regulate the rising damp that occurs on a property’s internal and external walls.

Damp proofing can be accomplished via various methods. The most popular method is by installing a damp proof course – a barrier that blocks rising damp or water from the ground that rises and penetrates the walls.

Another common damp treatment method is integral damp proofing – wherein some chemicals are added to the concrete mix to make it impermeable. The damages of moisture when left neglected can lead to serious structural issues, which include:

  • Peeling paint
  • Rotting timber
  • Crumbling plaster
  • Warped floorboards
  • Rusting steel and fasteners
  • Warped facing and skirting boards

What Causes Damp in Your Property?

Essentially, the main cause of rising damp is poor quality construction. If you do not invest in damp control by damp proofing experts from the building stages, expect to see some signs of rising damp within a short period. 

If you are dealing with damp damage in your property and you’d like to trace the cause, below are some examples:

  • Rainwater penetration through defective masonry
  • Condensation
  • High ground levels
  • Defective roofing
  • External flooding
  • Leaking gutters and faulty downpipes
  • Defective sealing on windows or doors
  • Defective drainage system
  • Defective cavity wall insulation
  • Tree roots damaging existing walls and damp proof course
  • Defective internal plumbing

Benefits of Damp Proofing

You may not realise the extent of damages you can experience due to excessive moisture or dampness. Apart from structural damage such as tide marks and decay, rising damp can also lead to various health issues in the long run.

The presence of mould and mildew in your home is caused by excessive moisture. Damp proofing can help control the growth of parasites and toxins, as well as rid your home of their musty smell.

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Damp treatment also maintains the value of your home if you decide to sell in the future. It will lessen unforeseen repair costs that may turn off potential buyers and allow you to raise the selling price of your property.

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