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Handyman 4 Perth provide Doors services located in PERTH,WA. We undertake works such as in PERTH and surrounding areas. Handyman 4 Perth can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Doors needs.
Team Renov8 provide Doors services located in BECKENHAM,WA. We undertake works such as in BECKENHAM and surrounding areas. Team Renov8 can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Doors needs.
Caleb's Carpentry is a Doors company providing services in NORTH PERTH,WA and nearby areas. We will provide our Doors services experience and expertise to give you our best advice and pricing. Ask us for references, insurances or other information that you require to assist you in determining that Caleb's Carpentry is the right business for you.
Professional Sliding Door & Security Door Repairs provide Doors services located in KARDINYA,WA. We undertake works such as in KARDINYA and surrounding areas. Professional Sliding Door & Security Door Repairs can assist you with the whole process from price estimates, through to the delivery of your Doors needs.

Find the Best Door Installers Near You

Best Door Installers Near You

Doors are not only vital for your home’s security but for your street appeal too — which makes proper door installation a crucial process to ensure a safe and well-styled home. Be it sliding doors or screen doors, consider door installation experts to do the job. 

While door installation can be done yourself, there are some benefits to letting the experts do it. Whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes, here’s why door installation should be left to the professionals:

Reliable Work

Door installation experts have the experience and know-how, you can be assured that your door will not only function right, but be a good fit as well. Amongst other things, this promotes energy efficiency throughout your home. 

Safety First

Done correctly, door installation should keep animals, pests, and uninvited intruders away from your home. If your door does not close correctly, you could be putting persons and personal possessions at risk.

Save Time

DIY door installation, unless you have experience, could take more time than you think. You may not possess the correct tools and workmanship ability. You may even add to the cost with later issues, or reduced security. Some things are better left to the experts.

No Need to Buy Tools

Door installation requires more than just your average home handyman toolkit. The economic sense of buying tools that will be cheap and of poor quality, or expensive and not get used are often not fully considered. The experts will have a range of tools to suit the different installation requirements to ensure you end up with a trademan-like finish to a high standard.

Less Wastage

With a professional doing the work, you can be assured that they know how to do the job efficiently and will leave little-to-no wastage where possible. Some may even offer to dispose of old doors for you to the right area.

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Different Types of Doors

Different kinds of doors require different kinds of door installation practices, influenced by their function and material. Some doors also have fire safety features depending on their material. That said, here are different kinds of doors you can have installed:

By Material


Commonly used for internal doors, wooden doors are elegant, and can provide soundproofing and insulation. They are also easy to install and clean, but can require some maintenance to keep it in good shape and ensure a long life. 


Aluminium doors with or without glass panels are great for both commercial and residential properties. They are also strong, durable, and coupled with security mesh make a great choice for a security door. As it is powder coated, you can also choose from a wide range of colours.


Commonly used in commercial properties, steel doors can be used for interior or exterior applications and are resistant to cracking and bowing – which can save the property in the long run. They also have insulating properties and can be an energy-efficient choice.

Based on Operation of Door Shutters


Flush doors are the every day doors you see in both commercial and residential properties, often used as internal doors. They are simple, clean, and easy-to-decorate as it has flat surfaces on both sides. There are also a wide range of designs in terms of laminates and veneers. 


Made from steel, wood, and glass shutters, sliding doors can save space and let in light. As sliding doors have a large surface area, this makes it great for ventilation and rooms where space are at a premium, such as bathrooms and offices. 


Folding doors are used as partitions to connect two rooms to one another, and is often used to create an indoor/outdoor room as it is connected to verandahs, gardens, or patios. 

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Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Door Installation Jobs

Depending on your needs, the cost of door installation can vary based on a number of factors, like the material or hardware options. While the price range can be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, check out the factors that can affect your door installation costs:

Number of Doors

The more doors you need to install, the higher the cost. If your desired door fits well into the existing opening with minimal alteration, that may make the job easier and quicker saving costs. 


While each material has its own benefits, what you use will have an impact on the price. For instance, aluminum doors may cost less than steel doors, and steel doors are also likely to cost less than wooden doors.

Type of Door

How the door operates also plays a part in the door installation costs, as some are more difficult to install than others. For instance, flush doors are easier to install, while folding doors and sliding doors are on the more difficult side as they have more components.


Where the door will be installed – interior or exterior – also affects the labour required for the door’s installation. For instance, the front doors are typically heavier, and may require more materials or manpower to the job.

Existing Area

If you are simply replacing an existing flush door with a new one, the door installation may be straightforward. However, if you are planning to install a new sliding door where a flush door used to be, modifications to the door frames and possibly structure will add to costs.

If you want to know more specifics about how much door installation services may cost you, check out our Door Installation Cost Guide here. 

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