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Outdoor decking is a great social space for your home. Be it a roof deck or low-level deck construction, the right deck builder can create, or enhance a hangout spot in your property.

While deck construction is a process you can do yourself, professional deck builders can ensure you have all the permits in place and can build the deck professionally in accordance with industry best practices. Before hiring a deck builder here are some key things you should look for: 

1. Experience – Can your potential deck builder show proof of previous work? Being able to see their past projects and look at reviews or testimonials is essential for you to determine if a builder is to your liking. Look for their qualifications and membership in professional trade organisations. 

2. Good Communication – Like all home additions, deck construction is an investment — which makes getting it right crucial. A great deck builder will keep in touch with you at all points of the process to ensure that the expectations of you and the deck builder are aligned.

3. Expertise with Your Project – Commercial and residential decks have different qualities and thus, different installation processes. Your deck builder should have knowledge of the features you’re looking for. Check their experiences and job portfolio to be confident that they possess the right skills to deliver to your requirements.

4. Builder’s Licence – In some parts of Australia, deck builders may need a licence before being able to start on your deck. For instance, in NSW, timber deck construction requires a licenced Carpenter if the works are valued at more than $5,000.

5. Business Insurance – The cost requirement for insurance may vary, but having it is important when choosing a deck builder nonetheless on the off chance the work is left unfinished or something gets damaged. In Queensland, for example, building work valued over $3,300 requires home warranty insurance.

Common Types of Decks

There are a variety of materials used for deck construction, which can be used for roof decks, floating decks, or ground-level decks. These materials are just as important as the design itself, as it can determine how it looks. Here are some for you to consider:

Wood Decks

Wooden decks are strong, natural, elegant, and feels great to the touch — but they are also high maintenance, and require regular sanding and staining. Wooden decks are common, as they are wide in availability and can be painted in almost any colour.

While there are lots of wood options you can choose, here are some commonly used wood for decks in Australia:

Treated Pine

Perhaps the most commonly used material for residential properties, treated pine is a versatile and affordable choice. It is also pressure-tested to withstand decay, fungi, and termites. Better yet, treated pine can be stained or painted to any colour you desire.


A pale brown coloured hardwood, Blackbutt is extremely durable and highly resilient — all while looking and feeling good too. It also has great resistance and can be stained if desired. 

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Spotted Gum

An environment-friendly choice due to being grown in plantations all over Australia, Spotted Gum is a hardwood that is loved by designers all over the world for its beauty and durability. It can also range from pale brown to chocolate brown. 

Composite Decks

A blend of plastic and waste wood fibres, composite decks are more resistant to rot and wear and resemble wood despite being a blend. Often, this comes in various colours so there is no need for painting or staining, requiring less maintenance. 

PVC Decks

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or in simpler terms, plastic decks, are recyclable and won’t rot or fade. They are less expensive, look similar to wood, and have a wide range of colours. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance. 

Factors That Affect the Costs of Your Decking Construction Jobs

Deck construction costs can vary based on variables, like the material you’re using, the type of deck you want, and more. A building a deck can cost around $200 to $560 per square metre. Here are some other factors that can affect the costs:

1. Size

Your deck construction costs, increase with larger decks requiring more labour, decking boards, sealants, and other materials. You also need to check with your local authority as requirements for permits, or prior approval, vary.

2. Site

Deck construction costs are also affected by the site conditions. If the surrounding area is flat and stable, then it will be easier to build — if it’s the opposite, it will require more labour and other costs. Sloping areas can also attract increased rates for support etc.

3. Material

The type of material you choose, such as timber or PVC, largely determine decking construction costs. Treated Pine and PVC are much cheaper options, but hardwood like Blackbutt or Spotted Gum has a different aesthetic approval, but generally with a greater cost.


Balustrades also add significantly to the cost, as you can choose from steel, timber or even glass. Stairs additionally are significant extra costs – with special attention to non-slip and Australian Standards required.

For a guide of pricing for decking services, check out our Decking Services Cost Guide here. 

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